Best Home Design Apps To Remodel Your Home In 2024

In this day and age, it appears just as there really is…

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Best Home Design Apps

In this day and age, it appears just as there really is an application for everything, and home structure is no special case. Thus, here are some home design apps as stated below. Check and choose your home design app from the given ones.

Need to imagine what another paint shading would resemble in your space, without getting out the rollers? Need a story plan for your home? Whip out your cell phone. From shopping and shading intending to estimating and orchestrating, there’s an application for almost every progression of the structure procedure.

Presently you truly have no reason to put off that redesign. Peruse on to find the best home plan applications to download before you start that room makeover.

Best Home Design Apps & Software in 2023

For package management via browser, experts recommend NodeJS, JavaScript Package Manager (JSPM), Node Package Manager (NPM), and others. It’s used to make back-end web apps and development tools like gulp or grunt for task running and automation, webpack for module management, and so on. Other applications could involve the creation of chatbots and neural networks.

Morpholio Board – Interior Home Design and Decor App

Any interior designer who uses Morpholio Board would instantly understand the app was designed by interior designers.

A total industry game-changer, this glossy app allows designers to layout mood boards, design ideas, and collages, while instantly plugging in items from a curated selection of furnishings and accessories from brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, Porcelanosa, 3Form, Artek, and smaller firms like Volk and Uhuru.

Choose the piece you like, and in many cases, you can clip the color and fabric options right off the product site. Not only that, but the “Ava” feature, unique to the iPad, automatically generates cut sheets and spreadsheets of selected products, saving designers tons of time and tedious work.

Houzz – Free Home Design App

Houzz is, arguably, the mother of all design apps — CNN once called it the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design.”

Its database contains more than 14 million high-res home images tagged and organized according to style, room, and location.

Browse, search and save favorites to your “Ideabook,” which both stores your ideas and gives the app’s real-life, professional design consultants an idea of what you’re into.

Use the sketch function to annotate and draw directly on your images. And now you can shop for millions of products directly from the app.

MagicPlan – Apps for Home

MagicPlan transforms the painstaking ordeal of taking measurements and drawing up floor plans into an effortless process. This app help to design the living room, furniture, and decorations.

This interior design workhorse can compute distances within a space simply by analyzing a snapshot.

Annotate photos of your space with the height of the ceiling or the width of the hallway, and never again get stuck outside with a piece of furniture that won’t fit through the front door.

Smith Home Remodel App – Finding a Home Contractor

No matter how much planning you do, and how exquisite your mood boards and renderings are, you still might need a few pros to help you with the nuts and bolts of a design project.

Being one of the best home designing apps, Smith Home Remodeling helps you source and connect with contractors that will help you get the job done, whether that’s a major install or a minor cleaning.

Vivid – Home Design App

Updating the wall color is one of the simplest design fixes for the do-it-yourselfer.

However, choosing between Intense White by Benjamin Moore or Essential Gray by Sherwin Williams — or better yet, some of the more eclectic colors out there, like Death by Chocolate by C2 Paint or Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball — isn’t so easy.

Thanks to Vivid Paint colors, you no longer need to go to the hardware store and pick up bundles of paint swatches.

Search by color or inspiration for paints by top brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Glidden, save colors you like for later viewing, and in one click order the paint online.

ColorSnap – Home Remodeling Apps

Sherman-Williams has solved your desire to splash the palette of your favorite landscape — or textile or work of art or any other source of inspiration — onto your interior.

The image recognition app “snaps” colors from any photo on your smartphone and tells you which shade of Sherman-Williams would be the best match.

Not only that but you can peruse a 1,500-shade library, apply colors to virtual sample rooms, preview your new shade in daytime and nighttime lighting and even calculate down to the drop how much paint you’ll need to cover your space.

Housecraft – Home Furniture Picker

Augmented reality is totally changing the interior design world. No more do designers need to rely on back-of-the-envelope measurements or time-consuming computer renderings.

With Housecraft, simply drop fully rendered furnishings into space, scale, and position them.

What’s more, you can walk around them in 3D to see them from any angle. Save various potential layouts to compare and come up with the best solution for your space.

Adobe Color Capture – Home Remodeling Apps

Ever wish you could bottle the colors from an incredible photo or work of art and use them as a palette for a room? Thanks to the technology behind Adobe Color Capture, you can do just that.

When you’re out and about and find inspiring color combinations, shapes, or patterns, just open up the app and snap away.

Before you know it, you’ll have a customizable color scheme, 3D patterns, and vector graphics that are compatible with numerous design software programs to help you come up with your next great interior.

Havenly – Home Interior Design App

If you’re looking for expert interior design advice, Havenly might just be your answer.

The app creates a collaborative environment where you can bat your home renovation ideas around with real interior designers for ground-up projects or for simply adding finishing touches to a room, on any budget.

The first step is to pick your designer (or take a quiz to get matched with one), then you personalize your design, collaborate on ideas along the way, and even receive a visualization of the finished space based on floor plans.

Finally, shop a curated list of products to help you translate your ideas into reality.

Pantone Connect – Color Libraries for Home

Unequivocally, Pantone is the ultimate color arbiter.

When it comes to disputes on whether a shade is turquoise or teal, they have the final say.

The historic company put its standardized library of colors into a convenient app that allows you to accurately communicate your color choices to decorating professionals, designers, and manufacturers alike.

It also identifies the colors in your photographs and expertly generates complementary palettes.

SketchUp – Home Design 3D Software

SketchUp is a helpful 3D modeling software that allows you to create 3D shapes and objects. Using simple tools you can create customized objects with a high level of detail. There are two versions of SketchUp available. One is SketchUp make which is free, and the other is SketchUp Pro.

SketchUp is the most easy-to-learn and easy-to-use 3D modeling software there is. Of course, Sketchup is powerful and intuitive. SketchUp pricing starts at $119.00 per feature, per year.

There is a free version. Also, SketchUp offers a free trial. SketchUp offers various features such as 2D Drawing, 3D drawing, Animation, Data import or export, BIM modeling, Landscape design, and much more.

SketchUp offers great functionalities at the right price. It’s worth giving your time on learning it. SketchUp is the easiest to learn and even master.


Space is important and good tools can help you to make the most out of it. This is one such great application. Floorplanner is the easiest way to create floor plans.

It is a great app to show and present the floor plans you made on the Floorplanner website.

Floorplanner provides you the tools to make beautiful floor plans, fast. With Floorplanner you can recreate your home, garden, or office in just a few clicks and furnish and decorate your plans with our huge library of objects.

Floorplanner is easy to use. Every item can be reshaped, resized, and rotated, giving you exactly the floor plan you want. Its apps in Google Chrome and iPad are a great addition to the webtool.

The drag and drop function in the design view it’s amazing, the navigation between design features, floors, and view options are a big plus to this tool.


SmartDraw’s home design software is easy for anyone to use—from beginner to expert. With the help of professional templates and intuitive tools, you’ll be able to create a room or house design and plan quickly and easily. SmartDraw gives you the freedom to create home designs from any device.

As a matter of fact, SmartDraw is a top diagramming app, but it’s also one of the most expensive. It serves anyone who needs to make a diagram, from contractors and architects to business executives and project managers. SmartDraw’s tools will help any professional become more effective.

Thus, SmartDraw is an easy and powerful diagramming app designed for teams across all functional groups of your enterprise. From marketing to software development,

Additionally, SmartDraw offers a way for teams to use diagrams to capture and share information and collaborate on projects and initiatives of all sizes.

SmartDraw lets you visualize complex systems and ideas, and make informed decisions. SmartDraw gives you sales and marketing teams the tools to collect and process data and then plan and implement a successful strategy.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is an architecture design software that helps organizations create 2D and 3D floor plans and design layouts with custom elements. It enables employees to create interior designs with custom furniture, walls, floors, colors, and patterns, among other materials.

Planner 5D is an easy-to-use software that requires no special skills to use. It can be used online or downloaded on iOs, OS X, and Android devices.

You can try different textures, furniture, and design ideas within one program, play with colors and floor plans – everything is possible with Planner 5D.

You can also create a layout and work with it wherever you want – at home from your PC, at work via a tablet, or via a smartphone app on the go.

In Planner 5D, it is possible not only to create indoor interiors, but also to draw the external part of the house, and even create a landscape design.

You can quickly switch between blueprints, 2D and 3D mode easily. Planner 5D is free for users and you get a user-friendly interface.


This is an online interior design application that allows you to visualize your home ideas in 3D. HomeByMe is an online 3D space service to design homes effortlessly.

You can import plans, use a member-submitted project or begin developing your designs from scratch.

Furthermore, you can draw and scale walls, then drag and drop doors, windows, and other technical elements to form accurate representations of your spaces.

You can apply thousands of different colors, materials, and textures to products and building elements with HomeByMe. HomeByMe app offers great features that allow you to convert 2D sketches into a 3D diagram which gives users a wonderful experience on drawings.

Once done, they can import their floor plans, create rooms, and then move on to add doors, windows, floors, and stairs if necessary. The platform also enables users to simulate various scenarios by playing with different wall and floor coverings.


It is a commercial computer-aided design(CAD) and drafting software application. AutoCAD is compatible with other software. It is available in many languages.

The AutoCAD command set is localized as a part of the software localization. AutoCAD supports several APIs for customization and automation. Moreover, AutoCAD mobile is an easy-to-use drawing and drafting app for Autodesk.

It enables users in the design, construction, and engineering industries to view, create, mark up, edit, and share drawings on mobile devices. It enables real-time and office file updates.

The AutoCAD mobile app is free to download. It also offers a 7-day free trial to enjoy unrestricted access to all premium drawings, draftings, and editing tools.

The price of a monthly AutoCAD subscription is $220 and the price of an annual AutoCAD subscription is $1,775. AutoCAD is easy to learn and ideal for beginners, loved by professional constructional engineers and architects.

Must-Have Features In a Home Design App

features in interior design app

1. Floor Plan

Create detailed and precise floor plans. See them in 3D. Add furniture to design the interior of your home.

Have your floor plan with you while shopping to check if there is enough room for new furniture.

Floor Plan

Giving an idea of the floor plan with the size and alignment your customers will be at ease when it comes to arranging the required stuff in the house.

2. Color Guide

As a visual creative, color is one of the most important tools at your disposal. But how do you go about creating the perfect color scheme for your design?

Your apps should help pick the perfect palette, to make the design sing. And the best news is, it makes your app look different and adds an add-on value to it.

Your app should be able to give guides to color theory and using color in branding to help your clients pick a palette, then give this feature a try.

3. Virtual Home Tour

Get a complete view of the property without stepping out of your home. Buy or Rent, Live-In Tours allow you to make the right decision every time.

Stop wasting time on endless site visits! Live-In Tours show you everything you need to know to decide quickly about your new home.

4. Furniture Guide

Get a complete view of the property without stepping out of your home. Buy or Rent, Live-In Tours allow you to make the right decision every time.Do you remember the time, when people were buying a chair, a lamp, a carpet, or anything else? Remember how exciting it was about the fortunate purchase, rushing home… and finding out that an item did not fit the room? Argh.

And there were only two further options: either return the goods and go back to the start or leave and live with it. Fortunately, with new tech advances and stuff like Augmented Reality, these times are gone.

Selecting colors for the interior, creating a drawing or a model of a room, staging it with the furniture – all of this is possible thanks to AR and VR furniture apps

Have this feature integrated into your app and you are good to go.

Wrapped Up

There are a million and one things to think about when renovating a house — or even just decorating a room, for that matter.

From which wall art to select, to how to level wall hangings, to how to arrange furniture, and which color palette to opt for, your head is probably spinning out of this dimension just trying to stay on top of it all, but help can be arranged.

Why not make apps that will simplify your design life in a major way, and most! The clients won’t be needing an interior designer, but a mobile carpenter.

We can help you develop that. At Echoinnovate IT, our team of developers can help you with making a home design app. Contact Us! Today.


How much time will it take to develop a Home design App?

Approximately, building an app for the interior design business can take anywhere between 2 to 4 months depending on your needs. At Echoinnovate IT you can get the best services in the least time. Contact us now to develop a home design app.

How much does it cost to develop an app for home design?

The cost to develop an app for interior business purely depends upon the functionality of your application. Various factors determine the cost of creating a home design app. You also need to give charges to the app developer on an hourly basis. Your total amount for the development is calculated relevant to the estimated hours for app development and the features you install.

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