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Hip Connect, developed by Echoinnovate IT, is an innovative platform designed specifically for social media enthusiasts. It enables users to discover like-minded individuals, forge new friendships, and share their unique stories along the journey. Whether you want to expand your social network, connect with new friends, or exchange experiences with interesting people, Hip Connect provides the perfect space for fostering meaningful connections and enhancing your social media experience.

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Hipconnect Features


A registration screen can be seen in the initial section of Hipconnect. The introduction then has three sections, as mentioned below.

  • Businesses
  • People
  • Events


You’ll learn what your buddies are doing. What great things are happening nearby, and do you have any cool news to share with the world? The best place to talk about your weed is on News Feed.

User Profile

All of your information, including your name, location, and status, can be managed through your user profile.


Toggles if you’re looking for a specific category, tap each one to turn it on; tap it again to turn it off. You can choose All or create any combination you like.

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As a result, the Hipconnect app is beneficial to weed consumers and the cannabis industry. It makes traveling the world for a weed enthusiast easier. Have a requirement for your application that can resolve issues for users? Contact us today away. For you, an effective and scalable application will be developed by our professional app development team.

Our Development Process


We started the development process with an application discovery workshop. Our cross-functional team, business analysts and developers spent 5-6 days understanding the vision of the client. After that they decided which features are required to deliver the objective of our client via the mobile application.

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In the second phase we created the design sprint of the app that helped us to understand the direction of our planning and expectation of the client. We shared the design sprint to the client and based on their suggestions we finalized the design of the application.


Once the design was ready; we started working on the frontend and backend development of the application instantly. The project manager was in constant touch with the client throughout the development process to make sure the client is updated with the progress.

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The testing team was also working simultaneously with the developing team and once the application was tested completely we delivered it with the code to the client.