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Neuro Oncology

Unlock the power of Medical education with our user-friendly app

The following topics are grouped together in the summaries: primary central nervous system lymphoma, anaplastic glioma, low-grade glioma, newly diagnosed glioblastoma, and recurrent glioblastoma in Neuro Oncology Trials. The power of knowledge is now in your hands thanks to this app! An overview of essential material is given, together with a substantial portion of randomized, controlled trials, in an easy-to-read manner. The user can quickly review important papers on a topic.

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Expectations of the client

The client’s goal was to provide information about key published clinical trials in the field of neuro-oncology easily accessible. Medical students, residents, and fellows who wish to rapidly check up information and summaries of the trials while seeing patients in clinics or on rounds can use it. It is also intended for use by physicians at all levels. As a result; they wanted the app to be easy to use and best in quality.


App had to be made with Capacity to handle heavy research data that is also easy to access

Keeping the app updated with all the latest research

The first challenge for us was to make sure all the data available in the application is fresh and reliable. The information was supposed to help medical students, doctors and physicians. So it has to be up to date always.

Easy to access data

Another challenge for us was to make sure the data is always accessible for everyone. But we also have to make sure the wrong data should not go into the hands of the wrong party.

We added real time content update functionality

A real time update feature allows the users to get fresh information always. We made sure the backend of the application is easy to use for our clients as well. So that they can update the information whenever they want.

We added intuitive search function to help researchers find the content as per the requirement

To save the time of the app users we added an intuitive search feature in the application. The app users can easily search any topic they want in the Neuro-oncology app.


With expert developers, we made the backend easy to handle real-time updates and intuitive UI/UX

Key Features

Easy to access

If necessary, staff surgeons should swiftly study and update their knowledge of clinic patients.

Huge directory of information

Included are more than 200 references that cover the key areas of surgical and Medical Solution care for central nervous system malignancies. Citation data is provided, enabling the user to conduct further, in-depth research.

Search any content

The application has an easy-to-use search feature that makes it simple to hunt up studies using terms like tumor histology, author names, journal names, chemotherapeutic drug names, and trial name acronyms.


A share feature is provided for alerting coworkers to the app’s trials. Finally, it is continually updated and made accessible to users without payment.

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We developed an application that has an auto-renewing membership and the content is refreshed every one to three months.

When making a purchase, your credit card will be charged if you do not cancel your membership before the conclusion of the three-day free trial period. Payment information will be validated at that time.

After making a purchase, users can manage their subscriptions and off auto-renewal by navigating to their account settings.

Our Development Process


Our development journey commenced with a strategic and immersive application discovery workshop tailored specifically for the Neuro Oncology Trials App. Over the course of 5-6 days, our diverse team of business analysts and developers diligently engaged with the client to grasp the intricacies of their vision and goals. Through this collaborative effort, we meticulously identified and assessed the critical features necessary to ensure the app’s success in facilitating neuro oncology trials. By combining our expertise in mobile application development with a comprehensive understanding of our client’s objectives, we are poised to deliver a solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations in this specialized healthcare domain.

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During the pivotal second phase of our initiative focused on the Neuro Oncology Trials App, we embarked on a comprehensive design sprint to refine our project planning and align it with the client’s precise expectations. This critical sprint served as a focused workshop where our team meticulously explored and visualized the app’s potential trajectory. By collaboratively sharing the design sprint with the client, we sought their feedback and insights to further enhance the application’s design and functionality. Their invaluable input guided us in fine-tuning and ultimately solidifying the application’s design, ensuring that it seamlessly addresses the unique requirements and complexities inherent to neuro oncology trials.


Following the successful completion and approval of the design phase for the Neuro Oncology Trials App, our team will seamlessly transition into the pivotal development stage. Here, we will commence work on both the frontend and backend components of the application, leveraging our expertise to transform the envisioned design into a functional and user-friendly reality. Throughout this phase, our vigilant project manager will maintain an open line of communication with the client, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure that the development aligns perfectly with the client’s expectations and requirements for this specialized healthcare application. This collaborative approach guarantees transparency, efficiency, and ultimately, the delivery of a robust and tailored solution for neuro oncology trials.

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The testing team worked in parallel with the development team to ensure thorough testing throughout the development process. Once the application underwent comprehensive testing and met our quality standards, we delivered the finalized code to the client for their review and deployment. This collaborative approach between development and testing teams ensured that the Neuro Oncology Trials App was thoroughly vetted and ready for deployment to meet the client’s needs effectively.