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Stroke trials is an app that allows users to check case studies which are summary-based. You no longer need to revisit important trials again and again in order to read the specifics. The app has summaries of all case studies. To read it more quickly, you’ll also have filters.
Expectations of the client

The client wanted to implement a platform name Stroke Trials that allows students to study faster and remember some landmark trials easily. He also wanted to make it easy for the students to share citations or full PDFs from one place without having to search PubMed.


Client had two Concerns: Students' Interest in studies and Quick information Update in the App

Interactive User experience
The client knew that the application will be academic and he wanted to make sure it is as interactive as possible. His main objective was to deliver an easy way to access informative content.
Quick information update
Client was also looking for a backend where they can add information about new trials easily. In Short he wanted a backend where he dont have to ask a developer for small changes in the content.

We built an amazing user experience

Our team took some dedicated time to understand the vision of the client and created the user experience of the app as per the target audience.

An easy to use backend panel

Our developers made sure the content management system in the mobile app is easy to use by any person.

Our designers gave their best with Stunning UX and Developers Managed the backend Well, too!

Key Features

The user can enter their own profile by entering their name, date of birth, age, location, hobbies, and one can manually enter their own questions and set up points for each question.

Using this functionality, you may add or remove products.
You can use the products’ names and descriptions to inquire about them.

The rating feature enables users to rate this software according to their personal usage.


You can view the details of a certain product on this page.


STROKE TRIALS has a user interface that is incredibly engaging and is supported by stunning images


The team at Echoinnovate IT wanted to put in place a platform that would make it easier for you to learn more quickly and recall these important trials. Without needing to browse PubMed, you may share citations or entire PDFs from one place.

We developed an app that offered learners of landmark trials a platform. The main points will be easy to find. You are given an overview of the key findings, limitations, and “the bottom line” for each important trial. It can be found both chronologically and alphabetically. You can use several filters at once to get the outcomes of your ideal landmark trial.