How Much Does Cost To Develop Video Editing App Like Tiktok | Features, Monetization Strategies

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How Much Does Cost To Develop Video Editing App Like Tiktok | Features, Monetization Strategies

The TikTok music video editing app is initially known as Musically has taken the mobile applications to market a storm by introducing a new market for a video application by allowing users to create, publish, share and edit their own video content with the theme and customizable filters. Videos can be created by using existing music tracks available on site and an option to react the same with similar expressions.

Overview Of Music Video Editing App Tiktok Revenue, Usage

TikTok has been the most downloaded app of 2018 by beating Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram so it is with more than 104 million downloads worldwide.

Today everyone is searching for a startup idea to make a music video editing app. I am sure you have reached to this blog because you must be searching for terms like:

Statistics and Revenue of Music Video Editing App Tiktok

How Much Does Cost To Develop Video Editing App Like Tiktok | Features, Monetization Strategies

The application is used by almost everyone in the world is based on a video platform of Chinese music. TikTok allows users to create music videos and share them on all social media applications like Facebook and Instagram.

Most TikTok videos have video lip-sync, a lot of videos of pets, mainly cats doing funny things, a lot many pretty girls, many young and parkour, and clips in search of emotions among many other short clips.

What is the TikTok Mobile application and how does it work?

Users and people running the application TikTok are free to create their music videos by adding the effect of music or animations. It is the best and great deal of entertainment these days to share with others. The mobile application TikTok is formerly musically. The application consists of a large collection of music within the community and is growing rapidly worldwide.

5 Competitors of Music Video Editing App Tiktok – App Like TikTok

Dubsmash – Music Video Editing App

The use of the Dubsmash video editing application is very simple. You simply have to select audio that we want to use for playback, and then record yourself trying to synchronize your movements with that audio. The video-selfie playback is the latest fashion, and it is penetrating a lot among the youngest generation mainly, for how easy it is to make your own videos and share them with others.

Funimate – Music Video App

Funimate is also one of the popular music video apps where you can edit videos and socialize. There are many effects such as Text Magic, Touch Magic, and Effect Mix.

Triller Music Video App

Triller is a free music video app that lets you record and make music videos. This mobile app lets you choose a song from your music library, film multiple takes, and then automatically edit them together to make a video. It’s mainly a fun way to pass the time, but with a little practice, you can develop genuinely impressive videos. You can also use Triller to follow other creators, like their videos, follow them, and more.

Vigo Video Music App

Vigo Video (formerly titled Hypstar) is a mobile application of social network to make short videos that encourages its users to capture the best moments of your day to day, share and search for more people with the same interests.

Owned by ByteDance, the video mobile app was launched as Huoshan in China in mid-2017, and later in the international market, expanding to the rest of Asia and then to the Brazil and United States.

Video Star Music Video App

Video magic editor and video builder – video star for android are one of the best video effects maker/video tool that you simply will create a video of photos with slideshow, free music, magic bit, moving picture effects, and gif stickers. It helps you to induce additional fans on social media and to be a video maker app.

Crucial Considerations While Making Tiktok Like App

Before going to take the first and most important step, the person has to understand that the music application is into two parts or categories.

The first category is,music streaming applications

and the second category is,video applications social music.

Therefore, the main and first step is to correctly know what kind of music video editing app you want to create. Both categories given above require more and unique features, efforts, and functionality. Here we have explained more about social video applications as the TikTok app for iOS and Android or both.

Cost to Create an App Like TikTok

Determining the exact TikTok app development cost to create TikTok depends on several factors, including:

Choose whether you want to create an app like TikTok for iOS users or Android users or both. After choosing, you have to start the development of the app according to the chosen format.

Extra Features

Create a list of the extra features, you want to add to your app and the cost of extra features of the app is added to the development of TikTok.
The features which you want to add in the future; calculate the cost of those features also. Make sure you should list out the loopholes in the unique features of your app.

Resource Requirement

The cost of all the resources required in the development process is also added. Resources like technology, interface, tools, programming, database, etc.

Regional Limits of Starting Phase

The cost of development also varies based on its region-specific availability. It depends on whether you want your app to be available exclusively in your country or you want to expand its usage to other global regions just like TikTok did.

The big region needs a strong database and a small region needs a proportionate size. The best way to tackle this criterion is to first create an app for the local region for limited use, just like MVP. Once the idea grows popular enough, consider expanding it globally.


The success of the unique idea is married compatibly with the uniqueness of the design itself. TikTok should inspire you to come up with a catchy, eye-friendly design UI and logo.
TikTok especially exhibits its Karaoke music sign which goes to speak volumes about how clever and exemplary it appears in the end.

Features & Functionality Required To Create TikTok-like Mobile App

Login and Registration

First and most important, they will have to provide a means for signature and login This page has to be an identity for its users.

Incredible user interface: The first thing that can impress your users is the user interface home screen. TikTok shows an amazing collection of videos on the landing page that subscribes to make the first minute spent on just an amazing application.

The most important feature of giving the TikTok application is sharing options icon and you can easily share your post on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and email too.

Duo Option

TikTok also gave the characteristics of a duo with another, I guess if you scroll down the videos and you like the song and lip-synching after making this video duet with some hashtags as #duetwithme.

Earn Money

Allows users to monetize their accounts as a certain number of followers or likes in their videos. Users can also get from the sponsoring brand or even selling their own products.

Timer for Video Recording

Performing lip sync videos are a bit difficult because you need to keep the right time, with a focus on the video. Creating videos such as time-consuming, but using TikTok can do it in minutes. The timer function will allow you to focus on video content. Just choose the timer option and then wait for the registration occurs automatically.

Slideshow Maker

If you are an active user of social networks, you must be familiar with the most popular slideshow videos. Through these videos, you can create a unique collection by incorporating various memories of your own in the form of videos. Fort other similar types of moviemaking slideshow applications is a bit difficult because you need to download external applications. But TikTok is easy and you can also share your food without problems.

Advanced Features that will Make Your App Outstanding

Analytics (Real-Time)

Access to real-time analytics is very crucial for the administrator. It allows the administrator to analyze live broadcasters and viewers in graphic form.

The ideas are also provided real-time data using application details before administration, which helps the administrator in making critical decisions.

Geo Location

This feature allows users to find issues depending on their region. It also allows them to choose and see from the map as well.

Application developers can make a range around the user’s current location. Based on that, they show that broadcasting lives near them.

the living is blue, while red is for inactive users. However, the appearance is customizable.

The Tech Stack of TikTok Includes & Like App

The technology stack for the Tiktok music video editing app is as follows:

Required Development Team Structure For Video & Music Editing App Like TikTok

For developing an amazing app like TikTok, the role of the following team is vital :

How To Earn Money From Video & Music Apps Like TikTok?

There are a few ways you can use to make money from your music application, which are :

In-app purchase

Although TikTok does not have these features if you are interested in making a music application then note that within the application option can be a great opportunity to make money. What in-app purchase means basically charge a small sum of money from the user to upgrade to the paid version or to unlock some of its functions.


Connect with investors to raise some investment for your application. Fundraising is a way to earn a premium even for the TikTok application and the application went on to receive funds of $ 100 million investors recently upper class.

Application Sales

Create a music application and once the application stands out from the target user base, then you can get buyers easily. Connect with potential employers or businesses. Reach an agreement that is most profitable for your business applications.

If you can not find these interesting forms, then you can choose to display ads on your mobile application. Target ads to your audience by age, location, likes dislikes, etc. Meanwhile, advertising can be of many types, such as installation cost, cost per click, etc.

Finally, The Cost of Music & Video Editing App Development Like TikTok

Usually, the approximate cost of app development like tiktok touched somewhere around $25,000 which includes basic functionalities, But, upon choosing outstanding features with highly advanced, unparalleled interface, the cost is likely to rise to $40,000-$60,000.

FAQ’s of Video Editing App Development Like TikTok

  • Here are some of the alternatives of TikTok:

    • Dubsmash
    • Funimate
    • Cheez
    • Triller
    • Likee

The time required to build a video editing app like TikTok may lie between 1,441 hours to 2,466 hours depending on the factors like features, frameworks, UI/UX design, project management, and complexity of your application. For more info, contact us.

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