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Best Fleet Management App Solution

Leading freight forwarder Kmiou app provides shippers with access to a networked fleet of tens of thousands of trucks. Any time of day, the Kmiou digital platform has limitless capacity. Kmiou app digitalizes transportation by offering drivers mobile applications, fleet managers fleet management software, and shippers logistics and fleet maintenance solutions.

Live monitoring, 24/7 dedicated contact, and real-time booking ensure complete transparency for all shipments. Kmiou app  improves efficiency and lowers costs for all stakeholders by connecting directly with the shippers’ Transport Management and Freight Management Systems via APIs and eliminates the numerous intermediate layers.

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Expectations of the client

The client wanted a delivery platform including an admin panel with lots of smart features, a driver app, and a customer app. The consumer has the option of choosing the retailer, the goods, the amount, and whether or not they want the items transported from one location to another. In contrast, the driver is able to send and receive notifications as well as approve or reject requests. Both users have the ability to talk, make calls, and navigate via a map. Get in touch for your next mobile app development project..


The App Needed A Fast Info System and That too With a Streamlined Process

Maintaining a proper chain of process

The entire system necessitates the availability of materials, the choice of certain service providers, computations of distances, tracking maps, and navigation in addition to the database’s uploading of data and numerous photographs.

Instantaneous updates to information

Another difficulty was making the backend as user-friendly as feasible so that customers could simply change the data. The client was searching for a solution that would allow them to edit or delete data from their fleet management application without assistance from outside parties.

A system that maintains synchronisation was created by our team

We gave users a user-friendly interface and other database functionality. Without using templates, we build all of our projects from scratch, which helps us give consumers a great, seamless experience.

We made sure the users are always updated with real time map integration

With real time map integration functionality our development team made sure the app users can receive every update in the real time. Everytime you open the app you will see the latest information and photos of SDGs in different areas.

We made sure that the consumers were always informed by using real-time data updating capabilities.

Our development team made sure that app users could receive every update promptly by incorporating real-time data capabilities. The most recent updates and data will be displayed when you open this custom fleet management app.


Our Team Integrated Just The Right Features With Technology Like Map Integration And Real-Time Data Updates


Fare estimation

The users can check the estimated amount they will have to pay for the transportation process in the app directly.

In-app payment

Another amazing feature is In-app payment; there is an option for online payment. Once the delivery is completed the user can pay from the app.

In-app LIVE freight tracking

Users can keep an eye on their shipment in real time from the application. No need to call anyone for regular updates.

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App users and service providers currently utilise the app to fulfil their needs for logistics and delivery of products.

A newer version that will enable customers to book a later work service will be available soon. We are honored to continue to be a member of Kmiou.

Our Development Process


We started the fleet management app development process with an application discovery workshop. Our cross-functional team, business analysts and developers spent 5-6 days understanding the vision of the client. After that they decided which features are required to deliver the objective of our client via the mobile application.

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In the second phase we created the design sprint of the app that helped us to understand the direction of our planning and expectation of the client. We shared the design sprint to the client and based on their suggestions we finalized the design of the application.


Once the design was ready; we started working on the frontend and backend development of the fleet management app s solution instantly. The project manager was in constant touch with the client throughout the development process to make sure the client is updated with the progress.

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The testing team was also working simultaneously with the developing team and once the application was tested completely we delivered it with the code to the client.