Elearning Portal Development: 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Education Technology

As a matter of fact, the eLearning Portal development isn’t yesterday’s trend….

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elearning portal development

As a matter of fact, the eLearning Portal development isn’t yesterday’s trend. It has followed for years. It has become a great way of obtaining knowledge for students or employees. The eLearning method is rapidly adopted worldwide due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic. This is the right time for you to create an eLearning startup. An eLearning app development has become one of the trending app ideas now, as students or employees of all ages find it effective and flexible. An eLearning portal is a website or an application that enables you to gain knowledge in a particular field. In this blog, we’ll discuss the need for eLearning portals, how to choose the right E-Portal development company, leading e-portals, and much more. Let’s quickly dive into the details. As per the statistics published by Skill Scouter, the eLearning market will continue to grow, utilizing advanced technologies and providing users with even more engaging experiences.

Why Do Education Industry Leaders Need ELearning Portals?

importance of elearning portal

As of today’s date, the eLearning platform for businesses has become critical because employees are committed to their growth via periodic training and upskilling programs. Here are some of the reasons why you need eLearning portals and what benefits an eLearning platform can bring to your business.

Time and Cost Effectiveness

An eLearning platform enables students or employees to attain knowledge at their convenience and pace, without cutting back on the time they invest in doing their work. Apart from that, there’s no need of booking the conference halls to get through a learning module. This ultimately helps in both saving time and money.

Better Scope of Retention

In the fast-changing world, modern-day learners are definitely out of touch with the practice of pouring over long text. An eLearning platform is capable of delivering information based on the learner’s receptivity. The content can be provided in a simplified version in interactive modules like podcasts or videos. This engaging nature of content facilitates better retention and scope for internalizing the new concepts.

Consistency in Learning

In a traditional learning session, instructors had their methods and approaches towards teaching. But learners sometimes find it tough to understand the information being shared. An eLearning platform is a right alternative to provide consistency in learning.

Personalized Touch

The traditional system of learning doesn’t fit all the approaches. Whereas an eLearning portal follows a unique learning method and takes the learning preference and aims of each learner into consideration, also enables them the freedom to navigate their choice of course at their own pace of learning.

Ease of Scalability

An eLearning portal is a one-time investment that can be scaled up or down with ease, enabling you to make it accessible to as many employees as required. The more learners sign up for the courses or training programs being offered, the more you can expand the purview of the platform and the quicker you can recover the initial investment.

How To Select The Right ELearning Portal Development Company?

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Considering the points mentioned below as a point of reference, you can choose the right eLearning portal development company based on your requirements. Among the numerous options available, choose the one that best suits you:

Expertise and Experience

While looking at the expertise and experience of an eLearning portal development company, you don’t have to only focus on statistics and figures. Ask them for evaluating the projects that they claim to have completed successfully. And what benefits the businesses have gained through their work. The most important thing here to look out for is if there are any other projects in line with your eLearning outline along with your requirements. The company’s past experience in handling projects similar to your project can be a plus point for you.

Evaluate Resources

As a matter of fact, you have to trust the company with your important project for building a long-term relationship. Moreover, you can have a look at the profiles of each member who would be working on your eLearning project to assess if they are capable of delivering results based on your requirements. Of course, you can also schedule one-on-one meetings with each team member working on your project to find out their grip on their respective fields of work.

Ask for References

Sometimes online eLearning portal development providers are unable to provide you with the details of the past projects they have worked on due to non-disclosure agreements. You can always ask the company for references for clients they have developed or worked with in the past. You can search and analyze the clients whose project matches the requirements of your project. For getting a deep insight into the company’s professionalism and capabilities, you can always reach out to the clients for their feedback about the company’s performance.

Company Size

The size of the company matters while choosing an online eLearning portal development service provider, especially when you are looking to make online e-learning portal initiatives an integral part of your work culture. For that, you will require a strong partnership with a third-party vendor. You have to see if the company you are relying on for your project will be able to dedicate the same team of professionals for all your future requirements. Check if the company is financially stable and if the firm is big enough to take your project seriously. Hence, you must clear your doubts right in the beginning.


Do you plan to scale up your e-learning initiatives in the future? Can your education portal development service provider meet those changing requirements? Do they have the resources for it and what if you decide to scale down in the future? You have to clear out these things initially and add your requirements in the contract you sign to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road.

Transparency in Pricing

When choosing the right e-learning development company, you have to make sure if the company offers transparency in pricing if they are honest, or if the ROI is justifiable. To avoid such budgeting disasters later, you have to invest your time to understand these things about the company. And if you don’t have much knowledge about the pricing for building an eLearning web page or eLearning website, you can always bring in a trusted ally for better understanding.

Quality Assurance Practices

Check if the company has robust practices and procedures in place for quality checks, if they follow any guidelines, many times they will do the quality check for that particular website or an application before delivering it to you, and if they provide a dedicated team for you are some of the important questions to consider before partnering with the eLearning portal development company.

Leading ELearning Portals For Your Inspiration

best elearning portals in edtech industry


skillshare elearning portal

Skillshare is among the most popular online eLearning portals or platforms. It has a huge collection of around 27,000 classes that can be divided into three categories: Thrive (Lifestyle, Productivity), Build (Business Analytics, Freelance & Enterneuprenship, Leadership & Management, Marketing), and Create (Animation, Film & Video, Graphic Design, Music, Creative Writing, Photography, Web Development, and more). Skillshare is a project-based initiative that enables students to explore creativity and apply new skills in life. All courses were composed of two parts: a video presentation (which usually lasts around 20-60 minutes) and a class project. There are tons of amazing courses available on the Skillshare platform, but it does not offer certificates of completion. It’s a great learning platform for gaining knowledge and new skills. Premium membership with Skillshare offers you unlimited access to all classes in the library. You can attend several live sessions and workshops organized by Skillshare and gain knowledge shared by brilliant teachers. The easy download is available for all the classes in the library so that you can access them at times when you don’t have an internet facility. So we can say that the Skillshare platform offers you great facilities that are valued for money. The monthly subscription price of Skillshare is very low as compared to the excellent classes provided. A free trial of 30 days to decide whether the platform is appropriate for you or not. Price: Premium Membership (includes unlimited access to 27,000+ classes) – $32/month or $168/year Free Membership (includes unlimited access to 2,000+ classes) – free Library: 27,000+ classes Free Trial: Yes (30-day free trial)



Mindvalley has turned out to be one of the best platforms for personal growth and transformation. The main goal of this platform is to help students know their potential and give their best. Mindvalley is best for those people who want to improvise within a very short time. Mindvalley’s library offers almost 50 courses that were taught by top experts in different fields. These top experts include CEOs of large companies, best-selling authors, famous therapists, entrepreneurs, and international speakers. These courses were divided into several categories like mind, career, relationships, soul, kids, performance, and teens and parenting. It requires almost 30-50 days for completion of a course in which you are supposed to invest 20 minutes a day and watch a video-based lesson and practice an exercise. It costs $499 to get a membership with Mindvalley. This membership offers you unlimited access to all the courses and several other benefits like providing certificates on completion of complicated courses, live coaching calls every month with authors, and also a 22-minute assessment that will help you understand the areas in life that you should focus on. According to us, it offers the best at a very reasonable price. Price: Mindvalley All Access Membership (includes unlimited access to 50+ courses) – $499/year Mindvalley Membership Pro ( includes everything that Mindvalley Membership does plus Exclusive Peer Mastermind Groups and Monthly Group Coaching with Vishen and Special Guests) – $999/year Mindvalley Individual Courses – $199-$499/quest Library: 50+ courses Accreditation: No Free Trial: Yes (7-day free trial)



Brilliant is online learning that mainly focuses on STEM subjects- Science, Math, and Computer Science. Courses was designed by children as well as adults. Brilliant is one of the best learning platforms that makes learning fun and interactive for young adults. Several subjects like Algebra, Logic, Quantum mechanics, Computer science, advanced mathematics, etc. was be learned on the Brilliant platform. You can take a monthly or annual subscription with brilliant that comes with complete access to all the courses available on the platform along with many practice quizzes for all the topics. According to us, Brilliant is an outstanding online learning platform as it covers STEM subjects and is perfect for those who are interested in learning computer science and math. You can take a 7-day free trial offered by this platform to understand whether it is appropriate for you or not. Price: Brilliant Monthly Subscription (includes unlimited access to all courses) – $24,99/month Brilliant Annual Subscription (includes unlimited access to all courses) – $149/year Library: 60+ courses Accreditation: No Free Trial: Yes (7-day free trial).

The Bottom Line

A portal for eLearning is one of the great platforms for flexible learning. It is a very essential tool for transforming the future of your business. An investment in such platforms is worth every single penny. Therefore, if you are looking to build an e-learning website or education portal development company, we are the right choice for you. We can build a highly scalable and feature-rich education portal. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our expert developers now!


What are the features of an e-learning platform?

Basic features of an e-learning platform:

  • Course adding page (for tutors)
  • Authentication and user profile
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Payment systems
  • Filtering system
  • Admin panel
  • Course page
  • Dashboard
How much does an e-learning website cost?

The cost depends on functionality and the region where you hire developers. To make a basic learning website, developers require 1,095-1,250h. In the USA, it will cost you $164,250-$187,500(based on $150/h). In Eastern Europe- $54,750-$62,500 (based on $50/h).

How much does it cost to hire someone to build an e-learning portal?

The cost depends on the region. In the USA, Canada, and Australia, an hour of software development costs from $80to $250. In the UK or Germany, they charge $50-99/per hour, while in Ukraine, an hour of software development costs $25-49.

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