How MEAN Stack is the Leading Choice for Start-up’s

MEAN Stack is One of the most secure and stable technology stacks…

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MEAN Stack is One of the most secure and stable technology stacks for Startup IT solutions. Know Why MEAN stack is popular among Startups? MEAN Stack is the Best Choice for new Startups.
Well-organized website development is not an easy thing for any developer. There are abundant complications integrated with it that could be resolved only by embracing and endorsing an efficient technology.

Plenty of new technologies are developing every day which provide services to create convenient and helpful websites for their flourishing business.

It can help in scaling your product to be competitive in the evolving IT market by selecting cost-friendly and modern technology.

The equivalent technological aspect is the MEAN stack which is phenomenally appropriate for developing a website for startups and additionally a well-acknowledged organization.

Though there are various similar technological stacks, that MEAN stack is the one that has made development speedy, uncomplicated, reliable, and cost-effective.

Throughout the years MEAN stack has expanded as a popular option amidst full-stack developers.

MEAN is an all JavaScript stack and easy to learn.

In this article, you will understand the reason why many tech startups go for the MEAN stack as their preferred development platform.

What Does MEAN stand for?

MEAN is a set of open-source JavaScript-based technologies which are suitable for developing dynamic websites and applications as well as hybrid mobile apps.

As MEAN uses a single language that is JavaScript for frontend development as well as backend, it has achieved immense popularity among developers.

Know all the primary functions of the MEAN technologies are

Clear your basics

It organizes the database application and makes conversation among clients and servers easier.

A JavaScript framework-based web app for functional back-end development to develop single or multi-page web applications.

It is designed for functional front-end operation which runs your JavaScript code in the user’s browser; permitting the UI to be dynamic.

It is a runtime JavaScript web app for establishing a scalable solution

The integration of all these four technologies has been a blessing to the web developers as they have been able to provide even complicated projects efficiently.

Let’s know more about what’s advantages of Mean Stack? and Their Disadvantages

Benefits of MEAN Stack (Pros)

Benefits of mean stack

MEAN Stack is accommodated with miscellaneous facilities and one of this kind is the effortless transfer of code from one framework to another which is written in one particular framework.

MEAN enables isomorphic coding which lets the developers use Javascript for the frontend and backend.

Among the main reasons for the popularity of the stack is the coding resource can be efficiently used making it profitable in a startup.

isomorphic code for Mean Stack

All the MEAN stack integrants are open-source and frequently upgraded which allows the developers to customize the code depending on their needs.

Data transfer among frontend and backend takes place through a JavaScript object leading to unchallenging life for developers.

Open Source Developer

It is profitable for the startups to work with MEAN Technologies because they do not require hiring different programmers to work on a single project.

JavaScript is the fundamental language over all the frameworks, all development work can be well operated by JavaScript developers while sharing the code for reutilization within the stack.

MEAN stack is an open-source framework which means you don’t have to pay any license fee and don’t even charge for downloading and using it.

The open-source feature of this technology will save the cost for development and consequently result in the development of high-quality applications.

mvc support structure

AngularJS utilizes MVC to systemize applications and consequently supports rapid and parallel development.

MVC model enables multiple programmers to work on the code concurrently. Ultimately reducing development time to three times.

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a technology that is used by Node.js, Angular.js, and MongoDB which are the 3 major components of MEAN.

JSON ideally allocates the data between the layers and saves the attempts of re-writing the codes.

MEAN uses binary-JSON (BSON) for data all over which makes it easier to reformat data as it passes through different layers. Ultimately which results in faster data exchanges between the layers. JSON is beneficial to


framework for app development

MEAN comes with powerful Node.js technology making it an ideal framework to build faster web applications. Moreover, it was found that Node.js enables the development of an application with 33% fewer codes in comparison to the other framework.

Hence, you can get access to the application with less lengthy codes leading to reduced development time. MEAN Stack successfully handles complicated needs very quickly.

JavaScript experts are sufficient to control the whole system end to end.

MongoDB, Express.JS, AngularJS, Node.JS, have a great user community and very good adoption rate among the leading tech brands in the entire world.

MEAN has an innumerable set of modules and libraries for Node.js which can be used at any time. These libraries are necessary as they help in saving plenty of time, also developers can abstain from constructing the modules from scratch.

Node.js is built on Google’s V8 JIT-compiled JavaScript engine which executes and compiles JavaScript code into the original machine code very fast.

This property of the MEAN plays an appreciable role in increasing the speed of development.

Developing a secured web application is always a topmost concern because of cyber strikes which are the biggest threats in the online business platform.

MongoDB, a non-relational database that supports JSON objects and is influenced by SQL strings, hence this results in robust database security.

MongoDB is a NoSQL and document database which makes it flexible to use in plenty of applications.

Coming to Node.js, it itself restricts the simultaneous request using middleware, extracts packages to encrypt them, adjusts the HTTP response header, and much more.

Cons of Mean Stack

Being already a Java developer, you have to put aside some of the concepts to learn Angular.JS and Node.JS. Generally, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to get started.

AngularJS is a single-page application framework and thus not appropriate for search engine optimization (SEO).

Most AngularJS applications don’t support earlier versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. 

Wrapping Up about Mean Stack Framework for your new Development Project

If you want to make use of MEAN stack developers think about all the parameters and your project requirements.

In case you are looking for a quick and uncomplicated way to build modern and dynamic web applications then MEAN must be your priority.

Most of the developers are already working with MEAN stack to scale their business as MEAN provides advanced properties which make application development simple and less mind-numbing.

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FAQs of Mean Stack Technologies

Here are some of the frameworks for full-stack developers-

  • React JS
  • Spring Boot
  • Angular
  • Node JS + Express.js
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Ruby on Rails
  • GraphQL

In case the idea of creating a mobile app to buy and sell used cars has piqueIn the MEAN stack, the requirement of a total number of developers is less as compared to the LAMP stack. So, the MEAN stack is a cost-effective method of app development.d your interest, you should take the next logical step and start making it a reality. Contact a professional team of experts to assist you put your plans into reality.

  • Isomorphic coding
  • Open Source in Mean Stack
  • MEAN Stack provides cost-friendly web applications
  • Supports MVC structure
  • Uses JSON
  • An Ideal Framework for Real-Time Apps
  • LEAN Team
  • Good Community Support
  • Time–savvy solution

A highly secure and stable platform is MEAN Stack

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