How to build Pet Care App – A Complete Guide

How to build Pet Care App – A Complete Guide

How to build Pet Care App – A Complete Guide

By 2015, the worldwide pet care app business will be valued at $202.6 billion, with technology, or pet tech, accounting for a major portion of it. IDTechEx’s market research backs up this trend, estimating that the global pet wearables industry will be worth $2.6 billion this year.

In fact, the GPS-based pet wearable industry in the United States was valued at $180 in 2015, a figure that is only expected to rise.

According to Wakefield Research, 69 % of millennials are likely to use technology to track their pets. Furthermore, an increasing number of people use apps and wearables to track their pet’s fitness and activity level, nutrition, playtime, immunization schedule, vet appointments, and a variety of other daily needs.

As you can see, there is a sizable industry waiting for qualified app developers to enter. There is undeniably a lot of money to be made in the development of pet care apps. This is not to say that the opportunity is without competitors. There are already major players releasing user-friendly new apps to help make the lives of pets and their owners easier. However, there is lots of space for creativity and expansion.

Consistency is important to pets, which is why this is such a rewarding prospect. You’ll have a big network of devoted users if you can design an app that actually fills a gap in pet care and helps pet owners discover long-term value in your app because once they and their pets get comfortable with it, they’re very likely to stick around.

Let’s Get Started

What you’ll need, however, is to be really resourceful and inventive. You must identify a genuine problem and then devise a solution that is superior to that of others. If you’re up for the task, here are a few basic steps and best practices to help you build a lucrative pet care app that keeps your clients and their pets happy.

Top Examples of Pet Care Apps in 2022

How to build Pet Care App – A Complete Guide

Although there are many players in the pet food subscription space, some have made a name for themselves through their high quality.

Nom nom: Nom Nom is a service that delivers fresh food to dogs and cats. For your pet buddies, the smartphone app provides pre-portioned fresh food.

Ollie: Ollie makes human-grade dog food with hormone-free meats, no fillers, preservatives, or flavorings. The food comes with peel-back lids for simple opening and a leftover tray for fridge storage.

We Feed Raw: WeFeedRaw provides meal plans that include 80% muscle meat as well as a vitamin and mineral blend. If your dog does well on a raw diet, this is a good alternative for you. Bulk patties, snacks, bones, and meal plans are available for these premium meats.

So, you have a brilliant concept that no one else has thought of, and you want to turn it into an app! Great!

Top Examples of Pet Care Apps in 2022

How to build Pet Care App – A Complete Guide

How might technology help you bridge the gap between desiring a pet and actually getting one? A few concepts that come to mind are as follows:

Information about your pet’s breed

Imagine pet-care apps that provide you with all the information you require about your pet in a single click. Simply take a picture, upload it to the pet app, and you’re done! Everything about the pet, including its origin, scientific breed, and genealogy, as well as its weight, height, and other statistics. The pet care applications can assist in collecting and aggregating information about the climate conditions that fit the pet best, its lifespan, common health issues, feeding and activity requirements, and other important facts that a pet parent should know before having a pet.

Gather all health records/reports in one location

Human medical history is just as essential as animal medical history. It aids in the tracking of existing disorders to aid in their progression, as well as catching any new ailments and nipping them in the bud. What system do you use to keep track of your dog’s medical records? Finding crucial information can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking in an emergency.

While there are dozens of health and fitness apps available to keep track of our own health and fitness, why not have one for our four-legged friends? Consider how much easier it would be to maintain track of your pet’s most recent vaccinations or clinic visits. Instead, use a pet health care app to keep track of any allergies your pet may have, as well as reports of any previous illnesses, immunizations, prescriptions, and the next doctor appointment.

Keep track of your pet’s growth

The primary concern of a pet parent is always their pet’s health. Keeping track of a pet’s growth and monitoring milestones is a smart approach to keeping an eye on their development. It would be fantastic to have an app that allows you to:

Online shopping

We’ve already seen how beneficial e-commerce can be. There’s nothing left to be concerned about with last-mile delivery services. All of your requirements are only a tap away. Once again, e-commerce comes to our rescue as a one-stop shop for all of your pet’s needs. A pet application that gathers all of your pet’s needs in one place categorizes them by breed and age, and adapts them to changing weather conditions might be a game-changer.

Finding a vet near you

Pet owners will benefit from pet care apps that notify them of nearby veterinarians and animal clinics. Notifications about trusted veterinarians in your area based on client evaluations and specialty are extremely beneficial to pet parents. Every pet parent has struggled to find a good doctor or animal hospital in a new neighborhood when they have no prior experience. When you’re unsure about the vets in your area and don’t know who specializes in what, it can be a frightening experience for pet parents. A pet health care app that helps you find vets and animal hospitals near you by categorizing and listing reliable vets based on your search, making the process easier, more convenient, and less stressful.

Online consultation with a licensed veterinarian

Just as an on-call doctor is becoming obsolete, with online doctors available to address your medical concerns, your pets should have access to the best medical care available. Online consultations are an excellent way to alleviate your pet’s fears and concerns about any problems he or she may be experiencing. What do you do when you need advice but don’t have access to a veterinarian right now? Technology that allows you to have a detailed discussion about all of your concerns. In a flash, specialists will respond to all of your questions. A pet health care app that allows you to arrange online consultations with a qualified veterinarian for your pets can help you save time and money by reducing the number of trips you make.

Training and counseling

Whether you like it or not, getting a pet comes with a learning curve for both you and your pet. Both the pet parent and the pet require a lot of patience and time throughout the grooming and learning to obey command processes. An app with a plethora of suggestions and tactics for training your animal pet can come to the rescue in this situation.

It can help with some of your new furry friend’s less-than-ideal tendencies, such as barking and jumping up on friends as a greeting. All pet parents have a lot of questions and concerns concerning their pets’ potty training.

 Pet grooming applications can help you groom and train your pet by connecting you with a pet trainer over the internet. It may include simple instructions and lessons ranging from basic to advanced, all of which can be taught through positive reinforcement.

Wearable Technologies

Is that pet sitter dependable? Is your pet well-fed? What about their stroll in the evening? All of these questions are going to arise in your thoughts as a pet parent who works 9 hours a day. However, there is a simple solution to these problems: wearable technology. Never lose track of your pet by attaching a wearable tracker to their collar.

With merely a pet care app synchronized to the wearable gadget, you may always be updated about your pet’s whereabouts, no matter where you are. The pet care app will immediately notify you if your pet leaves or crosses a pre-defined safe region.

A QR code on the back of the wearable device can be used to provide the pet parent’s contact information to anyone who finds the lost pet. This could be a huge step in gaining peace of mind and ensuring your pet’s security and safety.

Scheduling Appointments

It’s difficult enough to arrange your own appointments with a busy routine and a tight work schedule; throw in your furry friend’s requirement for medical visits and grooming, and it’s much more difficult. It can be rather stressful, and a little help would be extremely beneficial. This is where technology can step in and save the day.

Do you find yourself forgetting things? You can get reminders sent to your phone regarding vet visits and when the next vaccination is due, so don’t be concerned. It would be fantastic if you could sync all of your pet’s records to the cloud and connect with the best veterinarians in your area with a single swipe. A pet scheduling app can benefit you in the following ways:

Emergency Services

Accidents happen all the time, and your pet may become involved in one, resulting in severe injuries and a threat to their life. In an emergency, transportation to an animal hospital can be quite beneficial and may help your pet live a longer life.

A pet healthcare app designed specifically for such situations could be a game-changer. This pet health care app may be able to connect you with local veterinarians and animal clinics. While you take a picture of the injury and upload it to the health care app so the vets can figure out what to do, call an ambulance and have it sent your way. 

The veterinarians can also advise you on what steps you can take to assist your pet’s situation stabilizes. Instead of a haphazard or random order like a Google search, the pet health care app can provide the helpline numbers according to your area, which is useful and makes this nerve-wracking scenario a little less stressful for the owner.

How to build Pet Care App – A Complete Guide

Some of the most crucial aspects of an excellent pet care app are listed below.


A pet’s profile will include information such as a nickname, breed, age, weight, sterilization, activity, allergies, and other such details. If the pet has a family, that information can be included as well.

Real-Time Dashboard

A real-time dashboard will be displayed on the main screen, with the most recent updates regarding the pet, forthcoming immunizations, prescriptions, and doctor’s visits, as well as the pet’s feeding and activity times. The pet’s current location will be displayed on the location dashboard.

Friends List

Pet owners can make a friend list for their pets and then follow each other for photos, videos, and status updates.

Tracking of Prescriptions and Vaccinations:

The app should provide current updates on the pet’s prescriptions, medications, and vaccination schedule for the pet’s health.

Location Tracking

Pets can be fitted with a tracking device that sends real-time GPS data to an app, allowing owners to track their pets in case they become separated from them or during walks.

Push Notifications

Location, social updates, immunization and medicine notifications, and pretty much anything else the owner needs to be aware of are all sent through push notification. Reminders and updates to the pet owner can be sent via timely push notifications.

Feeding Monitoring

Owners can keep track of their pet’s food consumption, favorite foods, and calorie intake using feeding monitoring. It will function similarly to a diet planner app, with the added capability of alerting the user to health risks.


Pet owners can produce reports on their pet’s health, food, meds, immunizations, and other recorded factors on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Document Storage

For the pet owner, the app can serve as a single repository for documentation relating to the pet, such as ownership certificates and medical certifications, which can be accessed quickly when needed.

Exercising for Pets

Pet-specific workout routines include pet-specific lectures and videos, as well as graphics.

Help in an Emergency

Emergency contact for veterinarians, police, and other authorities in case there is an emergency.

Pet e-Commerce:

Toys, chewable, medicines, and food for pets can be purchased from the store online.

How much does it cost to develop a pet care app?

It’s tough to put a dollar figure on a concept, but the cost of developing a mobile app ranges from $15,000 to $100,000, depending on the level of complexity and the number of platforms for which the app is developed.

An app that tracks your dog’s day and helps you understand their routine while ensuring that they stay as fit as they need to be, for example, appears to be something that practically everyone is seeking. The cost of developing an app is determined by the following elements.

The A-team

For an app to be effective, it must have a diverse group of experts. At the outset, a pet health tech app requires the following individuals:

iOS and Android front-end developers

Developers for both Android and iOS are required to ensure that the app’s development runs smoothly on all platforms.

Backend Developers

Backend engineers are in charge of the data side of things, making sure that your users see the content they desire.

User Interface Designers

Not everyone has the ability to design. UI designers are crucial since their input may make or ruin an app.

Testing teams

Testing teams ensure that your app is rock solid and can withstand the damage it receives on a daily basis.

Project Manager

Despite the fact that Project Managers and Business Analysts appear to be an additional expense, these professionals will guide your development teams and ensure that your project runs smoothly and is properly understood.

How does a pet care app generate revenue?

Every app developer produces apps in order to make money. Having a defined revenue model in mind will aid your development team in building the software to fit that model. Subscriptions, adverts, and the sale of related things in-app are how most applications earn money. The sooner you figure out what works for you, the better. This has an impact on the app’s cost because additional revenue sources necessitate more complexity in the app.

The pet sector is currently valued at over $2 billion and is likely to continue to grow. The need for these solutions will continue to grow as entrepreneurs rise and build more and more effective solutions. With everyone wanting a piece of the pet health tech pie, it’s critical to think about the development costs before jumping into this profitable market.

How does a pet care app generate revenue?

How to build Pet Care App – A Complete Guide

Pet care apps can make money in a variety of ways. Among the most popular revenue-generating options are:


There are a lot of similarities between pet care applications and our own apps. Pets, like people, require a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and plenty of affection. However, this does not mean that a ‘Tinder for Pets’ is imminently on the horizon. (Or is that the case?)

It does, however, emphasize the necessity for creative solutions to meet the specific demands of pet owners. The pet care industry is the ideal area to build your business in 2019 for a variety of reasons. An extremely practical, tactile, and imaginative pet care app might be just what you need if you’re an original thinker looking to make a difference with technology.


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