Pixie Market

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Pixie Market

Pixie Market, a well-established online retailer since more than 16 years. They’re this pretty big online retail store that sells all kinds of fashionable goodies.

They’d been doing their thing for a while, but they realized they needed a digital makeover – something that would make their website look cooler, work better, and help them sell more stuff. That’s when they turned to us, Echoinnovate IT.

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The Challenges

  1. Outdated Vibes: Their website felt kinda old-school, and it wasn’t super responsive. People wanted something snappier and more mobile-friendly.

  2. Missing Features: Some essential features were missing, like a user-friendly navigation and a quick checkout process. This was causing folks to ditch their shopping carts too often.

  3. Security Worries: Security wasn’t top-notch, and that’s a big no-no in the world of online retail.

  4. Room to Grow: Pixie Market wanted to expand their product offerings and target a broader audience, which meant they required a more scalable and flexible ecommerce platform development.



Key Features

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Easy Log in / Sign up

Users can easily create their accounts by signing up with Gmail or popular social media platforms like Facebook, and then conveniently input their address details.

Add to Cart & Wishlist

After selecting an item that catches their interest, users are presented with two options to consider. Users can seamlessly add the item to their cart for immediate purchase or place it in their favorites list for future consideration, thanks to the intuitive features provided by our ecommerce website development.

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Easy Search Option To Save Time

This feature empowers users to effortlessly locate their desired product by performing searches within the platform. By entering relevant keywords or phrases, users can efficiently filter and navigate through various categories to pinpoint the specific items they seek. This time-saving functionality eliminates the manual task of browsing through each category, streamlining the process of finding what you need.

Effortless Category Navigation

Upon launching the app, users are greeted with two main categories: Men and Women. Upon selecting either, a range of subcategories becomes accessible, allowing users to choose from options such as tops, bottoms, accessories, and more for a seamless shopping experience.

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The Results:

  1. Speedy Site: The new site loaded like lightning, and that brought down bounce rates by 20%, boosting user engagement by 15%.

  2. More RoI: Within a year, sales and revenue shot up by 35%. That’s some impressive growth due to our effective development efforts.

  3. Security First: Pixie Market reported no security issues or cyber threats after the transformation.

  4. Happy Shoppers: Customers loved the new and improved website, and that made them stick around and come back for more, all thanks to our meticulous ecommerce website design.

  5. Ready to Grow: The platform made it easy for Pixie Market to expand their product range and reach new customers, a clear sign of our effective ecommerce platform development strategy.

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