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Geofolio is a global medium where you can find local visual professionals for different needs. Find various levels of expertise in categories such as photography, videography, audio, video, lights, technological products, and more. Explore a wider talent pool from entry to expert-level professionals and get the opportunity to collaborate with them. Streamline your process and begin multiple projects in one single space with Geofolio.

Simply sign in and create an account on Geofolio. You can select from various plans based on your needs and activate or deactivate accounts anytime. Premium plans provide more alternatives and opportunities to engage with specialists with distinct viewpoints, improving the quality and creativity of your projects.

Organize workshops and foster a learning community among other experts. Share your skills and expertise with others while building your personal brand with us. 

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About Us

Geofolio is a space to connect local creative professionals to a global audience. It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to look for visual experts based on their location and preferred criteria. Browse over 300+ lists of specialised figures to select the most favourable one for your projects. 

With Geofolio’s mapping tool, freelancers can simply display their projects on a map, present their portfolio, connect with potential clients, and develop beneficial networks. 

As a result, users can locate and engage with talented individuals with a few clicks, saving time and effort in their search. Overall, the website enables users to take charge of their professional development by providing the possibility to sell skills through workshops and masterclasses.

Geoffolio’s mission is to provide services and develop a community of experts who can share their expertise and abilities while creating their unique brand.

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Key Features of Geofolio

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  • Create An Account: First, create an account by filling in basic details like name/company name, email, and password to open a starter package. 
  • Choose A Pricing Model: You can choose from different plans and pricing models categorised as professional, expert, and enterprise plans. Select one according to your needs. 
  • Explore Variety Of Projects: Discover the wide range of projects posted by designers and visual artists and find projects and artists that meet your requirements.
  • Map Search: Refine your search through a unique map search feature. Individuals can choose a category, specific country/city, language, gender, and average budget to find the best experts and track their locations conveniently and quickly. 
  • Search/Register For Workshops: Take online courses or learn from a global network of your selected specialists. Get classes from various interests, such as photography and filmmaking, to jumpstart your creative business. 

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