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Neuro Oncology Trials

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“Neuro-oncology Trials” is a case study summary-based app. Now you don’t need to go again and again to read details of trials. Here all case studies are summarized. You’ll also have filters to read it faster.

It is designed for use by providers at all levels and students (medical students, residents, and fellows), who want information quickly lookups and summaries of the trials while seeing patients in clinics or in rounds.




A piece of brief information about what the app does. It also includes below sections:

  • About the Neuro-Oncology trials app
  • Disclaimer
  • Credits
  • Special thanks

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All the trials conducted and when fed are displayed here. The trials displayed here are saved using different names and clicking on it can show detailed information about that particular trial.


Filters allow searching through the fed trials quickly. It makes it easy to search through a long list of the trials that are conducted. Filters allow searching through a huge stack of the saved trials that can be challenging.

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Trials are conducted and it is saved using study questions from which the conclusions are drawn. The method through which the trials are conducted can be fed as well along with the results. Details can be stored using :

  • Study Questions
  • Conclusion
  • Methods
  • Results


FAQs are used to feed some of the most frequently asked questions. It is all about the questions that generally arise in regard to this app. Collection of most commonly asked questions.

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Notifications are alert messages that help users staying updated about the trials.


We came up with an app that provides easy access to information about selected pivotal published clinical trials in the field of neuro-oncology.

The summaries are organized by the following topics:

  • Recent diagnosis of glioblastoma
  • Recurrent glioblastoma
  • Anaplastic glioma
  • Glioma low-grade glioma in the elderly lymphoma
  • The primary central nervous system.

The application includes an intuitive search function for searching of tests:

  • Histology of the tumor
  • The authors’ names
  • Journal names
  • The names of chemotherapy drugs
  • Abbreviations of the names of the trials.

It also includes a broadcast function to notify colleagues of the trials included in the application. Finally, it is regularly updated and distributed free of charge to users.

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