The Technology Evolution In Real Estate Industry In Dubai

The Real Estate Industry in Dubai is a significant bit of its…

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technology evolution in real estate

The Real Estate Industry in Dubai is a significant bit of its financial ecosystem. In this digital universe, its growth potential is immense and massively unused. This signifies that real-estate businesses are these days lagging on technology evolution. This is something which is already followed by real-estate companies worldwide.

Hiring an app development company to develop real-estate apps is one of the great ways to expand the business of developers in Dubai. Not to mention this will offer an efficient user experience that expands their target market; improve their sales process, and increase revenue in the industry.

Also, this blog will cover all the parameters. From the role, mobile app development companies can help in the growth to the benefits of these apps to real-estate businesses.

Leading Real Estate Software Solutions For Your Business In Dubai

real estate app development company dubai

The goal of real-estate app development is to mitigate the problems of the sector using technology evolution. Of course, an app for both Android and iOS platforms can be developed at a cost of a single platform, and hence it is considered a cost-effective technique as compared to native app development. Correspondingly the advanced feature of AR and VR technologies which is to provide customers with 360-degree virtual tours and HD pictures is very easy to integrate. Equally important millennials and other classes are attracted by real-estate mobile apps by offer them an alluring experience.

Furthermore, confidential data is very well taken care of by real-estate App Development Companies. As a matter of fact, this is done by integrating two-way authentication and other security techniques..

Let’s have a look at a few of the top solutions offered by real-estate mobile applications in detail.

Property Management

Real-estate mobile apps provide various advantages. Be that as it may, the most beneficial one is letting property owners and real-estate companies track their commercial or residential assets. Then again the right buyer can be chosen for the properties by the users with the help of the app.

Auction Software

Using auction software you get to carry out live auctions of properties by collaborating with stakeholders, brokers, or sellers. With this in mind, this will also help you in generating more revenue and delight bidders with apps.

Real Estate App Development

With the real-estate app development process, you can implement excellent features that can simplify the process of buying homes online by adding virtual tour functionality, 360-degree view of properties, rent details, size, property description, and many other features they are looking forward to.

Multiple Listing Service

You can get the option of multiple listings of real-estate properties to purchase, sell, and rent residential and commercial properties. In other words, you can browse as per your choice and filter your preferences by choosing a type of property, place, or agent name.

Real Estate Valuation Engines

Tailored real-estate app solutions are designed to manage the real-estate valuation of properties. To enumerate by using the mobile app users can go through the valuation of the properties and get to know the chances of an increase in valuation in the future.

Benefits Of Technology Evolution In Real Estate

The Power Of Apps In Fueling The Growth

Mobile applications as technology evolution have played a major role in expanding and rapid growth of real estate businesses and across several industries. With this in mind in new era of real estate evolution, it is evident that the future is digital even for businesses. Mobile app development brings several advantages to the real estate industry. Let’s have a look at how your real-estate business can leverage mobile app development for more profits in detail.

Enhanced Market Reach

The online platform has got a great market reach with the support of the real estate industry on a global level. In 2018, a report by a realtor stated that around 44% of all buyers preferred online platforms for properties for sale whereas only 17% of people contacted a real estate agent.

Online platforms are performing much better because they are way more convenient as compared to conventional real estate strategies.

People by sitting at their homes can view properties for sale or rent with the help of real-estate mobile apps with updated information. These platforms are time-flexible which makes it easier for interested parties to look at any time they want to whereas real-estate agents are not so time-flexible due to fixed working hours.

You can take advantage of mobile applications to expand your market reach by working as a seller or broker in the real estate industry. By the year 2020, the digital potential of the real estate industry has reached beyond expectations. Therefore, local owners or buyers are not the only targets of real estate. Dubai is amazingly multicultural and Dubai’s financial ecosystem is getting huge support from foreign investment in properties. Thus, a mobile app could be a great help to them for expanding their horizons.

More Transparency, More Trust

One of the major challenges for a buyer is to trust the real-estate agent’s word that the deal they are offering is worth spending your money on.

Mobile app development companies are developing real-estate apps to tackle this problem. Through these apps, users can browse numerous listings, 360-degree views of properties, rent details, size, property description, and many other features they are looking forward to without going through the trust issues with the involvement of an agent.

This process enables the entire process to be more transparent. Due to this developers in Dubai can engage with more trust and accountability with their customers.

Better Client Engagement Through Recommendations

Maintaining a long-term relationship with their clients is quite challenging for developers in Dubai.

It is very essential to engage with your target audience to build long-term relationships. This is possible with technology evolution. But how is it possible via a mobile app? There are two significant ways of doing so, let’s discuss them in detail.

The first and foremost way is to use the app to analyze the trends in Dubai to user activity by. This provides them a better understanding of consumer demand, its growth, consumer behavior pattern, etc. You can serve your clients in a better way by utilizing these metrics. Therefore, by doing this you can build your brand identity that can engage more consumers to your business, leaving behind your competitors. For a real-estate app for your business, you can hire a mobile app development company in Dubai to get tailored service and a strong brand identity.

Developers in Dubai

Secondly, for developers in Dubai, mobile applications provide unique functionality that is capable of driving revenue to your business if you are looking forward to real estate investors and not homeowners. You can use mobile apps in various ways such as sending “Push notifications” and “recommendations” to users according to the market research and analysis.

By this, you can build a constant engagement between users and your business. You can also attract investors by showcasing real-estate listings that you are already aware of. This can lead to an increase in your revenue. Updating your target audience regarding new listings is one of the great marketing strategies. You can also provide them with special offers and new projects that can amaze them.

You can scale your business by choosing the right IT companies to excel in the industry and leave your competitors behind.

Optimized Sales Process

One of the major challenges faced by the real-estate developers in Dubai is the complexity of their sale process. It could be an exhausting process to calculate the EMIs, loans, and payments. But this problem can be solved using technology evolution. A real-estate developer’s mobile app that can automate the entire process.

This makes information available to users very quickly, speeds up the decision-making process, and makes the user experience more pleasant. This can lead to an increase in the possibility of making a sale for your business.

Another great feature that comes with such types of applications is an integrated chatbot or chat support. Using customer service representatives makes it easier for your clients to get the answers to all the queries 24*7.

Mobile apps are developed in such a way that they can ensure you a higher engagement rate with your audience for your business.

This will help you in retaining more customers for your business using technology evolution. In the long run, this will drive up your sales revenue.

Final Thoughts On Technology Evolution

The real-estate sector has gone through some revolutionary changes with evolving technologies. By hiring a real-estate app development company you can leverage an advanced and user-friendly app with the unique features implemented using the latest tools and technologies.

Echoinnovate IT is a leading real estate app development company with a successful track record of developing feature-rich real-estate apps for Android and iOS.

If you are looking forward to developing a real-estate application to boost your business, contact us now with all your business requirements. We will shortly get back to you with a detailed strategy.


What is real estate app development?

It’s the process of developing a custom mobile app for realtors. Significantly, an app that aims at simplifying and improving the industry and realtor experience. Must be remembered an app for realtors will enable them to close more deals and help manage multiple properties. Also to empower buyers to easily choose the apartment and close deals electronically on an Airbnb-like app.

How much time do you need to develop a custom real estate product?

We prioritize clients who are planning a long-term commitment. The desirable minimum project length is 6 months. We encourage a high level of collaboration to deliver a product that best meets your needs on time. We offer the full cycle of development: Discovery phase UI/UX design Web and mobile development Quality Assurance

How Much does it Cost to Develop a Real Estate Mobile App Cost in UAE?

The price of a real estate mobile application is determined by its size and complexity. And as well as the developers’ location and the number of hours spent on the project. Thus, the average cost of a feature-rich, high-quality real estate app could range from $10,000 to $25,000.

How to choose a reliable real estate app development company?

Experience, collaboration, and trust lead to reliability for technology evolution. At Echo Innovate IT, we strive to provide a range of options to fit every real estate need. With this intention, our developers, project managers, and QA specialists work with you in a way that builds trust. Choosing a reliable real estate app development company means choosing a company that collaborates with you. Also, tailors the app to your needs. Echo Innovate IT works with clients as partners to ensure we deliver the most advanced and secure app that incorporates all your needs, such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and AR/VR. By partnering with us, we can develop a real estate app that fits seamlessly with your business principles and enhances your market reach, empowering you to stay connected in a digital age.

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