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The on-demand food delivery industry is rapidly growing into a lucrative market….

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food delivery apps in UAE

The on-demand food delivery industry is rapidly growing into a lucrative market. A growing number of new companies are betting on the future success of the food industry and the convenience of meal delivery. This article will focus on the best food delivery apps in UAE.

UAE is a land of paradoxes. It’s the perfect contradiction because it shows how traditional values can coexist with modern ones. The population retains traditional values despite the country’s contemporary attitude. The same may be said about the UAE’s technical landscape. It is only interested in the most cutting-edge technology if it will help it better fulfill its cultural obligations.

Top Food ordering Apps in Dubai that provide meals on demand greatly illustrate this dilemma. People use smartphone applications to place meal orders but only order strictly traditional and halal cuisines in Dubai.

Food Delivery Market Share in UAE

food delivery statistics UAE

Statista predicts that by 2023, the online food delivery sector in Dubai will generate $1.93 billion in revenue. By 2027, the market is forecast to be worth US$3.36bn, with a compound yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 14.90% from 2023 to 2027. It is anticipated that the number of people using online food ordering services in UAE will rise to a total of 6 million by the year 2026; thus, the user penetration rate in this market will rapidly expand to around 45 percent in the year 2022.

Top 8 Food Delivery Apps in UAE

food delivery apps in UAE

This list of the most popular food delivery apps in UAE may rescue the day, whether you’re hungry for a chickpea omelet or any other delectable cuisine, by highlighting the individual strengths and weaknesses of each app and providing a thorough examination of the market as a whole.

This post will not only help you choose the finest on-demand food delivery apps in UAE and Dubai but also give a thorough comparison of their costs and let you keep track of your orders.

1. Talabat - Food Delivery From Your Nearest Restaurant

Talabat has been an icon of grandeur and glory for years, being one of Dubai’s most dependable and reasonably priced best food ordering applications. They’ve been dominating the food delivery businesses in UAE with their skilled staff, lightning-fast response times, and lightning-fast order processing. Talabat’s useful qualities are like magic for individuals around the United Arab Emirates.

They have over a thousand workers to handle daily operations, an excellent team of customer service representatives, and a fast food order fulfillment system that serves consumers throughout the United Arab Emirates with no problems. Take your time, and think things out before placing your meal order. Try Talabat out for yourself and see the magic unfold.


Talabat offers a panel of passionate and dedicated users, a delivery guy panel to ensure timely and accurate order delivery, and a restaurant panel to handle orders placed via various internet channels.

2. Careem (Uber Eats) - Order Food And Grocery

As one of Dubai’s most successful and well-liked meal delivery apps, Careem has garnered much attention and success in the Middle East. It started as an independent company in 2012, but in 2020, it was purchased by Uber. Some of the most important features of Careem are:

Careem uber eats

An outstanding feature of the Careem app is that it enables users to look for the meal of their choice by allowing them to search for dishes in Dubai food outlets depending on the components that they include. You need to type your desire into the search box, which will display a list of all the meals with those elements in their composition.

3. Deliveroo - Takeaway Food Delivery

Deliveroo is among the popular food delivery apps of Dubai and UAE, with a wide coverage of hubs to guarantee that you will always have the cuisine you choose as quickly as possible. Those looking for reliable food ordering applications for placing food orders in Dubai may find this a helpful tip.

Recently, Amazon made a significant investment in Deliveroo, and there’s a good reason for it. In the United Arab Emirates, Deliveroo is used by millions of people in Dubai every day. The company began in 2013 and is becoming a household name because of its convenient meal delivery service. Deliveroo now serves over 200 cities worldwide, including those in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and beyond.

There are over 10 million app downloads on the Android Play Store and over 5 million on the Apple Play Store. The corporation has strictly enforced contactless delivery measures in light of the recent Covid-19 epidemic.

The following is a list of the mind-blowing features that can be found in the Deliveroo app:


This Deliveroo app categorizes well-known dining establishments according to the user’s location. The meal will be delivered directly to your home anywhere in the UAE in a very short time.

4. Eateasy - Online Food Delivery in Dubai

Eat Easy

When it comes to food delivery apps in UAE, EatEasy is a leader. The EatEasy app also has a grocery shopping feature.

Users get access to more than 1,500 restaurants using the app. Additionally, users may look for food shops, pharmacies, florists, and bakeries in their area. Therefore, the EatEasy app may be used to order everything (food, groceries, flowers, prescriptions, candies).

Users may get cash back and other discounts on almost anything by downloading the EatEasy app. The loyalty program allows users to earn free meals from participating restaurants through cashback. The app delivers to Dubai’s main cities and is accessible through Android, iOS, and the web.

EatEasy’s primary features consist of the following:

5. Eat Clean - Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Eat Clean, another excellent food ordering app in Dubai we’ve come across offers food for sale and makes a meal plan for health-conscious people trying to shed kilos. Choose one entree and pay the delivery fee in advance.

Using the Eat Clean app, you may also prepay for the meal plans for three to four weeks. The three meals and two snacks delivered daily may be customized as well.

The Eat Clean app serves to order healthy cuisine in:

Eat Easy

Vegan cuisine is healthful, flavorful, and low in calories, so it’s a great choice for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. They aim to provide a daily source of nutritious food options, such as Keto, gluten-free, and sporty fare.

6. Lunch On Dubai (Munch On) - Online ordering from restaurants

This food delivery app in Dubai, also known as Munch On, is ideal for users who wish to order meals at lunchtime and plan such deliveries. This app is one of our favorites for those who are often on the go since most of its user base is people from working-class backgrounds.

The following is a list of some of the best qualities of Lunch On:

Lunch on Dubai

Vegan cuisine is healthful, flavorful, and low in calories, so it’s a great choice for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. They aim to provide a daily source of nutritious food options, such as Keto, gluten-free, and sporty fare.

7. Foodonclick


The next app on our list of recommended applications for delivering food in Dubai is called Foodonclick. It provides a range of well-known restaurants from all over the city, each known for serving delicious cuisine at affordable costs and without additional fees.

Aside from that, as a dependable food delivery app in Dubai, Foodonclick has established a strong reputation for a hassle-free experience and quick deliveries directly to your doorstep, offering services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

This meal-delivery in Dubai site is always updating its food products catalog with hundreds of discounts and food deals launched per month. These discounts and offers can be found on a rotating basis.

Customers may make orders for the smoothest possible experience with Dubai’s greatest meals using this app for food delivery in Dubai. There are no technical issues of any kind.

8. Carriage


Carriage is another powerful app for delivering meals in Qatar, Dubai that has earned a reputation for providing a pleasurable experience for its customers. Carriage provides contactless pickup in certain spots, home deliveries throughout town, including Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, and significant discounts on recurring purchases.

Considering this, the app for food delivery in Dubai allows users to pay for their orders using cash on delivery or any other payment method supported by the company’s system. Additionally, the app was created specifically with the customer’s convenience in mind.

Final Thoughts!!

The COVID-19 epidemic of 2023 caused a boom in the food delivery sector in the Dubai, UAE, leading to an influx of new competitors in the form of many meal delivery applications.

Talabat, Zomato, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats will dominate the Dubai, UAE food delivery app market in 2023. These applications provide various services, such as several payment methods, in-app monitoring, and tailored suggestions.

So, if you are interested incost of developing a food delivery app in the Dubai, UAE, partner with a custom food ordering app development company like Echoinnovate IT.


How Much Do These Apps Charge For Delivering Your Food?

Each app’s delivery prices are set independently by each business and area. However, shipping is often free through most applications for orders above a specific threshold.

Are There Any Coupons Or Promo Codes I Can Use To Get A Better Price On These Apps?

Discounts and coupons are often available in these applications, particularly for first-time users. Regular app users may also accrue loyalty points and other perks.

Do These Applications Allow For Customized Orders?

Yes, most applications provide users the option to tailor their purchases to their tastes. Customers might request modifications to their order, such as more sauce or a different cooking technique.

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