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Rapid urbanization makes it difficult for inhabitants and visitors to reach their…

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Rapid urbanization makes it difficult for inhabitants and visitors to reach their destinations promptly and avoid traffic. Urbanites strive to cut commute times. This is why app like Waze is so popular nowadays. Many businesses want to produce Navigation app like waze since mobile app development is so prominent. GPS with Waze is tricky, but with a reliable tech partner and an on-demand app development business, you can dominate the industry.

This post explains how to build navigation app like Waze, from its cost to its features, to begin with. However, you must first learn the basics, such as what the navigation app Waze is and how GPS with Waze works.

What Is Waze?

Waze is a community-driven navigation application developed in 2009 by an Israeli firm and bought by Google in 2013. It is a premium GPS navigation application with quirky and practical features. It is safe to say that GPS navigation app like Waze are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Customers using the GPS navigation app Waze may get information on traffic conditions. This is the second highest-rated smartphone application among users, behind only Google Maps. It enables users to get real-time traffic updates, use live maps, and access additional route data.

GPS with Waze utilizes real-time data from the app’s users to determine the optimal route to a user’s location such as taking into consideration accidents, traffic jams, speed traps, construction, and other impediments that may slow a motorist down. The app allows users to save a list of their friends or contacts so they may keep track of each other throughout a journey or locate them nearby.

As users drive, updates are sent automatically and may also be shared proactively through the app.

How Does Waze Work?

how does waze work

There are several GPS navigation apps and tools to pick from, including Google Maps and MapQuest. By and large, most perform well with regard to step-by-step guidance. With this in mind, some take into consideration traffic and other variables that may alter your total travel time.

The navigation app Waze operates quite differently. It depends on the influence of the people to guide you along the correct paths. GPS with Waze is always up-to-date on any obstacles that might impede your route, since more than 100 million users share information about obstacles they face along the road. Wazers’ input allows the application to notify you of construction, police activity, accidents, and smaller hazards such as potholes and disabled vehicles.
App like Waze utilize this information to anticipate exact arrival times and custom GPS voice instructions as you drive, allowing you to confidently navigate both urban and rural routes.

Waze map app is fully customizable, allowing you to choose between a 2D or 3D display and one of the hundreds of voices available in almost all common languages. The navigation app Waze allows you to record your own voice for directed replay if you are not pleased with any of the voices offered. You may also alter your driving preferences, such as avoiding tolls and highways.

Navigation App Market

The worldwide GPS navigation apps market was worth USD 911.6 million in 2020 and is projected to rise at a CAGR of 10.8% from 2021 to 2028. This may be attributed to the increased demand from consumers in developed economies such as the United States and Germany to examine navigational markings on land and water.

Navigation app Waze and Google Maps are the two most popular for Waze iPhone app and Android in this sector. They provide an abundance of real-time information, turn-by-turn instructions, and several other features that make them so appealing. In 2020, the Google Play Store category topped the navigation app market with a revenue share of over 65%. According to a recent research on the navigation app industry, GPS applications will generate $34.56 billion in sales by 2021.

On account of that, Waze’s market share among iPhone users in the United States increased from 7 percent to 10 percent. The number of Waze users has recently increased from 10 million to 26 million.

What Are The Features Of Waze?

Features of app like waze

The question, how to build a GPS app, can be best answered when we learn about the most important features. Therefore, let’s examine the GPS navigation app Waze’s primary features.


Authorization is a crucial aspect of GPS with Waze. After registration, the user may write reviews, make comments, and interact with other users. There are two sign-in options available: Facebook and email address.

Voice navigation

A custom GPS voice feature is necessary since drivers should not be distracted when driving a motor vehicle. The voice feature of Waze directions from one place to another, when to turn left and after how many kilometers. You may quickly disable voice control if you find it annoying.


By employing a Ridesharing service, Waze map app allows drivers to get free gas. On your smartphone, you may see other people who are traveling the same path. What’s more, is that the driver and the passengers divide the expense of the trip’s petrol. An app like Waze estimates the cost of each trip beforehand. The software debits users’ bank accounts and credit cards immediately.

Travel Management

This application facilitates the administration of trip plans in advance. Waze map app allows you to specify the date and time in advance. On the day of travel, Waze satellite navigation may be initiated with a few touches. Moreover, if this is not sufficient, Waze plan drive from different locations to the calendar and get an email notification.

Push notifications

The navigation app Waze displays user messages more attractively. These messages may be sent directly to the recipient’s chat window or through push notifications. When a user reaches a certain area or place, Waze satellite navigation may use this feature.


If a vehicle experiences a road accident or takes a wrong turn, your GPS programme must relocate them swiftly with custom GPS voice so they may continue to adhere to the fundamental directions.

Calendar Synchronization on Google

An app like Waze may be synchronized with Google Calendar for flexible travels. When the application has access to the user’s calendar, it also generates a list of forthcoming appointments for the respective sections.

Social Relations

You must link your app with social media upon login since social media applications will provide authentication and offers. In addition, social network integration increases user experience and decreases authentication risk. GPS with Waze does not need users to create a new account; rather, it uses their existing account to expedite the login process.

Carpool Service

The Waze navigation app gives you the ability to be guided while driving. If another vehicle is traveling in the same way, you will be able to see it on the screen, and voice navigation will also lead you.

Techstack For The Navigation App Like Waze

tech stack for app like waze

A well-coordinated team of backend and frontend developers, coders, programmers, and UI (user interface) designers undoubtedly needs 3-4 months to develop your bespoke software.

Technologies involved in developing the GPS navigation apps like Wazz include:


Application Waze GPS is the most important component of a navigation app. Using the most powerful geolocation systems, such as Google Maps, Here Maps, or Skobbler, it is involved. Their SDKs correspond to the required API (Application Programming Interface) level, allowing skilled developers to implement the desired functionality and tracking system quickly and affordably.

An advanced assistant gives written or audible instructions for beginning app use. To continue, you may be asked to provide access to your camera or unlock your bike. The Mapbox service enables offline and online map access, lane directions, and pedestrian, vehicle, and bicycle routes.

Custom GPS voice:

An advanced assistant gives written or audible instructions for beginning app use. To continue, you may be asked to provide access to your camera or unlock your bike. The Mapbox service enables offline and online map access, lane directions, and pedestrian, vehicle, and bicycle routes.

Social elements:

The Waze navigation app gives you the ability to be guided while driving. If another vehicle is traveling in the same way, you will be able to see it on the screen, and voice navigation will also lead you.

Intuitive Design:

A successful software that gets popular within months or years needs social components. With navigation and Waze map app editors, the app is functioning. User profiles, likes, comments, and other features are implemented. Add your home or work address, preferred shops, etc. Drivers may quickly exchange information regarding traffic bottlenecks, petrol pricing, and road maintenance.

The user’s device stores the data (GPS, etc.). Google Drive messaging and storage may communicate server data. Google analytics is better for speed and road data.

How To Build A GPS Navigation App? Steps To Follow

Undeniably, It is natural to consider how hard is it to develop an app like Waze. Your development team should follow the procedures indicated below to address the question: How to build location-based app?


Before shortlisting a company concept, analyze it. Market and competitive analysis will assure project success. In the light of identifying this project’s potential hazards and weaknesses early may increase its success. The team must design a checklist for navigation app Waze development, assessment, and marketing.

Technical partner

Choose a reputable mobile app development company for your app. You research, assess, and choose a business to produce your navigation app like Waze at this step. Signing an NDA is most important in app development.

Meet market needs

Customers want smart navigation. They want the app to warn about speed traps and traffic bottlenecks. Modern apps like Waze must route users to parking lots with space and fuel rates.

Include many helpful features as possible

As many functional features as feasible should be included in your Waze navigation app. In a competitive environment, app like Waze must have a distinctive feature to stand out. Smart navigation application Waze should include local gas stations, gas pricing, speed camera signals, and adjacent parking lots with available spots, in addition to route routing and traffic congestion information.


Gamification features increase software usage. Consider the point system. Users may earn app credits by submitting road information or driving a particular distance. Owing to this, you can compare these points to other navigation apps.

UI/UX app design

Your app’s buttons should be large and readable for drivers to use. Waze satellite navigation just includes appropriate UI components.

Voice commands

Custom voice GPS like Google maps custom voice is safer than mobile phone displays when driving. Time the voice directions. Users can follow along without a phone. When navigating, users shouldn’t be bombarded with notifications.

Attach a video to app launch

Include a demo video when submitting your app for navigation review. Without this video, Apple and Google may reject your app and question why it should play noises and run in the background.

To Sum It Up…

GPS Navigation App Waze assists individuals reach their location by assessing road conditions and reporting incidents. The Waze app uses GPS well. Using such a reference will allow you to present consumers with something completely unique and valuable.
If you want to design a GPS navigation app like Waze, you’ve come to the correct spot. Contact Echoinnovate IT, a mobile app development company, if you are in need to hire experienced developers.


What is the Waze monetization model?
Waze generates revenue via advertising, referral fees, carpooling product service fees, and the sale of aggregated data access. The Waze monetization model is so heavily dependent on advertising.
How much does it cost to develop an app like Waze navigation?
The cost to build an app comparable to Waze varies based on a variety of factors, such as the amount of features, the complexity of the design, the technological stack, the location of the development company, etc. Contact us to know more.
Can an app like Waze be used offline?
No. In this situation, developers must locate an SDK that enables retrieving a map and storing it in a local database so that it may be used without a network connection.

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