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The Top 10 best Mobile App Analytics Tools For 2021

Home » Blogs » The Top 10 best Mobile App Analytics Tools For 2021

    Whether you’re trying to build customer loyalty for your business or get your users to spend more cash on in-app purchases, using the right software can help you analyze the user behavior and buying habits, allowing you to tweak the app to massively improve your results. Thus, you should have knowledge about mobile app analytics tools.

    Mobile analytics captures data from mobile applications, websites, and visitors from web applications to identify unique users, keep track of your trips, record their behavior, and report on application performance.

    Thus, the mobile analysis is similar to those of traditional web analytics (used for desktop browsers and applications) and is used in a similar way to improve conversions. Also, real-time analytics is key to the development of world-class mobile experiences.

    It’s called app conversion optimization and in this post, you’ll get a list of the 10 most popular mobile app analytics tools available on the market.

    How Are Mobile Analytics Tools Different From Web Analytics Tools?

    The wireless overtook the desktop in 2015 and smartphones are quickly becoming a consumer favorite on the Internet.

    Therefore, consumers spend 70 percent of their data consumption and time on mobile devices, and most of that time in mobile applications.

    This is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach their consumers, but also a very saturated market.

    Correspondingly, there are more than 6.5 million applications in major mobile application stores, millions of web applications, and more than one million user based existing websites.

    Companies use mobile platforms analysis to gain a competitive advantage in building mobile experiences that stand out.

    Mobile analysis tools also give teams a much-needed advantage in advertising.

    Mobile advertising already accounts for almost 70 percent of all digital advertising according to eMarketer-about $ 135 billion and growing.

    As more companies compete for customers on mobile, teams have to understand how your ads get in detail, and if application users interacting with ads end up purchasing.

    The Top 10 Best Mobile App Analytics Tools For 2021

    1. Countly

    Countly is a great app marketing tool that lets you measure the overall effectiveness of the app based on your user’s experiences.

    This data analyzer helps you in identifying the good and bad parts of your app to help you tweak the user experience and increase the conversion of your goals.

    The panel provides real-time marketers that can track user profiles, commitment, funnels, notifications, and segmentations

    App Analytics Tools 1

    Image Credits : count.ly

    Send videos and images of custom notifications to iOS and Android users, it supports deep links, app messaging, batch scheduling and so vendors can automate push notifications.

    On the contrary, it tracks campaigns by assigning a unique campaign URL tracking clicks, installs, downloads, and revenue.

    Supports game analysis by tracking profiles, acquisition, assignment of unique attributes, analysis and examination, LTV, leaving rate, and bug reports.

    2. Flurry – Mobile App Analytics Tools

    Similar to Countly, Flurry lets you see inside the user experience in real-time.

    Correspondingly, it also gives you insight into how your advertising campaigns are performing so that you can test, measure and tweak that as well.

    Flurry Analytics allows users to analyze consumer behavior through observation data.

    The platform provides features for user segmentation, consumer funnels, and analysis of the application portfolio.

    App Analytics Tools 2

    Image Credits : bestestols.com

    The user segments can be categorized by things like paying customers to light or not paying users against heavy. Funnels as custom conversions consumption of the platform and metrics trends, whereas the role of portfolio analysis enables companies to manage entire portfolios of mobile applications with the ability to control the data points on the overlap between applications and increase sales conversions and cross-selling

    3. Localytics

    Localytics is a platform for analysis and marketing designed to help companies engaged in online mobile marketing automation to build stronger relationships with users of mobile and web applications.

    It gives brands company data, intelligence, and marketing channels to offer customers a significant, personal experience.

    This platform helps brands to discover and deliver exactly what the customers are passionate, and integrate this knowledge and experience through other mobile channels and to offer customers a digital experience that resonates.

    App Analytics Tools 3

    Image Credits : redherring.com min

    Localytics is the leading platform for mobile engagement. This gives businesses the knowledge and tools they need to improve their implementation efforts acquisition, engagement and retention phones.

    The main ingredient is in the data. The performance data is used to measure and optimize efforts toward metrics that drive the business forward.

    This analysis platform is used in more than 37,000 applications in more than 2.7 billion devices by companies such as ESPN, Fox and The New York Times.

    4. Google Analytics for mobile

    Are you a Google Analytics user? Google’s analytics platform has now extended into mobile and is providing a dashboard for full insight into app performance (speed, etc.) and user behavior.

    It checks key metrics in reports incorporated. Also, compare date ranges and apply segments.

    App Analytics Tools 4

    Image Credits : droid-life.com

    Check real-time data. Explore in order to build their own reports with any combination of metrics, dimensions, and segments that cares about

    Save the reports to your control panel so you can easily return to them. It also helps with user interactions and user engagement.

    5. App Clix

    The AppClix API lets you access the data in its raw form and organize it however you want. This is definitely for technical people who love analyzing data.

    AppClix board instruments give a complete picture of your application.

    Everything from sales, marketing, comments, notes, demographics of users, telephone technology, the references, trials for new paid versions, usage reports full implementation and more – all in one easy to read dashboard.

    And if you need to go deeper, just click and dig – and view detailed metrics and event information quickly and easily.

    No need to move from page to page to get a complete picture of your application.

    6. App Annie

    App Annie is app-marketplace-based and gives you insight into what’s happening in the stores right now, to help you identify opportunities.

    It’s a great tool for when you’re ramping up your download rate.

    App Annie is a decision-making platform for mobile applications economy. It combines analytics own applications with a granular understanding of market competition and provides a 360-degree view of a single mobile business.

    App Analytics Tools 5

    Image Credits : appannie.com

    Products customers App Annie Intelligence include the likes of Electronic Arts, Google, LinkedIn, online, Microsoft, Nexon, Nestle, Samsung, Tencent, Namco Bandai, and Universal Studios.

    Therefore, the company has tracked more than 83 billion downloads and more than the US $ 25 billion in gross revenues to date, the industry leader greatly.

    7. Distimo

    Distimo focuses on mobile ad conversion optimization and in-store analytics.

    It’s great for cheap mobile apps where you focus on the volume of users and highly converting mobile ads.

    Distimo is research and mobile application store. It has ideas that specialize in market intelligence.

    Your free product analysis covers all major application stores and integrates directly into applications through an SDK to provide the functionality of conversion tracking multiple ad networks.


    Image Credits : techcrunch.com min

    Distimo also includes several tools and visualization dashboards that application developers can use to explore their data store applications, especially across analytics platforms.

    Thus, understanding the product market, AppIQ, extends this functionality further by allowing a developer to compare their performance against competitors.

    8. Appfigures

    App Figures is all about what’s happening on the App Stores.

    If you have a number of different apps across a range of marketplaces and your focus is on getting downloads, then knowing the stats in all marketplaces is key.

    Appfigures keep track of everything related to the applications, from performance reviews, directly from your iPhone. Thus, make smarter decisions faster with analytical and knowledge needed Appfigures’ on the fly.


    Image Credits : appfigures.com

    Appfigures packages simplicity and detail in an application.Correspondingly, a unified control panel allows you to keep track of all the important metrics quickly – downloads and income qualifications.

    Powerful and intuitive reports allow you access to detailed trends. And real-time alerts ensure that you always have to take the pulse.

    As an app analytics tools, it can help you with all analyzes and information you need to run your business applications. Use the ‘Treat as a guest “mode for a live demonstration.

    9. Bango

    Bango is a multi-platform analysis tool highly prominent and unique applications usable on Windows Phone, Google, Samsung Apps, Amazon, Blackberry, etc.

    It has functionality across multiple platforms. Thus, that accounts for its true merit.

    Bango is also a mobile payment platform to fuel the purchase of applications or content applications.

    Thus, Bango Mobile Web Analytics does a good job of monitoring revenues that provide useful information about the monetization of applications successfully.


    Image Credits : appypie.com

    Bango analysis focuses on two metrics i.e: the number of unique visitors and marketing campaigns. In contrast, Bango differentiates between new and old users to come up with the perfect amount of unique visitors. It does this by creating a unique user ID for each user who clicks on an ad or visits a link.

    This is a feature that most other tools do not offer. This shows the numbers a bit biased in one direction.

    More importantly, Bango oversees marketing campaigns, monetization, revenues, and profits applications, and also suggests ways to increase user participation and income.

    10. Medialets

    Medialets’s focus is on converting ads into dollars.

    By analyzing your audience you can begin to promote ads. Do this within your app that has a higher CTR (click-through-rate) and thereby make more money.


    Image Credits : venturebeat.com 

    Is mobile advertising your strategy? Then Medialets could be part of that.

    It is one of the best app analytics tools that you can use as an app developer.

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    Wrapped Up

    Without accurate information and analytics for mobile applications, it is just flying blind. In reality, data and analysis we take for granted on the Web are simply not readily available in closed.

    You work hard to build an application, pull it up on iTunes, and hope it is sold. Thus, when it does, you have no idea about the buyer.

    You have no idea how much money you are making, and also how you are using the application.

    There are developers who have already installed analysis. For them, there is still scattered information pulled from other sources or not available at all.

    At Echo innovate IT we can help you with your app and web development. Our expert team can help you with your mobile app analytics tools as well. SO don’t wait and Contact Us Today!

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