How to Develop a Used Furniture app like Wallapop?

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How to Develop a Used Furniture app like Wallapop?

Online markets and categorized applications have gained prominence in recent years. There was a time when individuals possessed a lot of outdated and undesirable things in their homes but had no idea how to let go of them. Nevertheless, there are several websites and mobile applications that allow users to purchase and sell restored or unused things for a charge, and the concept of used furniture app like Wallapop .

Many such websites and applications provide customers a specialized marketplace. People frequently prefer a native mobile app over a website for this reason. That’s because they consider it simple to list things, receive fast notifications, browse products posted by others, and so on. This is why applications like Wallapop have grown in popularity.

If you want to develop used furniture app like Wallapop, now is the time to do it. This industry area is expanding rapidly as more individuals want to acquire and sell old and unnecessary goods. On the other hand, some people prefer to save money by acquiring old items at a reduced cost.

What is Wallapop? How did it become the leader in the furniture industry?

used furniture app

Wallapop allows you to buy or list products for sale to people within a one-mile radius. This mobile app and website allow you to sell items you no longer need and get those you do want at minimal cost.

Used furniture apps like Wallapop will help you to locate a product that is no longer available in stores or to look for exceptional prices. Most Wallapop advertisements will offer gently used products, however you may sometimes come across one that is advertised as fresh or sealed.

Wallapop is a company based in Spain that was launched in 2014. It was founded on the basis of purchaser and seller’s geolocation, which means that the user sees the things he is looking for based on their closeness to his location. The material is mostly accessible via a free smartphone application. Agustin Gomez, Gerard Oliver, and Miguel Vicente, the company’s founders, did not anticipate that their application would be downloaded around 3 million times in just four months after its inception. The project budget has risen from 0 to 100 million euros in two years. Wallapop and Letgo combined in 2016, yet the firm still operates under its own identity.

In 2017, Wallapop and Letgo’s combination was dubbed a true challenge to the previously established market for such behemoths as Amazon and eBay. Here are the key factors that contributed to the marketplace’s success:

  • Customers on used furniture app like Wallapop may sell anything by taking a photo of the object and posting it online;
  • The firm has opted to skip a fast buck, so advertising and dealing actually occur on the site without fee;
  • The major target audience is civilized people who use mobile devices;
  • Contact between both the seller and the buyer takes place via web chat.

Unique Selling Points of Wallapop

Sell your secondhand or used stuff

Users may earn money by selling secondhand things using the app. Selling things on Wallapop is straightforward. Simply snap clear, high-quality images of the items and share them to the app. After a few moments, the item will be able to be sold and accessible to users.

Come across unique opportunities

On the Wallapop used furniture app, you may constantly find unique opportunities to locate fantastic bargains based on your location. If an item catches your eye, you may contact the seller using the app, meet them somewhere, and buy it. You may shop locally or in other cities and have Wallapop bring it to you.

Create alerts to help you locate the best selections

The Wallapop used furniture app also allows users to establish alerts that will warn them about things that are identical to what they have previously looked for. These alerts assist users in locating the greatest things and furniture before others.

With Wallapop shipping, you may sell or purchase from anywhere

Wallapop app has a shipping option, allowing consumers to purchase from other locations and merchants to sell in other cities at the same time. If customers have the opportunity to purchase or sell furniture in all other cities, they may utilize the Wallapop shipment service for convenient delivery.

How to develop used furniture apps like Wallapop?

Analyze the market

Initially, you must decide on a future product concept. It may be a normal site, such as a flea market, or it could be a project geared at a specific type of item or target population. Finding the core concept necessitates a thorough market investigation to determine what people are now interested in and what may become famous in the coming years. You must also determine what difficulties exist in existing apps and avoid repeating them in your solution. If you want to develop used furniture apps like Wallapop, it is preferable that the produced platform differ from a well-known brand or target a new market.

Finalize the features of this app

You must not make any compromises when it comes to integrating the functionalities of this app. If you want to compete in the market, attract more users, and keep them engaged with your app, including cutting-edge features like the following is the way to go:

  • Quick search tool
  • Geographical characteristics
  • The app’s secure in-app conversation functionality
  • Authorized payment methods for the Wallapop delivery system
  • Quality management rating system
  • Notifications and alerts through push

Test the idea with MVP

There is a concept known as the minimum viable product (MVP). This is the application’s standard functioning version, which includes the primary settings. These services can meet the demands of first-time users and demonstrate how feasible the platform is, what the viewers accept with a roar, and what needs to be adjusted. The key advantage of MVP is that it allows you to access the consumer market in the quickest way possible since it focuses on the most crucial resource alternatives. This variant is likewise significantly less expensive. Furthermore, after the launch, you may add any function you want and even entirely modernize the app.

Cost of developing a used furniture app Wallapop

How to Develop a Used Furniture app like Wallapop?

The cost to develop used furniture apps like Wallapop, is determined by several factors, including:

  • App features or functionality requirements
  • UI/UX Design
  • Integration of App Designing Languages (How many languages you want to integrate in-app)
  • App Development (Android, IOS or Both)
  • Location of the app development company
  • Experience of the developers

Anyway, the average cost to develop an app like Wallapop ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 or even more. Echoinnovate IT is a top mobile app and web development company. We offer the greatest design and development services at the most competitive prices. We work on both Android and iOS platforms, and we offer a distinctive UI/UX design for each IT solution.

Hire a reliable team of mobile app development

It is not difficult for used furniture app development like Wallapop, provided you work with a skilled development team. The concept of the prototype design should receive the most consideration. It is critical to undertake a comprehensive market study and select a concept that is not only significant now, but also has promising future potential.

It is not difficult to make an app like Wallapop. The most crucial thing is to come up with the finest idea for your app. Take as long as you need to conduct thorough research and come up with a concept that has the most potential to benefit users.

Echoinnovate IT is a seasoned company with the necessary personnel to develop used furniture apps like Wallapop. You may browse our portfolio to see that we are the best mobile app development agency that has already built apps like this one.



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