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15 Best Travel APIs to Help You Build a Great Product


Is it not amazing when you get to book flights, hotels, and car services on one platform? Today most people want to book flights, hotels, and car services on one platform. As per the report, the number of direct website bookings fell while the bookings made through the agents increased in 2018. This is from where the travel platform started to adapt its user experience. And now they have become more open to sharing their tools and travel APIs.

From this article, you will know what travel API is and how it works and it doesn’t stop over here. You will even get to know about a list of the 15 most useful flight, hotel, and car booking APIs.

What is a travel API?

Travel API is a web service. This brings together the best travel deals and content from global travel suppliers. This includes hotel API, flight API, tour API, transfer API, and package API for travel agents, tour operators, and the travel company. They all can provide their customers with the best travel options to choose from and book their dream travel.

How travel API works?

In the past, if the travel company wanted to expand their business online they would for the software development services and sometimes build the travel tech solutions from scratch or buy them from other companies.

Today it is entirely different as travel booking APIs are available. With this, they fetch the process data collected by CRM systems and allow the developers to connect this data. It acts as a kind of control panel with which the software components are linked without dealing with the code itself. Here the companies license third-party products through travel APIs. This is the more efficient and quicker way when compared to that of building software components from scratch.

How does travel API integration work?

For example, consider a travel content website. It is just not the travel content website but now a platform that allows its users to read the reviews, check for prices and book services, and a platform where everything takes place. This kind of app will work with the hotels, eateries, and attractions collecting the main content details like name, location, address, and pin code and also updating them in real-time.

Their partners such as online travel agencies, hotel chains, or individual hoteliers provide the platform with their pricing. When the user enters the dates into the search bar, the app will make a call on the API of a trading partner where n turn the partner automatically gives the relevant price.

There are even suppliers who provide the hotel; search API that allows using their services directly.

Benefits that travel API bring are,
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Allow adding mark-ups for end customers

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Charge users directly

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Less content maintenance and more focus on core tasks

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Reduce travel agencies overhead cost

For both the customers and the third parties, booking APIs become better and easier to use. This is why most of the partners work directly with the brands. This will reduce the need for traditional tracking methods via affiliate networks and tracking providers.

Here are the most popular travel APIs and all these come under different main categories,

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Flights booking APIs

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Hotels booking APIs

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Cars rental APIs

Flight Booking Travel APIs

Here are the top 5 flight booking APIs given,

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Skyscanner flight search API


This is a leading travel search platform and this offers millions of travel options. In this API, the integration allows developers to easily integrate their application into the platform and get the available flight information. This flight search API has an API key authentication model. This is a single-purpose API with RESTful architecture. Skyscanner has a very active dev community and also it comes with detailed documentation.

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FlightStats flex APIs


This is an API that offers a flight API. It provides real-time flight data to travel agencies. The information it gives is about the details of flights, airports, fleets, routes, schedules, ratings, weather conditions, and so on.

Flight data services APIsand trip data services APIs are the two flight data APIs that flightsStats offers. Both of these can show real-time flight information for the worldwide scheduled flights. The difference is, with the trip data services, combine the flight status with the trip data. This offers push services for tracking flight information and gets alerts in case of any delays or flight disruptions. These APIs support JSON, JSONP, XML formats, and SOAP and are designed to be used with REST.

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British airways NDC


This is the largest full-service airline in the UK. This allows accessing flight data and other important travel information. This even offers REST for the data integration purpose to the third-party applications and also it supports JSON, XML, and URI Query String/CRUD request format.

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Expedia API


This is another travel booking website that is used as a travel aggregator and also as a metasearch engine. Using this, the developers integrate the best functionalities into their apps.

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Amadeus APIs


This API provides tech solutions for the travel industry and this serves several APIs such as Amadeus flight choice prediction API

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Amadeus flight low-fare search AP


Therefore this flight API integration allows the user to access the flight information, fares, sales reports, and the ticket purchase. These Amadeus flight APIs can even be used for production needs.

Hotel booking APIs

Here are the best 5 APIs that connect the users to hotel pricing, booking, and also for property management.

final h3 icon triangle connectivity APIs


These connectivity APIs are built for the property management system providers and the channel managers. If you want to connect your software to the website, create or modify properties then the channel managers and the property management providers are a must.

These APIs work for creating and updating content. Also for adding rooms and rates, opening and closing properties

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Google hotel prices API


This API is a part of the Google hotel developer platform. This includes Google hotel ads, hotel prices, books on Google, and hotel content. This one lets the users search for the hotels right on Google and in Google maps. The customer will get a list of hotels with their price, photos, reviews, and street view panoramas.

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Tripadvisor content API


Before booking travel services online most people look for attention to the reviews. This API allows retrieving photos, detailed reviews, and rating info for hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

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Amadeus hotel search API

This allows the users to look for the hotels for a given location and time. With this, travelers can broadly search for hotels. Also, narrow it down to a specific hotel and focus on its offers.

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TravelgateX hotel-X API


The hotel-X API works for searching for the hotel rooms, getting the price quotes, and for the reservations. This is very flexible and allows its users or the hotel PI integration.

Car rental Travel APIs

Here is the list of 5 car rental APIs that have been saved for the last.

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Sabre car locations API


Sabre is a leading company that works with car rental brands. This travel tech provider provides three-car APIs that come in handy to the devs. Their three-car APIs are given below.

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Car location API

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Book car reservation API

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Car availability API

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Skyscanner car hire live prices API


This goes beyond the flight cost search and provides a car rental API as well for the customers. This is a global car distribution channel. It provides various things for its users like,

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Complex car search features

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Real-time streaming of car prices

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Browsing ability and live car price feeds

This API connects to several GDS providers. With them, it creates an end-to-end online car rental portal. This traveloPro’s global car APIs integration works for both small and large scale businesses in different countries.

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Trawex universal car API


This API offers car booking in advance if the travelers plan to visit a few destinations. Some of the main features of the car API are given below.

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Fast and easy quotes

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Real-time availability

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Car rent for a selected period

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eTravos car rental API

This is the largest cloud travel platform in India. This offers to compare prices, schedules, and amenities from hundreds of operators. It gives access to the following things mentioned below.

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Car search by location

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Checking cost, availability, credit

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Pick insurance from several options

Conclusion: Best Travel API in 2023

Therefore these are the 15 travel APIs that help you to build a great product. Make sure you consider all this when you are planning to build a great product on your own. These all can help you in many ways and you will get good results. Echoinnovate IT has the most dedicated team of developers be it Kotlin Developers, Node Js Developers, React Native Developers, etc.

FAQs of Travel App Development API
With this, they fetch the process data collected by CRM systems and allow the developers to connect this data. It acts as a kind of control panel with which the software components are linked without dealing with the code itself. Here the companies license third-party products through travel APIs. This is the more efficient and quicker way when compared to that of building software components from scratch.

After reviewing over 20+ travel and flight APIs, we have fetched the top 9 APIs.

  • TrailAPI
  • API
  • Amadeus Trip
  • Purpose Prediction API
  • Airports Finder API
  • Skyscanner Flight
  • Search API
  • Booking API
  • IATA and ICAO
  • Codes API
  • API
  • TripAdvisor API

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