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Golang Web Frameworks For Development Ultimate Guide

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    Top Golang Web Frameworks in 2021

    Since the introduction of the Go programming language, it has gained immense popularity among developers and mainstream users.

    For developers who want to build simple and reliable software, this programming language is a winner due to its ease of understanding. In the search for evolution and innovation from the more conservative languages such as C and C++, the Golang has proved to be easier to implement than them.

    The developers like you must be searching for the right web frameworks to work with the Golang so here is a guide that will provide you with relevant information regarding the web framework.

    For those of you who are getting started with this programming language needs to know that you can build robust APIs with reduced lines of code. Here are some of the Golang framework that you should try your hands on:

    Why do we need web frameworks?

    For those of you who do not know why web frameworks are necessary here is a piece of information- Web frameworks allow the developers to build the application of their choice efficiently and give them the result that they are expecting. Here are some of the web frameworks which will help you.

    Golang programming languages for building web applications


    If you are tired of finding and installing third-party libraries for your framework then Beego can be your perfect choice since

    • you do not have to install any third-party libraries.
    • It is a complete MVC framework with its own libraries and web frameworks that is required.
    • It also comprises a built-in tool that helps with finding the code changes and is known as the Bee Tool.

    This framework will help you save a lot of time which is devoted to finding out the logging frameworks and the structure of the application.


    Gin Gonic

    If you want your web framework to perform better then you need to install the Gin Goic web framework for all your Golang needs. It will take just 10 minutes of your time to learn Gin and you will be able to execute your application after learning it.

    The API of this web framework will be similar to that of martini which we will be explaining next.

    Since this is a minimalistic framework it only consists of features and libraries that are essential therefore makes it the best choice to develop high-performance REST APIs. You can add JSON validation-like features and you will still be able to maintain its high performance and it also used a fast HTTP router for faster routing for Golang.

    golang web frameworks gin going


    This is the high productivity framework for Go since

    • it includes Hot code reload tool that lets the developers rebuild on every file change.
    • It has a lot of high-performance features and libraries so you do not have to search for external libraries for help.

    Revel is more than enough to provide the developer with the right framework to start building their application with Go.



    The Gin Gonic has a similar API to this web framework and is inspired by Sinatra. This framework is extremely lightweight yet has powerful features that a developer would need.

    • Martini helps the developer to write modular web applications and other services in Golang.
    • Martini has a plethora of good features that make it stand in the crowd such as the non-intrusive design that makes it quick and easy to use.
    • It is also capable of performing exception handling which is essential for error handling and default serving for the AngularJS applications in the HTML5 mode.
    • One of the best features of this web framework is that it uses reflection that allows the developer to insert data into handler functions dynamically and also to add new services to it.

    HTTP.HandleFunc interface is completely compatible with this framework

    golang web frameworks martini


    It is a lightweight and super fast framework that is simple yet composable and is more like net/HTTP.ServeMux.

    • Since it is a minimalistic HTTP request multiplexer and also includes Einhorn support. But this has also resulted in incompatibility with the WebSocket in Goji.
    • The additional features of this web framework include a re-configurable middleware stack and a graceful shutdown.
    • This framework can be used to serve billions of requests among several organizations.

    golang web frameworks goji


    If you are looking for a minimalistic framework then your search is over. Gocraft is a minimalistic framework that also offers fast and scalable routing performance with this powerful framework. Similar to the one discussed above even this framework

    • allows the developer to consists of reflection and casting capabilities due to the middleware package.
    • optional functionality provided to the developer in the form of a built-in middleware that they can use.
    • Great Performance
    • very easy for the developers to write backend web applications

    Which IDE can be used for Golang?

    Since we have talked a lot about the web framework for Golang we must also talk about the IDE. It helps you with the code editing capabilities and helps the developer to code efficiently.

    Visual studio code can be one such IDE that is open-source and also supports a wide variety of languages. It also has a community of Go developers so you can connect with them and know what all you can perform with Golang. You can also use other IDEs depending on your requirement.

    These were some of the web frameworks for Golang and additional information that you might need on the quest to make a viable web application.

    FAQ’s of Golang Web Framework

    Bottom Line: Golang Web Frameworks 2021

    You can try these web frameworks for faster and better performances. Moreover, you can look for other IDEs to enhance your coding abilities. Are you someone who knows JS/node? Then you should learn some additional programming concepts too and keep up your zeal to code.

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