Unit Testing Vs Functional Testing: Difference Between Unit Testing and Functional Testing

As the title suggests, it is not only about choosing one between…

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unit testing vs functional testing

As the title suggests, it is not only about choosing one between Unit testing and Functional testing for software development, the blog will cover much more. As a matter of fact, you will see in the blog that both software testing types have their own importance in offshore software development, and have their own advantages as well as limitations. However, there are different contrary opinions about both the functional testing types. Thus here we have compared Unit Testing Vs Functional Testing.

To put it another way, the ultimate aim of any software testing is to provide a quality product. Another key point of the foundation of the testing process is Unit and Functional testing. Generally speaking, the major difference between the two software testing types is:

With this in mind, you will get to know several such differences through this blog. With this in mind, the blog post aims to make you understand the different aspects of both software testing types. Moreover, this blog post will cover the parameters like the objectives of both types of testing, benefits of each software testing types, differences, and other valuable information. So, stay tuned!

What Is Unit Testing?

unit testing

What Is The Objective Of Unit Testing?

Let’s see the prime objective of Unit testing:

Benefits Of Unit Testing

What Is Functional Testing?

functional testing

Functional testing is a process of software testing that substantiates the software system in opposition to functional specifications. Testing every functionality of software application is the purpose of functional testing which is done by providing appropriate input and output verification against the functional specifications. In simple words, functional testing is a type of testing in which the system is tested in opposition to the functional requirements or specifications.

What is the Objective of Functional Testing?

Benefits of Functional Testing

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