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At Echo Innovate IT, our engagement models for web design and development are flexible enough to meet a variety of consumer objectives while also meeting all of your software development needs, allowing you to focus on your strengths and abilities. We offer a platform for sharing roles, tasks, and infrastructure, as well as the expertise of our specialists, to give collaborative solutions to a global clientele in a variety of fields and sectors. There are a variety of engagement models available, and companies choose one based on their financial, logistical, and technological needs.

Fixed Price Model Hourly Price Model Dedicated Team Model
Start-ups and Small Business
Companies and Government Firms
Business Entreprises
Size of Project
Medium to Large
Small to Medium
Time Frame

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Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model

For projects with well-defined requirements and scope for the solutions they wish to build, a fixed cost model is suggested. They have a fixed timeline and resources set aside, expecting that the project lifecycle would not alter significantly. The client pays a fixed price for the project in order to achieve the specific goal, with payments linked to various milestones. As a result, clients' risk is reduced because they can constantly monitor the project's progress.

  • Assured timely delivery as agreed upon at the beginning
  • The project is completed on time and under budget.
  • Once a milestone is achieved, billing is done.
  • A risk-free model because the cost and timeline are fixed.
Engagement Models

Hourly Price Model

This model is used when the scope and specifications of the project are either no determined or changed frequently. Also, when the volume of allocated resources varies constantly during the entire lifecycle. When it's impossible to divide a project into multiple phases, the hourly price model comes in handy. It lets clients change the timeline, team, and resources in response to market trends. Hourly or monthly billing options are available.

  • Billing can be hourly or monthly based on resources
  • Ideal for projects with frequent modifications.
  • Allows to change resources according to the project lifecycle.
  • The flexibility allows experiments with new trends.
Engagement Models

Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated engagement model is ideal for projects that require long-term expertise and need to scale quickly. It's frequently used on off-shore or near-shore projects where the client must manage the team. The model provides instant flexibility, especially when there is a tight deadline and a sudden team expansion or a new developer is required owing to evolving technologies. The client also controls the allocation of tasks, resources, and methodology.

  • Best for projects with varying schedules and productivity demands.
  • Clients can have an in-house team to manage the project
  • The team is aligned with business and development goals
  • Pay on a fixed or hourly basis, as per your convenience.

Industries we serve

Engagement Models
Real Estate App Development
We automate property buying and selling, property management, document monitoring, and a variety of other processes. We have more than a decade of flutter app development experience.

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Engagement Models
E-Commerce App Development
Are you running a business that needs to deliver goods and services on-demand? We’ve also developed Uber-like apps for on-demand taxi booking, package delivery, liquor delivery, grocery delivery, and food delivery, taking ‘Uberization’ to the next level.

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Engagement Models
Food Delivery App Development
We automate the entire operation, from food packaging to delivery, in order to streamline the entire process. We’ve created flutter apps for grocery shopping, alcohol, and food delivery. Our Food Delivery mobile app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use.

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Engagement Models
Healthcare App Development
Our prolific team specializes in creating mobile healthcare app solutions and medical mobile applications that engage with the targeted audience.

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Engagement Models
Social Media App Development
Our skilled team provides unmatched solutions for dating and social media application development creatively and efficiently. Also, we have proficiency in creating social networking applications based on the bespoke requirements of various businesses.

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Engagement Models
On-Demand App Development
Mobile application development professionals at Echo innovate IT analyzes the scenario and creates scalable and robust on-demand apps.

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Engagement Models
Travel App Development
Travel app development solutions are providing people great benefits to ease their traveling plans. Our developers have developed several scalable travel apps over the past years.

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An engagement model is a framework that defines collaboration between a client and an outsourcing company. It determines a level of control and responsibility and provides a base for further relationship development. The most popular engagement models are fixed price, hourly price, and a dedicated team. 

You can go for any engagement model as per your choice since every project is unique. 

This model allows the client to adjust the development process according to the ever-changing business needs. 

An hourly approach is billed based on the number of actual hours spent by the development team members. Fixed Price is a model of setting a fixed amount for the whole project. The parties agree that the project will be completed for a certain price, on a given date.

The Fixed Price model is a great option for simple, small-scale projects that are easy to estimate and present no major tech challenges while the hourly approach provides more flexibility and lets you deliver a better end product.