Car Wash App Like Washe: A Successful Startup Guide 

Car Wash App Like Washe: A Successful Startup Guide 

Car Wash App Like Washe: A Successful Startup Guide 

Are you planning to grow your car washing service? Then it’s better to create a car wash app like Washe to run your business successfully. Today technology has been revolutionizing the world, and it has changed the way of doing business.

Many of them care for their car like their family members where every car lover will take good care of a car where they prefer to go for a car washing service. To help them build a car wash app. The world is moving towards technology so your business must reach out to more users with the help of the app. Here you have an idea to develop a car wash app like washe.

How to start a mobile car wash business?

If you follow a few steps it is easy to start a business. First, make a note of the functionalities that you want to include in your app. Once you are clear with the functionalities build the app with the business model. On the technical part build your on-demand car wash app.

Why do you need a car wash app like Washe?

Washe, the mobile car wash app is a successful startup that has covered millions of customers in a short period. There are 1000+ car wash companies under this app and it has observed 25% growth in their business. Apps like Washe is a powerful solution for cash wash.

Maximum efficiency

The washe will increase more productivity to your business, so adopt this technology and keep your users engaged. This app generates the interest of users by providing doorstep services.

Banning inconvenience

It’s a fast-moving world; everyone needs to be convenient where the main inconvenience faced by the people was the long waiting queue to avail the service. By looking at the real-life problems faced by the clients, you start to build your car wash app that bans the inconvenience and improves productivity.

Are you planning to build this app? Here are some steps you can start with.

How to start a car wash app?

To build your car wash app the first thing you need to do is choose the approach of your business. Make sure that you want to go for B2B or B2C that is business or consumer. Make modules for your application with the business approach. If you need to include B2B and B2C modules for your car wash app, then you need to build two apps. One is a consumer app and the other is a detailer app. Both apps should be connected to the admin panel.

Car wash application development process

1. Log in / Register

2. Request for car wash

3. Schedules for wash

4. Car wash

5. Rates washer

Advance Feature of Car Wash Mobile App

For Customer App

Car Wash App

1. Sign up/Login

This feature is common for all apps in order to allow users to log in and access the app. No one remembers their usernames and passwords for their service. Users can log in through social media login credentials like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. to book the right service right away.

2. Car Wash Package

Add the available list in the package so that the users can easily select their services.

3. Wash Booking

Users can book their service instantly within the app. As per the requirements of the users, this feature helps to select the nearest car wash service, provider.

4. Manage addresses

Users can include multiple address locations like home, work, or other locations within their profile.

5. Multiple car options

A single user needs to wash multiple cars at a time. This feature seamlessly allows users to select multiple services for their cars.

6. Payment module

This app made payment easy for their customers through credit/debit cards or they can pay using any payment gateway.

7. Track wash

This feature allows users to track their service from making the request, acceptance, pre-wash, and post-wash. Users can also know the service progress on-going or completed from the app dashboard.

8. Wash history

Users can view all washes scheduled, completed, or canceled.

9. Push notifications

This feature allows users to know about the accepted washes, service provider reaching the location, retrieval of car key, wash progress, and completion.

10. Reviews and Ratings

Users can share their experiences based on the service received.

For the detailer / Technician App

Car Wash App

1. Log In / Sign up

This feature is for the detailer to log in or sign up for the app.

2. Add service location

A car wash service provider can have multiple service locations where the provider can manage their location that helps users to find the nearest proximity.

3. Accept Reject Service

A technician can accept or reject the request as per availability and convenience.

4. Upcoming washes

Multiple washes can be queued up; this feature allows users to have complete visibility of upcoming washes from the app’s dashboard.

5. Push notification

When the requests of the customer get approved or the service of the car is completed the detailer can send a notification.

6. View history

This feature allows the detailers to view the complete history of the number of car services they have completed.

7. Requesting payment

The detailer can request the payment to the customers as per the requests completed.

Admin panel

Car Wash App

When you are planning to build this app first build the admin panel that helps to keep an eye on all the activities going around their business. A few basic features should be included in the admin panel.

1. Comprehensive dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard in the admin panel makes it easier to manage the app’s activities from a remote location. This feature enables us to know intuitive information about earnings, ongoing washes, upcoming washes, and so on.

2. Washer registration

The admin chooses to accept/reject the registration when a user registers with the app and it checks the background of the washer before adding them to the washer pool.

3. Create a car category/type

There are various types of car categories and types where the admin can configure the app to showcase car wash services.

4. Create plans

Make your service engaging by configuring it with multiple subscription plans. The design can include multiple add-ons, categories, and pricing according to the service offered.

5. Washer payout request

To raise payout requests, the admin can set a periodical time limit for washers. Based on the time span the request can be approved or put to hold.

6. Promotion management

Promote the app’s usage with the options by surge pricing, holiday hours, and seasonal changes. From the app’s dashboard, all the promotions can be centrally managed.

7. Notification management

Improve the user’s engagement with the app by configuring the number of notifications and the time period during which they have to be sent.

8. Customer support

It’s great customer service that helps a business stand out from the progress. Within the app the customer support modules like instant SOS, phone support, social media support, and so on.

9. Manage ratings and feedbacks

The app rating and reviews help to monitor the quality of washer services; the admin can monitor the ratings and reviews to improve their level of service.

When building the app these are some basic features you need to add. A successful car business firm is using this model. So, build an app that suits your business model. When developing the app the first thing coming to your mind is the development cost of the app.

How much does it cost to develop a car wash app?

Car Wash App

The cost of your app development for a car wash depends on your requirements. Here are some factors that determine the cost of your mobile app.

  • Technical requirements
  • UX / UI designs
  • The platform Android, iOS, or Hybrid you select
  • Frontend and Backend development requirements
  • The time required to complete the project
  • The complexity of your app requirements
  • Testing and QA

You can get the approximate cost for your app development with the above-mentioned aspects.

In conclusion of Car Wash app

In today’s tech world a lot of hard work and dedication are required to make a car wash business successful. As the world is moving towards technology, the dedicated app brings car owners and washers together. When you consider building a mobile car wash app these features should be included to run a successful business.

FAQs of Car wash App Development

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