GoodTalk is your personalized motivational app

GoodTalk, brought to you by Echo Innovate IT, is your personalized motivational app designed to ignite inspiration and empower you to live your best life! This innovative app offers a seamless blend of uplifting quotes, thematic content, guided meditations, and podcasts featuring renowned motivational speakers. The GoodTalk app has a delightful user interface and a smooth user experience, making it easy to engage with transformative content that fuels positivity and personal growth.


Market Challenges

There are abundant motivational apps available in the market. To make GoodTalk stand out, we coped with the following market challenges:

How To Begin Your GoodTalk Journey

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Create/Edit Your Profile:

  • Find your profile page in the top left panel. Click on your profile and add all the essential details. Add a profile picture and pick your preferences from the options provided. You can follow the same steps to update your profile anytime.
  • To edit your profile, go to your profile page and edit your personal details. You can change your name and contact number and add your favorite topics. Once you’ve done this, your information will be saved. 

Welcome To GoodTalk

Find a variety of audio quotes, weekly podcasts, self-improvement prompts and sleep meditations to start a positive journey with Goodtalk. 

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Explore Variety of Themes

Goodtalk has something more than a bunch of daily quotes.


Create and edit profiles anytime, anywhere.

Browse through a variety of themes, audio quotes, and podcasts. Discover new content.

Get daily notifications of self-help quotes

Buy a subscription plan and unlock premium self-improvement content on various topics.

Like, comment, or share quotes with others, and easily create your personalized album.

Development Details

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