Best Plant Identification App: Plant Identifier App Features, Cost in 2022

Plant Identification App

Best Plant Identification App: Plant Identifier App Features, Cost in 2022

Identification of flowers, leaves, and trees can be useful, educational, and even entertaining. The plant identification app is the one that can help with this.

However, although you can try an online search if you’re not sure what something is, googling “white star-shaped flower” can lead to hundreds of pages of possible outcomes.

Using an application made to identify growing things can be much simpler. Simply take a picture or enter some information and you will quickly discover what kind of plant you are viewing.

This collection of the best plant and flower identification apps will help you choose the one that can help you.

Who Can Use Plant Identification Apps?

Here is the list of all types of people who can use the plant identification apps.

1. Nature Lovers

  • Nature lovers always look forward to discovering different nuances of nature.
  • With plant identification applications, they get to know everything about a plant without the help of an expert.
  • These applications have a strong database of n number of plants, trees, and flowers that helps nature lovers to know things.

2. Travelers

  • Wildlife travelers visit the forests frequently where they find lots of plants and trees.
  • They are willing to explore the plants only by their curiosity and interest. On the other hand, they need to learn about the usefulness of different plants to use in a medical emergency.

3. Gardners

  • If you are fond of gardening, then plant identification applications enrich your knowledge regarding trees, plants, flowers, fruits, leaves, etc.
  • You can use the application everywhere.
  • You can use it in a nursery and buy a plant of interest after all data such as the name of the plant, source, availability worldwide, ease of use, and more.

4. Farmers

  • Farmers can have access to all the information regarding an unknown seed, plant, tree, or fruit in a few minutes using plant identification applications.
  • They can also get every little detail about different leaves and pests on the leaves.
  • Applications allow farmers to make an informed decision about which crop can be harvested.

5. Zoologists

  • Zoologists have to check the nutrition in fruits or vegetables before considering them for animals.
  • Plants, tree branches, and flowers are eaten by animals.
  • To keep pets and animals healthy, zoologists have to feed them well.
  • Using applications for plant identification can help zoologists meet the specific requirements of each animal food available at the zoo.

6. Botanists

  • Botany is a stream of education where students learn about endangered spices, plants, and other natural areas.
  • With these applications, students can access basic information about plants with just a tap.
  • Once you have an overview of a tree or a flower or a fruit, it will be easy for you to get more details.
  • Such applications make the most interesting and exciting study for students attending to their queries quickly.

7 Best Plant Identifier Apps – Which will Help you to Find Plant Name

There are hundreds of thousands of different varieties of plants and flowers in the world.

Fortunately, modern technology has the ability to retain and process databases more widely. Plant identifier apps turn your smartphone into a one-stop destination to know all things about plants.

Therefore, if you often find yourself wondering about the wild wonders that decorate the world around you, here’s a list of the best plant identification application available today.

1. Agrobase – Plant Identification by Leaf

Agrobase is a very good application for farmers and the like. It has an extensive database of plants, pests, weeds, and plant diseases. It is definitely one of the best plant applications.

  • It is extremely useful for identifying all kinds of plant life.
  • In addition, the application has a web application, constant updates, good photos, detailed descriptions, and more.
  • It may be a bit steep for the casual gardener, but good information is remarkable.

Agrobase On Play Store               Agrobase On App Store

2. FlowerChecker – Flower/Plant Identifier App

FlowerChecker is one of the most popular applications for identifying flowers. It works as a service. The process is not free. They claim that it is because humans identify plants and not a computer algorithm. Therefore, the money goes to pay these people.

  • Send a picture of a flower and an expert tells you what it is.
  • Each identification will cost about $ 1.
  • The application is also probably more useful for those flowers that simply can not be found in a Google search.

FlowerChecker On Play Store               FlowerChecker On App Store

3. PictureThis – Plant Identifier App & Plant Breeding & Variety Testing

PictureThis is one of the newest applications for identifying unknown plants. It works a bit like Google glasses and similar applications.

To identify take a picture of a flower, plant, berry, whatever. The application then uses photography to identify it for you.

  • Unlike FlowerChecker, it uses computer algorithms rather than the hand of man.
  • However, in general, the application actually seems to work pretty well. It has a database of thousands of plants, advice columns, and more.
  • There is a paid version that unlocks all the features, but you get some stuff for free.

PictureThis On Play Store               PictureThis On App Store

4. Garden Answers – App For Detailed Plant Information

Take a photo of a plant or upload one from your phone. The application will then provide multiple options from where you can choose the best match. After the selection, the application provides detailed information about the plant.

  • You must create an account and log in to use this application (or you can choose to log in through Facebook).
  • You can also link your profile options if desired.

Garden Answers On Play Store               Garden Answers On App Store

5. What’s That Flower – App To identify Plants

Instead of using a photo, you start by selecting the color of the plant you want to identify. Then select the habitat where the flower was displayed, and then the number of petals. After this, you will be presented with several possible options.

  • This application, which is only available for Android devices, works a little differently than most other apps.
  • This application can be useful when you see a flower, but can not take a picture of it.

What’s That Flower On Play Store               What’s That Flower On App Store

6. SmartPlant – Identify And Care Plants

You have the option to take a photo or select one from your gallery. The image is sent to experts trying to identify flowers, leaves, or trees. The application is free to download, and photo slideshows receive two free downloading of the application.

  • You will receive a free ID per month, although you can buy more or upgrade to the paid version.
  • This is not an instantaneous process If you have an unusual plant, professional help might be worth the wait.

SmartPlant On Play Store               SmartPlant On App Store

7. GardenTags – Top Plant Identification App

GardenTags is more than just an application of plant identification. However, if you want to use it to find out what type of plant or flower that you found, you can upload a photo and ask the community to help you make an identification.

  • Think of it as crowdsourcing plant information.
  • You can also upgrade to the paid version for other functions, such as creating a magazine and establishing gardening tasks.
  • After registration, you can catalog your garden and find inspiration from other garden designs.

GardenTags On Play Store               GardenTags On App Store

Features To Have In Your Plant Identification App

Having an app for plant identification is a totally new concept. However, it is an undeniable fact that it is a very useful app. Here are some of the best features that you should have in your plant identification app without fail.

1. Plant Identification by Fetching Data from Database

Once you upload the plant picture in the application, the app starts searching for the relevant results.

An integrated image recognition engine identifies the plant by fetching the information from the database and displays all possible output on the screen.

Users can find the exact match and move ahead to explore more details about the plant.

2. Taking and Uploading a Photo of The Plant

Recognition of any plant is quite easy using the apps.

Users need to take a snap of the plant using their smartphone camera and upload it to the app.

3. Geo-Tagging

The applications allow users to add locations when and where they found a particular plant with the help of a geo-tagging feature.

4. Complete Details about the Plant

The plant identification applications enable users with all information related to the plants such as leaves, fruits, group & family they belong to, origin, scientific names, popular names, growth habits, description, and other details.

FAQ’s of Plant Identification App Development

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Wrapped Up

Using an application made to identify growing things can be much simpler. Simply take a picture or enter some information and you will quickly discover what kind of plant you are viewing.

Thus having an app application for this is very beneficial. At Echo innovate IT we can help you with your web and app development. Contact Us! Today.


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