How To Create A Location-Based App in 2024? – A Complete Guide

Everyone wants to be able to explore a new city and find…

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How to Make a Location Based Mobile App

Everyone wants to be able to explore a new city and find cool new things to do, but they are often intimidated by the big unknown. That’s why location-based app is such a great idea. They allow you to explore your city and find things to do without the stress of having to figure it out all on your own. In this post, We’ll help you to learn about Location-based App Development and Which Technologies are used to making it.

Location Based App Development

Location Based App Development

Want to create location-based apps? Let’s dig deeper into it. The mobile-based technology is constantly getting updated every year and also the users can expect more new features to add to their mobile application.

Anyone can build an app easily but not everyone can reach success at all times.

The app with geolocation can have plenty of benefits for the users; it can help to detect the people’s current exact location. The geolocation app has become a backbone for many industries and businesses.

Most app development companies are focusing on creating the user to get the best experience, the features of the geolocation help to provide a robust solution for the users.

How to Make a Location Based Mobile App?

How to Make a Location Based Mobile App

Mobile app development is an increasingly popular field. It’s what’s being taught in colleges, and it’s what’s being asked for on the job market.

When most people think of mobile app development, they think of programming in Swift or Java and using frameworks like Xamarin.

But mobile app development isn’t just about programming. Knowing how to make a location based mobile app development is a valuable

Do Research About Your Idea

If you are going to create an app with geolocation you need to do some general research about your idea, it can help you to know about how it can reach people.

Then you should research the competitors in the market, so you can get some clear thoughts it will make you develop your app better.

Build a Wireframe for Your Geolocation App

After completing the research you get some ideas then you can have a better plan for your creating app.

Next, you need to bring all your thoughts and ideas into reality, you can discuss with your app development team and write those ideas and develop a storyboard.

Create GPS app MVP

Next step you need to create a minimum variable product to estimate your idea at a minimum amount. You can also receive feedback from the users; from this, you can also have some better ideas to create a successful app.

Create a Features Rich Map-Based App

After receiving the user feedback, then you state the second development stage so you can also create or add some other important features to your app.

Benefits of Location based & Geolocation App Features

Benefits of Location based & Geolocation App Features

Location-based app feature is a type of functionality that is common in a lot of apps. The way it works is that the app detects the user’s location and it adjusts the content or the functionality of the app accordingly.

A lot of location-based app features can be used for marketing purposes. Here are some of the benefits of this type of app feature.


In this modern world, a lot of new and smart inventions are being created day by day which can be more beneficial for the users.

The need for geolocation apps has been used widely and has made a significant impact on all types of industries.

The navigation apps can help to detect the particular location that they want to reach. It can also help you to find the features likewise direction, route planning, and real-time traffic update.

On-demand App Development

On demand App Development

One of the best examples of the on-demand service is undoubtedly the taxi, car booking, as well as food, delivery, or domestic issues assistance.

It can help the user by fulfilling the requirement by the geolocation app; they can easily enjoy the ride service with the help of updated notifications on their mobile device.

Health & Fitness app

This app uses GPS data for tracking fitness activities it can mostly use by the sportsman, run keeper. It can exactly notice every move of the person; this feature can be very popular among the people.

Delivery Service

In this hectic world, most people are busy with their work and they don’t have enough time to go for real-time shopping. But with the help of the geolocation app, they can easily get all kinds of products and things at their doorstep.

The online delivery service is becoming more trending with the help of the location service.

GPS Tracking Apps

GPS Tracking Apps

The GPS tracking app is one of the widely used apps by people for security purposes. It is able to track the exact location of the person which can mainly be used to protect the child from kidnaps.

This GPS tracking app can also help to identify the stolen car, bike, etc.

Travel and Tourism

Not everyone will know the exact route for the non-familiar places; some of the visiting cities also confuse the path.

That’s where location-based travel and tourism apps come into the picture.

With the help of geolocation you can go anywhere in the world you can also get the exact route which can also help to save your money and time.

The geolocation not only gives the one route, usually, but it can also give the possibility of two or more routes for you, based upon your convenience you can pick the right one.

Taxi and Auto Booking Service

Taxi and Auto Booking Service

With the help of geolocation, the taxi and auto booking services are well developed.

When you set the exact current location then the taxi will reach the exact time to pick you.

It is one of the more convenient for people; with help of the geolocation, the driver can easily find your exact location.

Social Networking

Another category is the social networking category which includes dating sites. It can be able to connect people based on their business or private interest.

The benefits and the scope of geolocation and other location-based features are increasing demand at a rapid rate.

Geolocation marketing is considered an efficient way to connect the customer and target them according to their location.

Which Technology helps to develop location-based apps?

Another category is the social networking category which includes dating sites. It can be able to connect people based on their business or private interest.

The benefits and the scope of geolocation and other location-based features are increasing demand at a rapid rate.

Geolocation marketing is considered an efficient way to connect the customer and target them according to their location.

Google Maps

It is difficult to discuss ‘location’ without thinking of maps, and the most famous of them is Google Maps. This app helps in detecting and showing a user’s current location with the help of geolocation functions and trackers. Mobile applications such as Uber and Lyft rely on this app for their geolocation services.


The Google Maps API allows the incorporation of maps to applications. Maps also make sure that you are able to change the display with an embedded panoramic view. The functionality of Maps-


This API allows access to accurate directions and active routes for given locations on the map. You can also use this tool to monitor real-time traffic updates about route congestion and accidents.


The Places API allows users to access more than 100 million locations. It also enables users to find places using GPS addresses and phone numbers. The photo location finder users can also take advantage of this API for outdoor and indoor navigation.


It is another map service provider and a close rival to Google Maps. Mapbox partners with Facebook, CNN, AllTrails, Shopify, and other top-notch companies. The functionalities-


TomTom is another location-aware tool for the creation of location apps. TTomTom has worked with Microsoft, Michelin, Precisely, Trivago, and other companies around the world.

The functionality of TomTom-

Technologies Use To Build Location Based Apps

Benefits Of Developing IOS App

If you are going to build a location-based app, you generally need two-component one is location service another one is a map

GPS Location Based App

Nowadays all modern smartphones are equipped with an inside global positioning system chip.

The GPS can be used to collect information about your current location and the timing which satellites send from space.

Generally, smartphone devices need at least four satellites to easily determine the position at about 60 feet accuracy.

Each satellite determines the ratio signals with their location which is able to collect the information with the exact time.

Cell Id – Location Tracking Software

Benefits Of Developing IOS App

While the GPS signals are not connected or unavailable for some time, on that time you can use and get the information from the cell towers.

The mobile network helps to determine whether they are not turned on the internet.

This type of method can work better in many of the cities with a vast amount of cells.

Wi-Fi for Location App Development

The wifi is used to determine the position of the users, so you can identify the exact location of the person. The cell id can also work in the same way but it will cover smaller areas.

There are mainly two ways to determine the location with wifi, the first one is RSSI and another one is used infrequently visited places. The RSSI is able to receive the signal from the phone with a wifi database.

The second one uses the profiles of the same location which can help to identify the position of the users with 2-meter accuracy.


The geofencing can help to identify the person’s particular place very close, whether the user is standing inside or outside the store or just left from that store.

Geofencing can help to determine the exact location point of the person with accuracy. The geofencing can also send some coupons for their users which help to provide the best experience for their users.

Types of Geofencing Triggers

There are three types of geofencing triggers are available such as,

The static triggers help to determine the user’s exact position in a particular place.

The dynamic triggers help to identify the location of the user and allow them to know about the changing data stream.

Geolocation security

Nowadays, the user amount of geolocation is increasing every day. The technology of geolocation can also consider the user’s privacy corners.

Most companies offer more benefits to the users and also they ensure the guarantee of information security.

The information and the data can be highly secured so the users also use this without having any hesitation.

Cost to build Location Based App Development

Cost to build a basic geolocation-based app costs $10,000-$35,000 approximately. Medium complexity apps will cost between $90,000-$160,000. The cost may vary depending on the various factors such as features, platforms, developer’s cost, development hours, etc. To estimate the exact cost you can also use a cost calculator of the app service provided by us. For more info, Contact us now!

In conclusion

Geolocation can act as the backbone for many companies which can also give huge benefits for the users.

With the help of geolocation, people can easily find and reach the location at the exact time.

Location app can be widely used in many ways such as order food, dress and also for booking cars. Now you can get a clear idea about the importance of mobile technology with geolocation.


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How does location-based app work?

Location-based apps allow businesses to offer users services near their immediate geographical location. The location details for these apps are transferred through Wi-Fi, cell tower data, and satellite/GPS, you can improve that GPS signal through Wi-Fi or mobile network.

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