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Rater Flow

Real Estate App Solution

For HERs and any site inspections, Rater flow makes field data collecting straightforward. With Rater flow, take your rating company to the next level. You may manage builders, job sponsors, and other relationships with Rater flow.

Utilize relational data to create templates that will cut down on repeated chores with these real estate management app.

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Expectations of the client

As the application is for professional users the client wanted to make sure the User interface is one of its kind. The app was required to be efficient in data collection and storage for every user.

With such a vast audience, designing and database handling for the client was Tricky

Design with the intended audience in mind

The application’s vast target audience includes users of all ages. It was difficult to achieve our aim of making the app easy to use and interesting for all users.

Updated information instantly

Making the backend as easy to use as possible was another challenge to ensure that consumers could easily alter the information. The customer was looking for a solution that would enable them to update or remove data from their application without any help from outside parties.

We conducted market research to provide an amazing user experience.

For Rater Flow, the most important step we performed was to analyse the client’s target market and understand what they anticipated from an application. After determining who would use the mobile app, we set out to create its user interface and user experience.

Using real-time data updating capability, we ensured that the consumers were constantly informed.

By including real-time data capabilities, our development team made sure that app users could get every update instantly. When you launch this property and real-estate management app, the most recent news and images will be seen.


Our Extensive research and Technical Expertise of our developers, We found the Solution


Add multiple properties

The app makes it easy to add more than one building. This feature helps the builders to keep a track of multiple locations easily.

Data collection summary

Users can easily check the data of different parts of the property like multiple floors, basement etc.

Home report

Users can check the energy rating of the entire house at one place. This helps them to understand the consumption.
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The customer adored the app’s user experience and the new functionality that were introduced.

Raterflow has thousands of users, and everyone is enthusiastic about the idea. Additionally, we regularly update the software based on user feedback.

Our Development Process


We started the development process with an application discovery workshop. Our cross-functional team, business analysts and developers spent 5-6 days understanding the vision of the client. After that they decided which features are required to deliver the objective of our client via the best real-estate app solution.

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In the second phase we created the design sprint of the app that helped us to understand the direction of our planning and expectation of the client. We shared the design sprint to the client and based on their suggestions we finalized the design of the application.


Once the design was ready; we started working on the frontend and backend development of the application instantly. The project manager was in constant touch with the client throughout the development process to make sure the client is updated with the progress.

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The testing team was also working simultaneously with the developing team and once the application was tested completely we delivered it with the code to the client.