What Is The Cost of Developing A Word Game App Similar To Wordle or Wordscape in 2023?

Wordle game apps are becoming more popular today, is one of the…

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Wordle game apps are becoming more popular today, is one of the best game app ideas and app developers are taking advantage of this by making exciting new word game applications. Wordle and Wordscapes are two examples of this genre that have attracted players from all over the globe because of their innovative mechanics and user-friendly interfaces.

If you want to make word game apps in 2023, you are fortunate! Thanks to modern tools, creating a popular mobile app for playing word games that is both fun and engaging takes little time at all. Will this post cover the Cost of developing apps like Wordle or Wordscapes in 2023?

We will cover all you need to know to develop a great and lucrative Apps like Wordle, from the process of developing games to the Cost of developing a word search app.

What are the essential steps to creating a word game app?

creating a word game app

Planning, execution, and hard work go into making a popular Wordle-like app. In 2023, the following are the most important things to remember while making a word game app:

Brainstorm game concepts

The first stage is to generate game concepts that are original, interesting, and enjoyable. Wordle and Wordscapes are two prominent word games you may examine to see what makes their gameplay tick. Finally, give the gameplay and mechanics a unique spin to set your game apart.

Create a working model

When you’ve solidified your game’s concept, you may go on to make a prototype. Before spending time and money on game production, a prototype may help you test the game’s mechanics and find any problems. You may make a rough prototype of your game using prototyping software like Adobe XD, Sketch, or Figma.

Choose a Language for Coding

You must choose a programming language to create your word game app. Swift for iOS and Java for Android are two of the most well-known programming languages for mobile game creation. You can use a game development framework like Unity or Unreal Engine to streamline the process.

Implement a user-friendly interface

The user interface (UI) is a crucial part of any program for mobile gaming. Your UI has to be intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and in line with the game’s general concept. You may utilize design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create a polished Interface.

Include Revenue Generation Methods

The ability to monetize your mobile game is crucial, and several options are available. Add in-app purchases, advertisements, or a paid premium edition to monetize your game. It’s crucial to pick a method of making money off your game that works well with its mechanics and doesn’t annoy the players.

Test and refine your developed game

The next step after development is testing to find any remaining issues with the game. Before releasing your game to the general public, you can put it through its paces with a limited number of players using beta testing platforms like TestFlight or the Google Play Console.

Release and advertise your game

Launching your game and advertising it to the right people is the last phase. Promoting your app in many ways (such as via social media advertisements, influencer marketing, or app store optimization) might help you get more downloads and active users.

Data on the Growing Word Game App Industry

What is the Cost of developing a word game app similar to Wordle or Wordscapes?

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Here, we break down the total price for building a word game mobile app by time frame and key features so you can get a clear picture.

Types of app development:

Simple App

1-2 months


Medium App

3-6 months


Complex App

3-6 months


Many variables, such as the team’s competence, the intricacy of the design, and the required degree of quality, may dramatically affect the actual schedule and mobile app development cost. Thus these figures are only general guides.

To help you estimate how much it will cost to create Apps like Wordle, we’ve provided a straightforward formula:

Time Required to develop a word game app x Developer’s Hourly cost/charge = Total Cost of app development

How Much Does it Cost to Create a wordle game app Like Wordscapes or Wordle?

Creating a word game software like Wordscapes or Wordle is labor-intensive and expensive. The features, complexity, platform, and design of a word puzzle app all affect how much it will cost to produce.


Adding more functionality to your word puzzle software will increase its price. The development cost will increase, for instance, if you wish to include complex features like daily challenges, multiplayer mode, or social sharing. Additional features like tips, power-ups, and in-app purchases may also affect the price.


The price tag for making a video game goes up or down depending on how complicated the game’s mechanics and code are. There will be a price difference between a difficult puzzle game and one with simple mechanics.


Whatever platform is used may also affect the Cost of game development. It will be more expensive to create a game for both iOS and Android than it would be for just one. The price also rises because of the effort required to adapt the game to several OS releases.


Your word puzzle Apps like Wordle development cost will be heavily influenced by the quality of its design. The price tag rises when talented artists and programmers are needed to make a game look good and keep players interested.


To find and correct any problems with your word puzzle software before releasing it to the public, thorough testing is required. Your game’s testing budget will shift based on factors like the number of testers involved and the complexity of the testing software.


Promoting your game is essential to its success and may change how much you spend making it. Expenses in this category consist of promotional content production, such as app store optimization, social media advertisements, influencer marketing, and so on.


The budget for creating word game Apps like Wordle should also consider how long you plan to work on it. Quicker app development comes at a greater price since it requires more time, money, and workforce.

How does the location of a developer impact your word app development?

how does location of a developer impact

The Cost to create a word puzzle app, such as Wordscapes or Wordle, might vary depending on where you choose to employ your developers. Here’s how the price shifts depending on where you go:

Europe & North America:

Developers in North America and Europe get the highest hourly salaries, often between $100 and $300. Cost of living and wages are two factors that contribute to the high rates in these areas. Nonetheless, developers from these areas bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, guaranteeing a top-notch result.


At hourly rates between $80 and $200, hiring Australian developers is likewise costly. The price tag is so expensive because this nation’s living expenses and wages are so high overall. Yet, Australian programmers have a stellar reputation for their technical prowess.


In comparison, the Cost to hire a developer in Asia is between $30 and $100 per hour. Due to their cheaper Cost of living and salary, countries like India, China, and Vietnam have become attractive outsourcing destinations for app development. The experience of the hired developers, however, might affect the final product’s quality.

Eastern Europe:

Rates for Eastern European programmers are more reasonable than in other parts of the world; you can expect to pay $40 to $100 per hour. There is a significant pool of talented developers in countries like Ukraine and Poland, and they provide high-quality services at lower prices than in North America and Europe.

Latin America:

Cost-effective prices are also available from developers in South America, with hourly rates ranging from $30 to $80. The IT sector is booming in developing nations like Mexico and Brazil, where trained programmers provide competitively priced services.

Wrapping it up!!

Creating a word game app like Wordscapes or Wordle requires enough investment. Features, complexity, platform, design, testing, marketing, timescale, and location are some elements that affect the total Cost of developing an app. Besides, the cost of hiring android app developers or iOS app developers must be considered when calculating the Cost of building a word puzzle app and guaranteeing its commercial success. An experience game development team will the right steps to develop your game app

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How long does it typically take to create a new word game app?

How long it takes to make a word puzzle app varies based on various criteria, such as the number of features, the design, the platform, and the complexity of the game’s mechanics. Creating a word game app might take anything from three to twelve months.

Can I create a word game on my own?

Expertise in several fields, including programming, game mechanics, design, and marketing, are needed to create a successful word puzzle app. Creating high-quality software from scratch is difficult; you should work with talented programmers and designers to increase your chances of success.

To what extent can I cut down on the price of making a word puzzle app?

You may cut down on the price of creating a word puzzle app by developing for just one platform at first, outsourcing the job to a country with cheaper hourly rates, prioritizing the most important features, and making use of existing game engines and frameworks.

How can I make money off of my word puzzle app?

Word puzzle apps may generate revenue in several ways, including in-app sales, subscriptions, advertisements, and sponsorships. It is crucial to choose a revenue strategy that works for your app and its target audience.

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