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Best UX Apps

How To Choose the Right UX Tool?

UX Tools help you through the different stages of the design process: User Research – Wireframing– Prototyping – Optimization. You should use UX Design Tools like Adobe XD because UX Design is a practice that depends on the utilization of tools and frameworks – be it offline or online.

Choosing the right UX tools requires careful consideration. Some tools are more effective than others, depending on the required level of collaboration with other team members, the size of the team, the task it would be used for, the platform/OS it runs on, and any other tools that may be needed to integrate with in order to maintain a seamless product design workflow.

We found four key aspects that matter when choosing the right UX tool:

Top 7 Useful Tools for UI/UX Designers

Today, you can find a number of mobile app design toolkits and design Tools like Adobe XD. The experts are continuously experimenting with the different inbuilt tools, Plugins, and extensions with these kits to assist the designers to make the best choice with the best tool.

Every designer wishes to have the best tool to craft the appealing and eye-catching UX for the mobile apps they develop. So, what are the tools advisable to try making the mobile app?

Here is the list of tools you can put forth in your option for great mobile app designing.

Adobe XD – UX Designing Tool

One of the tools that most designers prefer in recent days is Adobe XD. It is an advanced mobile app tool that offers a quick way to design, share the user interface, experience, and prototype.

With the tool, the designers can move quickly from idea to prototype and develop the app without any hassles.

It also customizes the overall building experience for the mobile apps, pushes and shares interactive prototypes for instant iteration, and having feedback.

It is just enough to have a single click to switch from the design to the prototype model, and the designers can drag the wires between the artboard to turn the wireframe into the best and interactive module.

Further, it is one of the best mobile apps that help in designing the mobile app to share with the entire team in real-time.


Adobe Photoshop – UX Design Tools For App Designer

It is one of the well-known design tools like Adobe XD and put forth as the best choice by experts for years.

This tool has a variety of components that will assist the designers to have supreme quality and eye-catching app design and UX.

This software has a middle learning curve through which the users can download the 7-day trial pack and purchase the premium version only after getting completely satisfied with the product.


Sketch – UI/UX Design Tools

The sketch is a lightweight iOS-based tool for advanced mobile app designers. It is very easy to learn and free software for mobile app designing. It is also a professional digital design tool that will focus more on UX factors.

The tool is primarily developed for application prototyping, And the sketch application for prototyping space has the largest part in the wireframe.

With the tool, it is easy to collaborate between the project team and the designers and bring out the best mobile app.

Besides, the software is available with several useful Plugins that will make the overall simplified and easy app designing process.

The tool also provides a library where the designer can create, update, and share the work based on the design segment.

Some vital features of the app include handy Plugins, code export, sets of tools, vector editing, grids and guides, and quick preview.


Marvel – UX Design Tools For App Designers

It is the other most important designing tool that offers all that the designer needs to have in mobile app development.

It is the tool for mobile app designers to have complete power to bring out the app as expected.

With this tool, even the newbie or the more experienced people can start designing the app with ease with the static prototype.

It will bring a new combination of different elements likewise design, prototype, and team collaboration.

Overall, the tool is designed with keeping in mind all the necessary aspects for the best UX in the mobile app.


Invision – UX Design Tools

It is the other important designing tool that is created to understand the needs of the designers. So, without any second thoughts, mobile app designers can explore and use such tools for easily designing the apps.

The app is also appreciated as a powerful user interface design tool. It takes the overall design of the app to the next level.

Moreover, this designing tool will allow all the designers to test the visuals. They can also wireframe flow in a tangible way for the expected outcome.


One best thing about the tool to mention is seamless navigation. It allows the users to navigate to the entire design process in one place by maintaining everyone fully engaged and notified of the changes in the mobile app.

Thus, it will be a powerful tool for the designing team to easily work with the project. As you’ll have seamless communication and get feedback.

Origami Studio – UI/UX Design Tools

Origami Studio is a standalone user interface design tool created by Facebook engineers.  The tool is highly used by the Facebook Company to design some apps on their platform.

So, you can find the application of the tool in some apps likewise Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Now, it is available for the designers to have free of cost.

Besides, they can handle some complex functionalities with the tool. The tool will allow the users,

to preview the mobile app prototype,
copy and paste the layers from Sketch
get layers working on this platform

If you want to show some designs to the clients, you can just record the prototype. Also, you can quickly send it to the others.



Are you looking for the tool to create powerful UX without the codes? Want to take them on the whole process from the design to development? Then UXPin will be the best possible option.

It offers drag and drops design for creating the high-end fidelity wireframe and prototype for the mobile app. The tool will allow the designs in the program.

From either sketch or Photoshop to create an interactive workflow to achieve the expected results.

As it comes with many interior elements, designers are allowed to work with all such elements. Therefore, the tool for creating mobile applications is highly preferred.


In Conclusion – UX Design Tools

These tools are the element that gives some new ideas for the designers. Only when you choose the right tool, you can achieve the best mobile app as per your goals.

So, this is the list of tools that will help you with the best mobile app creation. Choose the right tools that will be beneficial in different aspects.

FAQs Of UI/UX Design

Which app is best for UI UX design?

Adobe Photoshop is the best for UI and UX Design- It is an image editing software, compatible with Microsoft Windows and macOS. With this tool, designers can make anything from simple web pages to complex mobile app designs.

  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Marvel
  • Invision
  • Origami Studio
  • UXPin

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