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Discord is one of the simplest methods to interact with your friends…

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Discord is one of the simplest methods to interact with your friends via voice, text, and video. It is a chat tool akin to Skype or TeamSpeak, as well as professional communication systems like Slack. An app like Discord is very helpful when attempting to play PC games. It facilitates the text chat app experience by providing search tools that allow you to locate other individuals and add them to a friends list for rapid contact. It’s designed exclusively for video game players, giving them the means to discover one another, organize play, and communicate while playing. 

It enables video calls, audio chat, and text messaging, letting users communicate in any way they like. Discord is progressively creating a business around all of that momentum, and it is also undertaking a major pivot: it is striving to make the platform into a communication tool for everybody, from group sessions to horticulture fanatics. After a few years, Discord has risen to the top of the gaming world. It boasts over 100 million monthly active users and millions of community members for every possible game and player. Discord is entirely free to use. It is also fairly straightforward. 

All you have to do is install it on your preferred device and create an account with a secure password or Two-Factor Authentication. If you don’t have somebody to talk to, a chat app is useless. Fortunately, adding your pals is a simple process on Discord.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a digital communications tool that allows you to communicate with friends, gaming communities, and developers via voice, video, and text chat. It has millions of users, rendering it one of the most successful web communication platforms. Discord is compatible as an audio chat app with nearly every unified platform and technology, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, iPadOS, Android, and web browsers.

While Discord began as a sanctuary for gamers, the site has now expanded to include groups with a wide range of interests. In general, you may leverage it to gather friends in a group text or voice chat. Discord is frequently used by game developers and publishers to distribute gaming freebies to their users. On Discord, you may examine concept art, updated pictures, and even gain entrance to a game.

There can be several text channels on a Discord server. A new Discord server will begin with a General channel, but administrators can add multiple channels for their own purposes.

On the Home page, you may speak with friends immediately via Discord’s text and voice chat app feature. Activating a voice channel activates voice communications, allowing you to hear anybody broadcasting on that channel.
Discord now offers video chat if you have a camera connected. The video call icon, which looks like a camera, will initiate a direct call with anybody you have chosen from your friend list. Servers may also accommodate up to 25 individuals in a group video conference. They may be launched from any speech channel. After you join, you may switch on your camera to start or attend a video chat. They function similarly to Zoom calls and may be used to organize huge gatherings.

Discord Stats

Discord Stats

It has been operating since 2015 and has had a lot of success since then. Discord currently boasts 350 million registered members, 150 million of whom are regular members on a monthly basis.

The most notable growth occurred in 2020, when it increased from 56 million to 100 million monthly users, before proceeding with a 50 percent increase in 2021. Discord had 250 million registered users in December 2020, and the platform reported that its users communicated more than 963 million messages each day.

While Discord has continued to struggle to identify a clear business strategy at times, it has generated money. Discord Nitro was created in January 2017 by the creators, and for a monthly membership cost of $4.99, users enjoyed several privileges over non-paying Discord members. In October 2018, they rebranded that bundle “Discord Nitro Classic” and introduced an improved “Discord Nitro” for $9.99/month. Discord launched Server Boosts in June 2019, which provided additional capabilities to a server for a $4.99/month cost. As a result of these adjustments, Discord is expected to earn $130 million in revenue in 2020, up 188 percent from $45 million the previous year.

Features For Creating An App Like Discord

features for creating an app like Discord

You will collaborate with the development team to identify must-have features based on market data, user stories, and prototype feedback. Consider implementing the following features in an app like Discord:

User Profile

The ability to create a user profile, similar to a traditional social networking app, is vital for mobile users. The user must be able to define oneself in a limited number of characters, as well as add links and emojis, in order to use this function. As a profile image, the user must be allowed to upload their own photo. It’s a little addition, but it’s a step toward the text chat app resembling more profile-centric social networks.

Servers and Channels

Servers and channels are where users or groups of users congregate. Discord-like apps should include a massive number of servers dedicated to nearly every topic imaginable. It must allow the user to change join settings: for example, server administrators might establish a confirmation level to avoid spammers and bots. The app, like other messaging apps, must provide both private and group conversations.

Roles and permissions

Roles and resolutions may be configured for all channels on the Discord server as well as for each channel individually. You may assign one of two responsibilities in typical group chat messaging apps: chat administrator or chat moderator. While Discord offers over 30 permission choices, you may combine them in a variety of ways. This functionality must be included if you intend to create an app similar to Discord.


Call and video conversations are supported, as well as dedicated voice channels without messaging capabilities. In only a few clicks, anybody may join these channels and begin communicating or listening. You’ll need high-quality audio if you want to establish a voice chat service. WebRTC is used to build Discord’s video and audio chat app capabilities because it provides high-quality voice and video services.

File Sharing

If you wish to develop an app like Discord, eliminating this functionality may make your app less appealing to consumers. You must do market research on the needs of your potential consumers and set suitable file size restrictions when communicating via audio, video, and text messaging.

Screen sharing

It is an additional beneficial function for instant text chat apps, although it is not widely used. The ability to share the screen with participants will be useful for corporate customers, easing communication. This function is ideal for more easily share ideas. It allows for the visual depiction of your thoughts, making it simpler for others to grasp your message.


Why do we use messaging apps? Of course, we may communicate with our friends, family, or coworkers, exchange ideas, and listen to others. And we don’t like missing out on communications. This is why every chat program must have a notification function. Activating this option alerts users whenever new messages or requests are received. Professional text chat applications you want to create must provide notification settings that allow users to explicitly or implicitly silence notifications to prevent continual notification sounds.

Message History

Consider offering limitless storage if you’re building a Discord clone for business. In business, it’s tough to exaggerate the importance of communications received months ago. In addition, if you provide a large or limitless storage history, you should have a search tool. It will improve the user experience. This function is ideal for firms who want to go back and analyze correspondence from months ago. This feature provides an excellent user experience.


It is not required for talking applications to interface with other services and accounts, but if it does, it will be an optional feature. You can allow users to link their accounts from social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Integrations such as Twitch and Steam will be quite useful if you want to create chat apps for gaming purposes. The features and functionality for commercial reasons will be determined by the domains.

Private chat

This function includes both private and group chat options. Users can chat one-on-one by creating a private channel. It enables them to safeguard the sharing of documents and messages with specific individuals. This one-of-a-kind feature is built on the basic security methods that set this app apart from the others.

Live streaming

Since it enables users to join speech channels and select the screen or video choices, the app must provide live streaming services. You may broadcast video from your webcam and have hundreds of others join you and your moments live while streaming.

How To Develop An App Like Discord?

Develop an app


When you understand your audience, you can build better goods that satisfy their expectations. There are lower odds of accomplishment if you do not provide services that meet the demands of the users. Conduct extensive study and gather as much information as possible regarding the end users’ requirements.

You can divide your study into two sections: 

Demographics: This involves an examination of the user’s age, location, and the device with which they access the internet. 

Behavioral trends: Researching behavioral patterns might assist you to determine what you should prevent and what you need to include in your offerings.

Hire an app development team

Complex mobile apps require expert minds to create. You can employ a professional app development team. They carry out necessary activities such as business model evaluation, technical data comprehension, cost of development calculation, and the creation of an entire project development plan. The team you employ will follow a rigorous project development process, focusing on integrating needed features and functionalities, as well as the application’s design and idea. They establish a schedule and targets and operate in a logical structure to meet the deadline.

App Design

Whether on Android or iOS, apps must be built effectively. The generated design should be appealing, seamless, and flexible enough to pique the attention of target consumers and leave a lasting impact on them. One must have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering mobile app design services, which include app schematics, wireframe generation, and the entire design model. Being a social media app development company, we propose starting with an MVP and assessing its technical and commercial performance. Using an MVP method, you’ll be able to learn what consumers like and dislike about your application. It will help you be able to incorporate user comments and develop the app.

App Development

Integration of cutting-edge technology may raise the cost of developing a Discord-like app. To complete the project on schedule, you must hire expert web developers that adhere to the agile methodologies of development. The more skilled the professional team you employ, the shorter the time it will take for your goods to be delivered. It is necessary to deliver frequent updates to the market in order for the program to perform properly. It contributes to a better user experience, the removal of hidden complications and errors, and the redesign of existing applications. To avoid problems, you must assess your app’s performance and respond to client comments.

Testing and Launch

The only way to successfully launch your app is to use testing tools such as functional testing, integration testing, usability testing, and so on. If your app solutions have gone through numerous stages of testing, you will be able to fix major operational and compatibility issues. You may eliminate the obstacles that prevent your app from producing the intended outcomes.

How Does An App Like Discord Make Money?

make money

Developing an app, even though similar apps exist, has a particular audience in mind and aims to achieve. As a result, it is not required to adhere to every revenue method employed by Discord. The tactics should be designed in such a manner that they fulfill the purpose of your app.

Subscription model

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription package. Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. Nitro Classic, the less expensive edition, costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Its paid features include a personal profile with an animated portrait and personalized tags, the ability to create your own custom emoticons, and more, Upload files of up to 100MB, High-resolution films, screen sharing, and Discord integration. Nitro is free to try for the first 30 days and may be discontinued at any time. This is comparable to Netflix’s concept, which emphasized a frictionless user experience and valuation adjustability. Due to the reliable and stable profits, these subscription-based models appear to be more satisfactory in catching the attention of tech investors.


Discord was estimated at $7 billion at the company’s most recent fundraising round, which was reported in December 2020. This is 100 percent higher than the $3.5 billion valuation Discord achieved in July 2020. The development costs of voice chat software may be greatly reduced with this strategy.

Merchandise Store

Discord was estimated at $7 billion at the company’s most recent fundraising round, which was reported in December 2020. This is 100 percent higher than the $3.5 billion valuation Discord achieved in July 2020. The development costs of voice chat software may be greatly reduced with this strategy.

Cost To Develop An App Like Discord

To create an inventive app with cutting-edge features, you need to invest in cutting-edge development tools and technology. Using the most recent and innovative technologies will ensure that your app runs for the foreseeable future.

The cost of building a voice chat app like Discord is determined by the following factors: product features, design, your development team’s hourly pay, project size and structure, application domain, and timeframe.

The pay rate of developers, which typically relies on their location, is the most important element influencing project costs. With billions of users worldwide, the text, voice, and video chat industry is very ubiquitous. However, in order to get market share, your software must be really distinctive. If you want to create an app like Discord, you’ll need to set up $40-60,000 to pay your development team.


An intricate mobile app development process necessitates a great deal of technical expertise and experience. The mobile app development team responsible for the creation of apps such as Discord should have many years of expertise and the ability to deal with complex tools and technologies.

Echoinnovate IT is a well-known mobile app development business with a team of qualified IT experts with extensive expertise in developing mobile apps for many industry verticals. You may employ them for your ideal android and iOS app development services and receive the greatest business solution.


What are Discord’s main aspects?

Servers, channels, direct messaging, phone calls, video calls, streaming live, and plugins are the core features of Discord.

Is Discord safe to use?

Despite the fact that Discord’s platform has been exploited for hate speech, you may alter your privacy controls and only accept connection requests from individuals you know. In case of any technical problem, our app developers will be there to resolve it.

What will be the cost to develop an app-like Discord?

We develop apps for three main platforms: Android, iOS and web browsers. The number of individuals engaged, the intricacy and quantity of elements, and the timeline will all have an impact on the ultimate cost. More personnel will be required to execute jobs on time with a stricter timeline. Hire app developers from Echoinnovate IT to get a ballpark figure.

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