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In recent years, educational media has witnessed a significant transformation, with traditional…

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education app development

In recent years, educational media has witnessed a significant transformation, with traditional learning methods giving way to innovative online platforms and Education application development. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this change, making educational apps an integral part of modern education. These applications have evolved to enhance interactive and enjoyable learning experiences, encouraging student productivity and skill development.

With the educational apps market expected to grow substantially, schools, colleges and universities are exploring smart educational technology solutions. The global online educational apps market, projected to reach $398 billion by 2026, presents lucrative opportunities for those considering educational app development.

What Is E-Learning App?

An e-learning app is an interactive webpage that enables users to input data and receives expected results through interactions.

Your students can use a web browser with an active internet connection to view the app from a remote location. SmallBizTrends reports that 90% of students believe online learning is better than traditional learning.

You may keep your learners engaged in the virtual learning network by using e-learning apps.

Importance Of Educational Apps

We’re all aware that smartphones have become a common feature of student lifestyles in recent years, and that cellphones bring with them an almost infinite number of entertainment platforms.

These platforms take up a lot of students’ valuable time, thus this pinch of change in the form of educational apps has been warmly embraced by all students.

E-learning apps have switched their focus to acquiring essential information that will aid them in their further education and everyday lives.

These apps offer cutting-edge ways to entice kids to study and, more importantly, to make learning fun. Take a look at some of the other significant advantages of educational apps:

Examples Of Education App Development

Peg + Cat Big Gig


Peg + Cat Big Gig. This application allows preschoolers to practice their math skills by learning and creating songs.

It’s as simple as selecting a character along with the musical instrument you play and following the instructions to play the song.



The free Duolingo language learning application offers 11 complete language courses for English. It also has 2 beta languages ​​and 8 languages ​​that still “hatch” in their incubator form.

Duolingo also includes language courses for speakers of languages ​​other than English. These include French for Portuguese speakers, English for Czech speakers, etc.

Pocket Aptitude

Pocket Aptitude

Pocket Aptitude is one of the best exam preparation applications for Android and iOS users.

There are listed more than 2000 questions of quantitative aptitude and word problems so you can solve them and prepare easily. You have the option to change the difficulty levels of the question and also get the solution for each problem.



Photomath is the best application to solve mathematical problems. You can simply point your camera at any sheet of paper with an equation or an arithmetic problem and you will find a solution. There are limitations of course.

At the moment, the application cannot recognize problems written by hand, but it does a good job identifying the printed ones. Also, it can solve quadratic equations, functional equations, or calculation problems.


The Coursera application offers multiple courses on the same subject offered by different universities.

Therefore, the duration and material of the course differ and it is up to the student’s preference to decide the course and the university before enrolling.


Once you find the course of your choice, selecting the course title, duration, study material, price, and university, you can register directly from the application.

Benefits Of Mobile Apps In Education

With the decrease in student attention levels, a large amount of are resources available for educational purposes.

Thus, it has become very important that the right source of education for a child’s development is chosen.

The next generation is more knowledgeable about technology and, given the upward curve of technological advancement, mobile applications have been facilitated in our lives, and with the number of consumers and creators of them, they can never become obsolete in our lives.

Enhanced Interaction

Experts say applications in education can make children more attentive and promote better engagement between parents and children.

The most useful way is to interact with children while using applications. The trend of interaction in children is reinforced by mobile applications.

Advanced Learning Techniques

Thoughts of traditional methods of learning have a general feeling of boredom.

They do not offer a drift from the monotonous learning style of restricted and upright book learning, thus eliminating the engagement factor.

bored 1

Technology in the platform of apps is helping those looking for some extra in the universe of learning.

In addition to the feel of something different, apps add an element of fun and involvement in the learning process.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Due to the tight schedule of both parents and the teachers, it is simply not possible to maintain the relationship through physical interactions.

But now, we have applications. Teachers can answer parents’ questions anytime, anywhere, through the phone.

Availability Of Online Resources

The scope of having a digital platform makes it favorable for people who cannot afford full-time courses at schools or universities.

Mobile applications help them access a wide world of e-books and PDF files and other online materials and the ease to access beyond the limits of space and time.

Routine Tasks

It is a relief to perform all daily tasks with a few touches. Be its tasks such as paying fees, other transactions work of marking attendance that drives teachers’ challenges each day.

All this heavy work has ended having applications in place. The life of every person associated with the ecosystem is now simply efficient.


There are no restrictions on mobile phones. They can be constantly in touch with parents and students.

In this way, applications are available for children anywhere, at any time. Learning won’t be limited to classrooms alone.

Fun Educational App Ideas

There’s no limit to what education apps can include and offer to students and teachers.

Whether it’s for test preparation, after-school communication, homework reminders, or simply e-reading, a Learning App can help in a variety of ways. Of course, they can also cater more to teachers or students.

Pre-schoolers App

There are e-learning applications for babies or preschoolers that teach colors, letters, and numbers.

There are many educational mobile applications that include colorful games and flashy animations to teach young children new words and rhymes with images and games to enhance the learning experience.

With busy parents chasing their careers, e-learning applications play an important role in improving a child’s speech and interaction ability.

Subject Specific Apps

These applications provide an interactive Online learning experience for students and help conduct assessments to ensure that the user is sure of what they have learned.

In this competitive era in which parents distribute more money in training classes than in schools, these e-learning applications are a lifesaver.

These applications are much better since it is personalized, unlike a single teacher who serves a large group of students in a class or training center.

Specialized Courses Apps

A large number of schools are developing school applications to improve education, school ERP software that improves school management and communication in their schools.

But, there are many specialized courses offered to improve your field of study.

It is better to have the option to study courses online from an application that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere? Not only is it saving time when using this application, but it is also improving the chances of a better career.

Competitive Exams Apps

There are numerous applications in the market that specialize in preparing the user for competitive exams such as medical faculties, law faculties, business schools, etc.

These applications include an elaborate curriculum that not only tries to cover the topic in-depth but also provides patterns of questions from previous years to prepare the user for the next exam.

These applications are extremely useful for students since they can access the application at any time from anywhere.

Language Learning Apps

Learning a new language can be very enriching, but it is not always possible to learn it at school or directly from a native speaker.

The best way to learn it quickly and easily is to use an application and the language learning application is simply the best.

Tips To Engage Students On Your Education App

The next step is to study your target audience to engage more students. This implies answering the questions listed below:

Education App Development Features

Needless to say, the benefits of your education app will all come down to the features of the educational app that you must include. In considering specific features, you’ll need to keep your target market in mind. The features you ultimately choose to include in your education app will depend on who you’re targeting.

We’ve listed a range of key features to consider as you enter the development stages. Some may cater to teachers, while others are more student-oriented.

Either way, the features below can be quite advantageous for students and teachers. Take a look:

High-level Content

High-level content is one thing that ensures returning of users. Plan your units, lessons, and any other segments that are essential in your field.

Make certain that any material is of high quality and capable of keeping up students’ interest.

Pictures and videos should be of high resolution, and any text should be well-developed and aimed at the intended audience. Video content is another valuable type of content. It provides the student with a wealth of knowledge at any given time and is the closest thing to a face-to-face meeting with a professor.

Strong Database

The next essential step is to create a database with all the necessary information about the lessons. This is done to make updating easier in the future.

Moderators can do so with the tip of a finger, and information that is always updated will keep your students engaged.

Even if you don’t know how to code, creating no-code apps is becoming easier. It’s a different matter to figure out what kind of interface your target audience needs.

One-step login

A decent education app must include one-step login functionality. One-step login saves time, allowing students to concentrate on their studies.

Tutoring sessions that are interactive

Although interactive sessions with live tutors are sometimes perceived as a bonus and hence eliminated from educational apps, they should be considered an essential component.

Additional features can help the educational institution that originally published the application earn more money, and students will be immensely thankful.

Performance Test and Reports

Progress tests and reports should be an intrinsic feature of any educational app. They’re also an element of the individualized education approach.

Providing students with the ability to take practice tests at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes is a guaranteed approach to help them move ahead: There are services that allow you to customize your education app as much as you like, so check to see if the tests feature is included.

It will allow your students to keep track of their progress and change their learning pace and content as needed.

Question/Answer Module

A more obvious choice, question-answer modules are great for test prep and studying. Students can log in before a test and go through a series of questions. Then you have the option to add awards and badges to encourage students.

Level Settings

Necessary for the question/answer feature above, the app should allow users to set a difficulty level, as to not bore the student with easy questions and lose their attention.

Teacher/Student Messaging

For general questions after school, a messaging feature is a great way to allow students and teachers to communicate off-campus.

Whether students need extra help or parents have a question, instant messaging can make communication quick and easy.


For younger students who are still learning to read, speech or narration features can help the student best understand what is being asked.

This can be especially helpful for students learning English as a second language, or any student simply learning a second language.

Classroom Management Notes

These are great features for teachers. Whether they need to mark absentees, tardy students, or make notes on behavior, management notes are a great way to do so.

Plus, they can be used alongside other features like storage and reminders.

Educational App Ideas For Startups

Here are some top educational apps ideas for toddlers and for an EdTech startup to consider:

Pre-school App

A preschool application is a lifesaver for parents who want to make learning basic concepts interesting for their children. Because most children nowadays have smartphones, they may easily learn from such apps and learn about alphabets, colors, numbers, animals, and other topics.

Game-based IQ development, storytelling, small-problem solving, logic development, and other features are common in preschool apps. They assist children in passing kindergarten entrance interviews easily.

Personal Tutor or teachers app

Another incredibly simple yet interesting concept is to create a personal instructor or on-demand tutoring app that allows kids or their parents to hire tutors on-demand for all topics as needed.

They can pick the best tutor or teacher from a list and speak with them directly. Students can hire any teacher or tutor they desire, whether they want to learn online or have personal face-to-face help.

App for Children with Autism

Develop learning and educational apps for kids with Autism to assist them in learning new skills, communication, play, and day-to-day activities.

It may also assist parents to obtain information and learn how to handle and treat children with Autism, making it one of the most unique educational app ideas. This app could be a lifesaver for such parents when it comes to dealing with their kids.

Vocabulary App

These are great features for teachers. Whether they need to mark absentees, tardy students, or make notes on behavior, management notes are a great way to do so. Plus, they can be used alongside other features like storage and reminders.

Language Learning App

Many people are enthusiastic about learning new languages. A language learning application is a lifesaver for such people. It not only aids in the learning of a new language but also in the improvement of vocabulary.

If you’re looking for good App Development ideas, consider developing a language learning app like Duolingo. Duolingo is a free education app and it allows users to learn English, German, Spanish, and other languages through a variety of engaging games and quizzes.

Users only need to devote 20 minutes every day to learning a new language. You may also include a feature that uses individualized quizzes and tasks to assist students in overcoming their obstacles. As a result, they will be able to concentrate more.

Educational Games And quizzes app

Another intriguing app idea of create an education app with various games and quizzes that allows students of all ages to participate in educational games and quizzes.

Quizzes and games on the app will include general knowledge, mathematics, and grammar, allowing students to learn and test on one platform.

Students of all ages can also choose quizzes and activities based on their choices, such as category, age, and complexity. If you integrate such features into your application, you can attract more users.

Competitive Exam App

Another excellent suggestion is to create a dedicated educational app for kids that assists them in studying, learning, and reminiscing in the most efficient manner possible around exam time. The app will provide students with an important course and chapters to read or revise for their exams.

The application will also help students make a to-do list for tests so that they do not forget anything vital when coming to class. Furthermore, the app will allow students and teachers to communicate in real-time via live chat or video chat.

AR-Based Education Mobile App

Another amazing idea is to create an augmented reality-based educational app (click the link to read how AR-based apps are transforming the educational system) for kids to teach and explain concepts to them in a new way.

Teachers can utilize these applications to engage students’ interests and assist them in learning science topics and experiments in a realistic setting.

Students can use AR-based apps to study more about the universe, solar systems, and planets. Students will be able to see in 3D utilizing the education app thanks to the AR app.

Education App Development Considerations

Educational app development depends on your business goals and the requirements of your target audience. Some of the most popular categories of mobile apps are:

Cost Of Education App Development

Educational mobile app development cost consists of several parts. The most significant amount of development time and cost take features.

The cost of education app development may vary depending on several factors:

On average, building an educational app would cost you somewhere around $20,000 for one platform (iOS or Android) and $48,000 for two platforms or cross-platform development.

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Echoinnovate IT is one of the best education app development companies. We have more than 12 years of experience in this industry. Also, we have more than 50 professional app developers.

As a matter of fact,we have also completed 650+ projects in the past few years. We offer top-notch mobile app development services without compromising quality at reasonable prices.

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Education App Monetization

Here are some of the best monetization strategies for education apps for you:


You can sell copyrighted or popular courses. If the exchange rate is in demand, the price can be increased.

It is better to do the increase once a year and it should be motivated by something. There is a market average price that you can focus on for all courses.


Subscription is another most popular way to monetize an education application. You can enable users to subscribe for a month, a year, and a lifetime to attract people of different interests.

But also you can limit your subscription to the number of courses available, the number of users, or the number of visits. You can offer your users the most convenient way to subscribe.


Various educational platforms offer training for free. But to receive a diploma, the user will have to pay.

So most students abandon this option. Therefore, analyze what might be of value to the client at the end of or after the training.

Sale of Goods and Services

This model of monetization of the education app has become popular globally.

You might have noticed that almost every big company has its information blog or conducts webinars. They do it to show their expertise to a vast audience and also to sell their services.

Advertising Model

Advertising is another common monetization strategy for education apps that can get you huge revenue.

This model is picked by large media projects that already have traffic and are required to improve their quality.

Technology Stacks For Education App

Several powerful tools can be used for education app development. If you want to make a native mobile app, you can use a programming language — Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android) whereas developers can utilize Flutter in case of cross-platform development.

We’ve short-listed the required technologies for educational app development:

iOS Education App Development Technology

Android Education App Development Technology

Back-end Development Technology

Tools Need for Education App Development


If you have a great idea for an app and need help through development, look no further than Echoinnovate IT. Our expert team of developers and designers can help ensure your app meets your vision and the demands of your intended users. If you’d like to get started, contact us today! You can also call us at 386.675.0158.


How to create an Educational App?

1. Give your educational app a name. Choose a design scheme that suits your demands and integrate your company’s colors and logos into the interface of your educational app.

2. Customize your educational app with the features you require.

3. Test and deploy your app on both iOS and Android.

What are the features of an educational app?

Here are some must-have features of a successful educational app:

  • High-Value Content.
  • Strong Database
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • One-Step Login and Dashboard
  • Personalized Experience
  • Interactive Sessions with Tutors
  • Progress Tests and Reports
How much does it cost to build an educational app?

On average, building an educational app would cost you somewhere around $20,000 for one platform (iOS or Android) and $48,000 for two platforms. The price may vary depending on several aspects such as features, platforms, developers’ cost, the complexity of an application, and much more.

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