Uber API integration

Uber API Integration Since Uber API has become open to the public,…

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Uber API Integration


Since Uber API has become open to the public, what benefits does it actually bring? The main advantage lies on the surface and with that, the Uber API integration provides an opportunity to add a new user experience to your current app. The market for Uber mobile applications is crowded and it might be challenging for you to stand out from the other competitors. With this, you can still consider adding new features to your app such as the taxi-hailing service.

For just doing that you need not reinvest whereas to empower your app you can just integrate the existing Uber API. You can get help from the development team. They will be there to help you with making such integrations easy and fast. There are numerous successful examples of Uber integrations. Some of them are Foursquare, Amazon Echo, and others that show us that this kind of strategy works.

From this page, you will get to know about Uber’s successful collaborations with other businesses, the benefits of the Uber API integration, and the step-by-step guide for doing it.

Key Uber Statistics

Uber remains to be the most popular taxi-hailing apps being present across 65 countries. This company has become a dominant player by taking 69 percent of the U.S ride-sharing market in June 2019. Every day Uber drivers complete 14 million trips worldwide it has 75 million riders and they complete over 10 billion trips.

With all this, Uber remains the most popular taxi-hailing app across the world and it still offers exciting opportunities for mobile app owners to do some advance updates with mobile app development.

Still, thinking what are the other benefits that you can get from Uber’s popularity? Stay on this page to find it out.

Benefits From Integrating Uber API​

As everyone knows, Uber is the leading taxi-booking app and it provides a free API for all the app developers. From such integration here is a list of things that you could receive.

The integration of the Uber API brings the opportunity for the online shops and the local retailers to build on-demand delivery services.

Benefits From Integrating Uber API​

The integration of the Uber API brings the opportunity for the online shops and the local retailers to build on-demand delivery services.


With the Uber API functionality, it becomes easy for anyone to share and exchange the location. Being a social networking project or the messaging owner you can empower your app with features that can easily notify the user’s position in real-time.

In recent days, the geo-location feature was integrated into the trans prolog which is a logistic app from Brazil. The users of that app can control the tower and know what is happening with the cargo in real-time. They even empowered this app with the built-in messenger.

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You need not spend money to empower your app with the Uber API and also on developing an Uber-like taxi app from scratch. Already the Uber development team has done a significant part of the infrastructure.

You will have to solve the users driving issues if you empower your app with the Uber features. With this, you can let them quickly get to their final destination. This would be great if your app users prefer to travel around the city and eat out.

You can receive deceits from the whole of Uber’s business models with Uber API’s well-built and organized infrastructure. With this you can gain access to the Uber driver’s pool without holding the meetings, signing agreements, and doing tons of paperwork.

Given below are the most inspiring examples of cooperation with Uber.

Successful Examples Of The Uber API Integration

Before getting to know about the Uber API integration stories, it is important to clarify what API is.

Uber API is the application programming interface which is a set of rules through which the application components interact with each other. Using the API the developers can transmit as well as get the necessary data from the application. On the other hand, the API also helps to reduce the development time to create a consistent app across the platform.

Uber API, since its arrival to represents a fully functional platform that includes a fair price estimate calculator, ride time estimate, car ordering, trip history, and much more. Uber’s cooperation with other well-known companies and the benefits received from Uber API integration is given below.


Amazon has integrated Uber API to Amazon echo in 2016. In this, the smart speakers connect to the personal assistant service, Alexa. This integration allows the users to order an Uber by just using simple commands. This way echo and Uber’s cooperation have brought some best experiences to the users in everyday life.


Jobcase is a marketplace that integrated the Uber API to showcase driver reviews. In the competitive job market, high-quality customer service is an essential differentiator for the drivers.

Now with this, the users can share their Uber experience and rating. With this, Uber drivers will receive a competitive advantage. They will also receive the opportunity to find their next employers if they look for the next step in their career.


Foursquare is a location platform that not only allows the users to check the nearest china food restaurant but also to hail a Uber taxi in the same app. within a few days the foursquare users’ activity got increased as they loved this app with such an integration. This is a win-win for both parties.

This is an online tax app that integrates with Uber API. This actually helps Uber drivers to increase their take-home earnings. With this strive tax calculator that has been integrated with the Uber driver API, the drivers can get a report with a breakdown of their income. They will also be informed about the expected taxes and personalized recommendations on how much to set aside a week.

By using this, drivers can keep more of their earnings.

How To Integrate Uber API Into Your App

When it comes to Uber integration there are different levels. You can consider the below points for your mobile app.

The easiest way to empower your app is by using the buttons. The buttons can display the fee for a ride and can also transfer your app users to the Uber app.

With such type of integration, the users can launch Uber from within your application. The deep link can be integrated with your app and can also be easily customized to suit the app design and layout.

You can consider this option if you want to create your custom end-to-end experience for your users. By getting help from the mobile developers you can use the users’ SDK and empower your app with desired Uber features.

With the reactive webhooks, you can create an app like Uber and integrate it directly to the riders’ and drivers’ experiences. It can easily understand what action it may want to take based on the content.

The user for Uber’s rest API will receive a high level of customization options. Also, you integrate the power of Uber into your app.

Step By Step Uber API Tutorial

Here are the steps the development team will have to follow to integrate Uber API into your app.

The Uber API integration might take up to four days and once everything is alright it will bring unbearable advantages to your mobile application.

The Bottom Lines – Uber API Integration

In the taxi-hailing market, Uber is a leader and now it has also become a competitive advantage for the businesses who decided to integrate the Uber API. Such integration has got to have a positive impact on user experience. Such cooperation results are increased user engagement, average total, and raised user loyalty. However, for businesses looking to build their own ride-hailing app, they may wonder about the cost to build an app like Uber.

You can integrate Uber into your app if you want to provide your app users with a new experience and stand out from the crowd. Once you have chosen the degree of integration, you will have to hire the mobile development team to make this kind of integration for you. You can hire node js developers who are highly skilled at Echoinnovatee IT.

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