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5 Places to Hire App Developer for Android or iOS (2022)

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Our guide aims to save you time to determine how to hire an application developer you will enjoy working with and giving tips covering the following information:

  • Options to choose from while hiring an application developer
  • Platforms to hire an application developer
  • Tips and process that help to hire an application developer
  • Hire a Dedicated Mobile App Developer: 10 Questions to Ask
  • Common mistakes during the hiring process of application developers
  • A perfect checklist that can be used to hire an application developer
  • Advantages of hiring a dedicated application development team

Hire App Developer: Here are 4 Options to Choose From

1. Hiring an in-house team of developers
2. Hire a team of local mobile app developers
3. Hiring an app developer on various websites
4. Services of dedicated mobile app development agencies

Let us first go through freelance websites to hire a dedicated app developer for you.

5 Places to Hire App Developer for iOS/Android (2022)

1. Toptal – Hire Top 3% of Freelance App Android or iOS Developers


There would be a representative of Toptal who keeps continuous track of how your apps project progresses and your experience to work with Toptal and the outcome. This removes many project management hours you would be overwhelmed by yourself if you were to opt for a typically hire an app developer.

Average Hourly Charge: $ 65 – $ 95 + / hr
If you hire Part time: $ 1000 – $ 1600 + / week
If you hire Full-time: $ 2000 – 3200 $ + / week

Since Toptal hiring top app developer talent only, prices are at a premium, but the quality is obviously going to match these premiums.

2. Gun.io – Quickly add firepower to your developers’ team

gun.io hire app developer

For teams looking to rapidly scale or need additional expertise parachute, Gun.io is obvious – they help you find impressive mobile developers to hire in no time, usually less than 48 hours!

They do the work of staff sourcing, vetting, and candidates for your team, so you can keep your energy focused on delivering your software and other management.

Gun.io is known for its rigorous verification process, which is a 360-degree approach in 7 steps to assess engineers as skilled professionals.

Hourly rates: usually between $ 75 – $ 150 / hour

3. Fiverr Pro

fiverr pro hire app developer

This is more of a platform that you would come across conventionally if you are looking for cheap developers, the only difference – you get skilled developers for your mobile applications that have proven experience, rather than the ones you find on the usual Fiverr website.

They have quite good security and guarantees on payments you make with them. They have budget deduction statements with the one we liked most was the 100% credit promise if the assigned developer affected you and did not complete the project within the deadline. This is a great guarantee for two reasons.

First is you can be sure that the projects meet their schedule. On the other hand, in an extreme cases, if they do not, you get your money back, and you can start working with another person.

Fixed-price: $ 1400 +

4. Hired


They hire only the best 5% of people who apply to be part of their development community, so once again, people are rigorously selected. This means that you can be sure to find the top talent here – but above all, they match the talents and skills for the jobs needed, trimming the time spent by employers and hirees.

And yes, when they say the firms competing to take programmers Hired on board, they really mean.

5. X-team

hire app development team
On Xteam all programmers working as a member of Xteam are controlled and selected for performance (speed of execution) and the quality of the coding. They are also designed to deal with various scenarios of project problems before they are taken on board. This makes them more agile and better equipped to deal with specific problems that may occur when your project is running.

The best part? – You will find that most of the candidates here are the designers of mobile applications and application developers. X-Team covers eight time zones in their operations, essentially in any country operating in the world, wherever you are established. You can work with an Xteam, regardless of your location.

Hourly Rate of developers: $2 – $250 /hr

How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer?

Application Type App Details Hours iOS Hours Android Average Rates
Simple Application Templates, dropdown menus, stored on device 70-150 80-160 $50-100
Database Application Backend, stored on server, integrated 150-200 170-220 $50-100
Messaging Application Various data formats, chats and calls, stored in cloud 500+ 600+ $70-120
Enterprise Application Business features, stored on device and/or server 200+ 250+ $100-150
Social Networking Application Themes, photo editing, backend, stored on server 300 300+ $70-120
Gaming Application Single player/Multiplayer, Unity 3D, rendering, stored on server 400+ 500+ $70-120

How to hire a mobile app developer in 10 questions

You can use sites like Toptal, Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc as mentioned above to find and hire a freelance app developer to build an app. All of them have a certain rating system, past works and reviews of projects by dedicated developers. Talk to a few mobile app developers, leave those who avoid your questions or force their solution or tools upon you.

In short, these are ten fundamental questions to ask to hire app developer:

  • Can you give a list of past and present clients?
  • Can I see live links of your work (Apple, Websites, Google, Blackberry app stores)?
  • What are my application monetization options?
  • What is your favorite platform?
  • How will we communicate during development?
  • What advance features for an app would you recommend? Can you implement it?
  • How will you proceed to test?
  • Can you launch the application to application stores?
  • Are you ready to sign a copyright agreement?
  • What are your fees and terms of Payment?

In the following clip OneMonth guys share with us some detailed thoughts about how to know whether your candidate is a good developer or not.

Now, are there any peculiarities in hiring app developers for the two most popular platforms – Android and iOS, apart? Not many, but let’s clear it out.

Hire Android App Developer

  • Have proven and practical knowledge of the Android programming languages ​​such as Kotlin, Java
  • Operating in open source libraries and ecosystems
  • Experience of Android NDK models and architecture – MVP, MVVM
  • Manage and work with updates to the Android version and API
  • Application of KISS and Strong principles in software engineering
  • Understanding the publishing of the application on Google Play
  • Good app testing and app debugging skills

Here, you can hire android app developer.

iOS App Developer

  • Strong knowledge of programming languages ​​iOS such as Swift, Objective-C
  • Ability to create an application for different devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Knowledge of IDE, REST / JSON / XML standards; MVP, MVVM architecture models
  • Working with the most frequently used APIs and open-source libraries
  • Familiarity with iOS applications publishing on Apple Store
  • Good app testing and debugging skills
  • Application of KISS and strong principles in software engineering
  • Knowledge of business goals and the user experience is plus

Want to hire an iPhone app developer? Go through this link.

Common Mistakes While Hiring An App Developer

1. Only focusing on low-cost part or go with the most expensive company or developer

Quality does not come with the lowest price and the best price is not the only success factor. Hence, this does not mean the most expensive team will make a superior product. Find balanced and honest people.

2. Hiring a person who knows nothing or little about your business
Check that the company had delivered an application like yours to avoid frustration. You will see many developers do not understand the requirements of their client clearly, but they are ready to develop your app anyway.

3. Not drafting a budget for an application
This is too obvious. Also, ask your developer for a quote to avoid overspending.

4. Hire an application developer who holds a code immediately
Mobile applications are developed and complex, no need to rush. From code without technical specifications and the division of labor is useless.

5. Going with the best bidder
Of course, the developers of Bangladesh or Pakistan offer a $15 hourly rate, or even less. Do you think you’ll end up with final product quality and pleasant UX or design?

6. Ignoring User experience
Many organizations may have good programming skills, but they may lack actual user-engaging design experience. The age, sex, region, industry … it’s all that matters.

Five steps to hiring a reliable mobile app developer – General rules of thumb

Fortunately, there is no shortage of mobile application developers to hire worldwide. From every skill set and price range, everything comes with some drawbacks and caveats, of course. So before you begin your quest, here are 3 main principles that you should keep.

1. Know the basics of your requirements

Find out what programming languages ​​are there in use for mobile applications. Find out what the platforms are and what would be your target platforms to make an application. Check what the rates are and how much it would cost to hire an application developer (even approximately). Who would be the users of your application? These types of things.

2. Experience of developer

You would not want a doctor fresh out of college, to lead your knee surgery. The same with your business – if you hire someone, you better hire a developer who knows his stuff. He or she does not have to be a highly expert but should be able to provide a portfolio of past works. You can even request samples of his or her code.

3. Build a relationship with thorough communication

We must look for someone reliable, find a developer interested in your business and the results of your cooperation, not only in development. It seems cliché, but it is so. You must be heard, to build a relationship with each other to get your application will. For example, language barriers and cultural differences, or other things can get in the way.

After all that, let’s talk about how can you benefit from hiring a mobile app development team.

Benefits of Hiring A  Dedicated Mobile App Development Team

In this section, we provide a bigger picture in terms of benefits received when hiring application developers in the form of dedicated service. Benefits include:
benefits of hiring app development team

  • Distribution of application developers with the necessary technological capability
  • Distribution of technology specialists with expertise in a particular field
  • Time saving
  • Business Support
  • Understanding user experience
  • Risk management
  • Managing project timeline
  • App Post launching support and maintenance
  • fair application development estimate
  • Financial and legal support
  • The elimination of the hiring process and taxes on the client side

How to Hire an App Developer: Summary

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To conclude, hiring a dedicated app development team offers far more benefits compared with hiring an app developer on a freelance platform. It may look like the cheaper price is worth it, but a fully covered service with business analysis, project management, design, and ongoing support outweighs the low cost. Besides, there are many experienced app development teams working in outsourcing with an affordable price-quality ratio.

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