Uber Alternatives For 2022 – Best Apps Like Uber and Lyft

Uber Alternatives For 2022 – Best Apps Like Uber and Lyft

Uber Alternatives For 2022 – Best Apps Like Uber and Lyft

Uber Alternatives

Uber has drastically transferred the travel industry since 2009, and more people are now depending on the uber apps for traveling from one place to the other. Following this, several other apps are also available in recent times and the new apps are also more successful. Let’s read more about uber alternatives like apps and uber competitors.

According to Mordorintelligence, the taxi market is expected to register a CAGR of 10.08%, during the forecast period of 2021 to 2025 as shown below.

Uber Alternatives
Image Source: mordorintellignece.com

Are you now looking for the app that will serve as the alternative for the Uber apps? Yes! There are such apps all over the world with different features and offers the best services for the customers. Here are some of those apps which are popular in different parts of the world. Have a look at it to download the right app and use it for your travel needs.

Uber Alternatives   Ola Cabs – India’s Top Uber Alternative

Ola is one of the leading car-hailing services apps that are more popular next to Uber in several places.

It offers fast and simplest travel options just with few clicks. The working process of the app is so simple! You just need to download the app and make a few clicks to book the taxi.

Uber Alternatives

The app also extended to some other options like Ola Auto, Mini, Micro, Share, Sedan, LUX, Rentals, etc. All these come with GPS tracking in real-time, which is one best option in it. With more security to the passengers, passengers love these services in several countries like Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, and India.

Below are ride categories with ride fare cost:

Ride Category Initial Cost Per Km Fare
Micro ₹50 ₹6.5
Prime Sedan ₹60 ₹10
Prime SUV ₹150 ₹14
Prime Exec ₹60 ₹12
Bike ₹12 ₹8.75

Uber Alternatives   Gett – Top Taxi App Uber Alternative

The app was built with a simple idea and they treat the drivers modestly and passengers more carefully. These cab services are extended to 100 cities across The UK, Russia, the US, and Israel.

It is a more popular asset and is one of the simple and efficient taxi booking apps with more affordable prices and several other incredible features and 24/7 support services.

Uber Alternatives

Uber Alternatives   Lecab – Best App Like Uber In France

There are several uber alternatives and LeCab is one of the biggest ones out of it. This app extends its services in more than 20 cities in France. One important reason for the success of the app is the interesting features offered by it.

Some reductions in the cost, flat rate airport transfer, scheduled bookings, and being met by the driver with the name card at the railway station or airport are the other important features of the app.

Uber Alternatives

Uber Alternatives   Grab – Alternative to Uber and Lyft

The app is based in Asia and this has grabbed a huge interest among the people. The app offers its services in more than 500 cities all over Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

One important feature is the pre-screening process before you start the service. Apart from the taxi services, the app will help in some other forms of transports as well.

Some rides like rideshare, carpool, and bike rides are also offered by the app. further, the app extended its service in some other areas like money services, food delivery, package delivery, and hotel bookings as well.

Uber Alternatives

Uber Alternatives   Free Now – App Like Uber in Europe

With the growing popularity of the Uber app, the next most important app considered to be the uber alternative is the Free Now app. It is in service for more than 100+ cities across Europe and gaining more popularity.

The app offers traditional black cabs and rides in all the streets of London. You can pay for the app based on the meter charges and schedule the rides in advance to avoid some hassles.

Uber Alternatives   GoCatch – Australia’s Top Uber Alternative

It is Australia’s one of the premium taxi-hailing services and the portal reports as the largest fleet of registered taxi drivers of the metered cabs or taxis, which is found all over the country.
The portal comprises 30,000 registered taxis and more than 3, 00,000 active users make around 40% of the share in the total taxi tech industry in Australia. One of the biggest advantages of the app is that people need to pay less cost that is shown in the meter.

Additionally, a 5% surcharge is collected if the payment is done through the credit card. Further, it is known as the safest and reliable car services and customers will be allowed to test the photo id and IBN book of the drivers.

Her are ride categories and their ride fare cost:

Ride Category Initial Cost Per Km Fare
Economy $6.80 $1.23+
Premium $17 $2.47

Uber AlternativesEasy Taxi – Top Uber Taxi Booking Alternative

This app is in service in more than 30 countries and covering almost 420 cities all over the world. It is an easy taxi booking app with more interesting features and offers a huge competition for the Uber app.

The portal has around 17 million users all over the world and the fleet has 400,000 taxis in its network. The application also offers a good user interface and it is simple for the process as anyone can easily work with it.

Only the right drivers are recruited only after some screening process to ensure the safety of the customers. Based on its services, the app also gained more awards in the times.

Uber Alternatives

Uber Alternatives   Didi Chuxing – China’s Best App Like Uber

is available in hundreds of cities all over the country, Didi is not only a can-hailing service/ it is also a personal driver, carpooling, and cars suited for rides with some kinds of disabilities.

The company has invested in the development of self-driving cars.  Its place of birth is China. Now they are also providing services in different countries like Japan, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Australia.

Uber AlternativesHailo – Uber and Lyft Alternative

Hailo cab is the other important and popular app that is considered as the alternative to uber and lyft. It helps with real-time tracking when you have booked for the cab. The verified licensed drivers by the local authorities ensure safety and security for the people using the service.

It also offers simple payment options and ensures ease of payments. Besides, it is also possible for the users to enjoy some features like trip history, receipts, and secure payment options that attribute to be popular among the users. This app is now available in 9 counties.

The Bottom Line – Alternative to Uber and Lyft

You have now got some alternative to uber and lyft. So, when you need to travel from one point to the other, just make use of one such app and start moving to your destination. Download the right app and enjoy the benefits of technology.

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