Best 10 Apps Like Airbnb: You Must See Before Developing a Hospitality Industry App

Airbnb has entirely changed the concept of traveling and accommodation. If you…

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10 Apps Like Airbnb

Airbnb has entirely changed the concept of traveling and accommodation. If you are the type of person who likes traveling, then you might have used Airbnb at least once in your life. Despite no traveling intention, you might have also done certain things like scrolling curiously through all of the available listings and checking for the available dates. It’s absolutely okay, we have all been there. Thus, here we have listed 10 apps like airbnb. With the passing of time, Airbnb has completely revolutionized private accommodation. From luxurious accommodations to budget-friendly accommodations, you can find everything on their site. 

The available options on their site are endless. We have been using the Airbnb platform since 2012 and due to the enormous success, the prices have increased. This blog is about making you understand the Airbnb competitors available in the market and that Airbnb is not the only viable option for travelers. Let’s have a look at the Airbnb competitors that provide a different way to rent, stay in, and enjoy thousands of delightful properties across the world.

Top 10 Apps Like Airbnb Should watch it before Developing your Hospitality App:

Vrbo – Airbnb Alternative

vrbo app like airbnb

The first on the list of Airbnb competitors is Vrbo. Also called Holiday homes, Vacation Rentals, short term rental by owners. Vrbo has been operating since 1996 with over a million properties on its list. Vrbo is not as popular as Airbnb but has been working for 12 years longer than Airbnb.

Their services are quite different as they only rent out vacation properties. The Vrbo model is most suitable for families, a smaller group of people, or people looking for a longer stay. For couples, there are various suitable properties. Initially, Vrbo didn’t charge any fee for a guest’s service or a booking fee. But they started to charge booking fees in the year 2016.

Vrbo and Airbnb both offer similar products or services and provide an efficient user experience. Therefore, if you can’t find your desired items on Airbnb, then Vrbo would be a great option for you.

Vrbo has 2 different models for a property owner that is either you can pay annually or pay per booking.

Homestay – Airbnb Alternatives

homestay business like airbnb

Homestay is a great alternative as it allows you to stay at a host’s residence. This way you can experience staying with localhost. Homestay provides complimentary breakfast with all of their listings so that you can enjoy your amazing local food without worrying about one less meal of the day. In comparison to Airbnb, the only downside of Homestay is the availability of properties. The properties available are significantly less than that of its competitor. Homestay is working on their site and they are likely to expand their services in the upcoming years. Overall Homestay provides you a good true hosted experience; you can definitely give it a try once.


Trusted House Sitter

Have you ever thought of living all across the globe for free? Sounds impossible right? Well, you are wrong; the concept of House Sitting has made it possible. Let’s see how it works? Basically, people who own houses sometimes wish to go out on trips. They can go for a longer period of time or maybe not, the time entirely depends on the vacation rentals by owner. Therefore, they offer their empty house to the people who are looking for a stay for free. 

All that they demand in return is looking after their property. Sometimes they have pets as well so they want someone to look after their pets. As keeping their pet in a boarding house can be expensive, TrustedHouseSitter is a win-win solution for this problem. There are tons of TrustedHouseSitter options available and TrustedHousesitters is one of the best communities to join. It is absolutely free to join. And once you join it, you will have countless options of free accommodation across the world. For property owners, to list your home an annual subscription is needed, and you have to be a member of the TrustedHouseSitter community.

Booking.Com – App For Online Hotel Booking

booking app like airbnb is the first thing that pops up in our heads while thinking of booking hotel rooms. You can book hotels using Also, apartments across the world, this is the new option added on their site. You can follow the same procedure for booking an apartment at any corner of the world at a very reasonable cost. Interaction with your host is decreased as the booking process is similar to that of a hotel. 

Therefore, if you prefer minimal interaction, then is the right place for you. This site takes care of all your requirements and makes it super easy to filter through all available lodgings. Accommodation offered by is at very affordable prices that fit everyone’s budget. It’s free for property owners to list on, with a fee applied per booking.

The Plum Guide – Vacation Rental App Like Airbnb

plumguide app like airbnb

The Plum Guide accepts less than 5% of the properties that apply to be on their site, and they personally evaluate every single one against over 150 criteria. The quality of everything is tested, be it shower pressure or the quality of linen. Therefore, for your information, the quality will be high for each property. This signifies there are fewer options to choose but they provide various homes to choose from across the world. They also have a wide range of prices. It’s absolutely free for a property owner to apply to list your property on The Plum Guide, but you have to cross the evaluation process first. After approval, there’s a one-time membership fee due on your first booking, which covers the cost of the vetting process, and then there’s a small commission charged on bookings.

Homes And Villas By Marriott International

Marriott is one of the most widely known international hotel brands, with properties all across the globe. They operate their own vacation rental platform as well, Homes and Villas by Marriott International, which has private properties available for rent in over 45 countries worldwide. A premium property management company manages all the homes listed. They provide services like fast WiFi, 24*7 support for any problematic situation, professional cleaning, premium linens, and amenities. 

Another perk of being a Marriott Bonvoy member is you can earn and redeem Marriott points by staying at their perfect vacation rental properties. This is a great option for people looking for a vacation homes rental where they can earn reward points. You are required to be registered with one of the home management companies Marriott works with in order to be listed on the Homes and Villas site. If you own a property, contact Marriott to find a suitable company for your area.

RV Sharing Sites

rvshare rental app

This one is a bit different, instead of an apartment have you thought of RV rental? This provides you with a flexible approach to your trip with cooking for yourself and flexibility to sleep at several locations. If this sounds interesting to you, then we highly recommend you to try out an RVShare company. This is a peer-to-peer rental agency which means renting from people who own an RV and who are letting it out when they are using it. You can also have a look at PaulCamper, RVEzy, and Outdoorsy as they offer a similar concept, but they cover different regions. If you own an RV and you want to make some money when you’re not using it, you can list it for free on RVShare, on PaulCamper, on RVEzy, and Outdoorsy.

TripAdvisor – Vacation Rentals App

Tripadvisor app

TripAdvisor is another superb Alternative to an Airbnb like platform. One of the most prominent features of TripAdvisor is providing feedback from the travel community. This is one of the main reasons why guests like this website and love to search places to stay using this site. TripAdvisor was founded in the year 2000 and has tons of reviews that have been collected over the years. Most of the travelers found TripAdvisor as a trusted source of information. With TripAdvisor, your property listing will be automatically translated to 26 languages and appear on 26 TripAdvisor sites. This will help you to expand your reach and attract more international travelers to book your rental properties. After being listed on TripAdvisor, your listing will automatically appear on FlipKey.

Agoda Homes – Websites Like Airbnb

agoda app

This app is surely the best online travel agency in Asia. It provides travelers with amazing deals on hotels, apartments, and other travel arrangements. Agoda Homes has entire apartments and homes listed by their respective homeowners. The interaction with the host is minimal as they only interact during the check-in-check-out arrangement.

Another unique thing about the Agoda platform is you can get 12% off while traveling alone. All you have to do is select the option of solo traveler and enjoy an additional discount of 12% on all the properties listed. It is absolutely free to list your property on Agoda, you can easily enlist your property in the Agoda search engine.

Sonder – Similar To Airbnb

sonder ap

This platform provides you with an amazing hotel experience along with affordable rentals. It has private luxurious apartment listings on its application. You can book any of their apartments of your choice using their user-friendly application. The check-in arrangement is done through an application only so you don’t have to interact with the owner.

You can request a fresh change or sheets or a new set of toiletries to feel like you are in a hotel using the Sonder app. You can also get the perfect recommendations for the perfect restaurant for dinner directly through their app.

Sonder does accept applications if you are willing to rent your property. They will lease your property from you, so you don’t have to worry about bookings, cleaning, or anything else.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Airbnb?

cost to develop an app like airbnb

To estimate the final cost of developing apps like Airbnb is quite a difficult task. The overall cost of an application can be determined with the help of thorough analysis and understanding of the features and complexity of an application. The overall cost of developing an app like Airbnb varies depending on several factors like features, project complexity, technology stack, cost of the developer per hour, and more. The average cost of crafting an application like Airbnb lies approximately somewhere between $40,000 to $55,000. But the cost may vary depending on your business requirements.

Apart, here is the list of engineers you require for the app development, let’s have a look at the estimated hours they take to customize the app:

For calculating the overall cost of the app development, you are required to calculate the “Total Number of Hours * Per Hour Development Cost” of the developer to get the final cost of the application development.


Making an app like Airbnb?

Create a business plan for your booking app. Hire in-house or outsource software builders. Build a user-friendly design. Integrate several features to create an MVP version of your Airbnb app. Test the app to avoid bugs and provide users with a great experience. Release the app and update it regularly.

How does an app like Airbnb work for guests?

Registration- The user needs to sign up or log in as a guest. Filling out personal data- After that, it’s required to add some personal data like name, age, and more.

Searching- Clients can choose the accommodation using various filters. Requesting- Users need to ask for a stay and get confirmation.

Paying- The guest has to pay by credit card through the Airbnb service. Traveling

How does an app like Airbnb work for hosts?

Registration- To start using the Airbnb service, users need to sign up or log in. Advertising- Hosts can add their apartment or house.

Describing- Landlords need to add real photos of their accommodation and describe the location.

Communicating- It’s possible to start a conversation with a guest to clarify all the details.

Accepting or rejecting- The host has to accept or reject the stay.

Receiving money- The host can get money after the guest’s check-in.

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