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How Much Does An App Design Cost in 2021?

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How much does it cost to design an app

Today, mobile phones have become a crucial part of anyone in their life. There are apps for almost anything necessary. Understanding this, several business owners are looking for designing mobile apps. In such cases, when you want to estimate the cost of the mobile app, you need to consider several aspects.

When you are into the app designing world, you need to consider different things for different reasons for the design of the app.

Ensure you have all the features for the best user experience and user interface for the right foundation of the app development process.

As the next vital factor, the cost will serve as the decider. Now, are you looking for the cost of the app design? Here are all that you need to know for the perfect app.

Why do you need app design services?

As per the stat, 25% of the apps are just used ones and deleted permanently. The low level of user retention is dictated by poor usability. 70% of online businesses are found to be failed due to this factor.

To avoid all such hassles, it is necessary to approach the right app for developing services. Also, you should discuss the cost you need to spend on the service and start with the app designing process.

Know about app designing

App designing is centered on the problem-solving process. The key idea behind the app is to solve the pain point that every user is facing.

The most possible mistake that people make is copying the ideas of their competitors. You need to be unique with the UI UX app design
based on your audience and make the app suitably.

Different process and steps that will create an impact on the cost of the app design

It is not possible to determine the overall cost of the app unless you know the steps and process involved in it.

Here is the process involved with app development to have the right app that fulfills the needs.

ResearchResearch for your app cost

The app designing team should start working with the product peculiarities targeting the audience, competition, and business objective. They pay more attention to the in-depth user analysis required to find the goals, preferences, and pain points.

Having note on the details with the UI and UX is vital for creating the mobile app design tailored to the needs of the targeted audience.

Creating wireframesApp Wireframe Creation Cost

A wireframe is the schematic placement of the element on the screen of the application. It is just like a skeleton of the app they are developing.

The app designer will create the wireframe based on the results of the research to bring the app that will fulfil the needs of the targeted audience.

PrototypingApp Prototyping cost

It is the appearance of how the final version will look like. Unlike the wireframe, the prototype is detailed as the whole UI development will be. Here, the UI and UX App designers craft the prototype for the application.

If the app works on both platforms like android and iOS, ui ux app design will usually start from the iOS version and then moves to the android design.

BrandingApp's Branding cost

When you are designing the app for business purposes, it is vital to focus on the factors for branding. Some necessary features for branding like the logo creating and all other aspects regarding the business promotions should be implemented into the app concerning the promotion and reach among the targeted audience.

Illustration and animationsapp illustration Cost

Generally, the illustration will help in communicating the idea of the mobile app feature of the general app concept for better understanding. Similarly, you can look for an illustrator who can show you the overall app process with style notion, complexity, features to be covered, etc.

When it comes to the animation, you need to be very careful as the carelessly handled ones will result negatively.

There are different types of animations like custom animations, illustrated animations, and any other videos you will generally add to the application. Work appropriately to have a suitable one.

Testing and implementationApp Testing

The testing is the crucial portion where the reality of the app will exist. Here, you will be able to note how the app will function and follow all the necessary ways to enhance the performance of the app based on the requirement.

Some, this is the other vital area to have a suitable outcome for the app.

These are the common processes involved in app designing. So, when you are approaching the company for the app development, you need to ensure that they follow these steps appropriately for the app development and the cost will also differ based on the procedure.

Factors influencing the mobile app design cost

The calculation of the app development cost will be based on several other factors. if you want to know app design cost use our app design cost calculator. Here are such factors you need to know.

The number of platforms

Not all the apps are supported in all mobile platforms like android, iOS, windows, etc. You need to design an app that is suitable for different platforms like iOS, Android, window, Linux, and several others.

Designing such a common app might be costly. If you are targeting the audiences who are using android, it is enough to design the app suitable for the android platform alone.


The apps that are functioning in one part of the world may not necessarily function in the other part of the world. You need to design the app based on the geographical area of your audience.

When you feel apps functioning in different areas are attractive, the better idea will be to look for the best quality to price ratio.


Just like how the complexity will determine the cost of designing an app, the customization options you are choosing also will play their role in the overall cost of the app.

You should decide the basic and laconic mobile application design with standard buttons, images, and call to action and elements that will comply with the style guides for the platforms you are choosing. It is also a vital factor for deciding on app development.


Features of the app are one of the vital factors that will contribute to the functioning of the app. This is not only determining the cost of the app, but it will also affect the performance.

So, ensure you are choosing the necessary features to have in the app. if needed, you can also add them in the updating versions.

Custom app designing cost

When you are comparing with the general apps, the cost for the custom app development will be high. The average time required for creating the general apps will vary from 16 to 29 hours. When you are looking at designing unique apps for specific needs, it takes more than 2 to 3 hours.

Also, the efforts that the app developer should apply are more comparatively. Obviously, all these factors raise the cost of custom app development.

Mixed app designing cost

You might be a little lower due to the needs of the customization of apps. One or two elements of the basic application design might integrate with the app design.

All these elements estimation also will have an overall impact on the total cost of the app. So, you need to enquire about the service provider before you start working with the app.

The app designer you choose also comes into the play

Though the feature and several other aspects of the app are crucial to consider deciding the cost of the app, the service provider you are looking for is also significant in calculating the cost for the app development.

You should choose them considering several factors like the efficiency in working with different platforms.

This includes the efficiency of the professionals for working with the apps in different domains, the portfolio of the service providers in the app development process, ratings and reviews of the previous users, the technology they use, and several other aspects.

The bottom line

Having an app that does not work well with the UI and UX will not resonate as per your needs. At the same time, you should also focus more on the time you spend monitoring the overall work and efforts that the app developer is spending on the app development. So, when you should have a successful app at a reasonable cost, follow these steps.

1. Plan your project
2. Hire the right professionals who can develop the apps
3. Involve yourselves and stay updated with the designing process

Following these appropriately will pave the way for successfully turning your efforts.

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