How To Make A Shopping App Like Wish: All the Stats, Facts, and Cost You’ll Ever Need to Know

How To Make A Shopping App Like Wish: All the Stats, Facts, and Cost You’ll Ever Need to Know

How To Make A Shopping App Like Wish: All the Stats, Facts, and Cost You’ll Ever Need to Know

How to Make Shopping Apps Like Wish, Amazon, Aliexpress?

Online shopping with an app like wish is one of the fastest and largest steadily growing industries in the world on the web and smartphones. Therefore, over the past few years, e-commerce has transformed the way to buy and sell online.

The basic thing is e-commerce makes online shopping even more convenient. This helps to fine-tune the search for products and items.

Also, check out the below report of Total Retail E-commerce Sales Worldwide by Statista.

Shopping app like wish

Firstly, this statistic provides information on the share of mobile retail commerce sales. It is the percentage of total retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2016 to 2021. Secondly, in 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce, up from 58.9 percent in 2017.

Hence, emerging e-commerce markets in mobile-first economies are a large driver of this trend.

In the marketplace, there is no responsibility for shipping various products whereas in the mobile platform it does for the needy. Above all, the essential need for online shopping is a good shopping platform with a big deal on products and categories.

The entire online shopping platform needs a vulnerable application for category search, product search, payments, security, and shipments. In addition, it needs liability over contents and control over items listed.

Firstly, this article explains the making of a shopping app similar to, after that, it also shows how much it costs to make an app like Wish.

Apps Like Wish E-commerce Basics

Certainly, for designing an e-commerce website and mobile app, it is essential to look into some factors. One has to see products, quality, competitive prices, customer service, shipping, a wide selection of items, add-on-the-cart, digital marketing, best offers, price-saving options, and secured payment.

Meanwhile, the shopping site takes an earnest attempt to make earnings in gaming platforms, recharge bills, App store, Dwindle book store, Netflix, Prime Videos, etc.

The important aspect to be considered while designing a shopping site is, that the site must be buffered fast and payment must be paid securely.

Above all, for every online business customer service and customer care has full responsibility for the satisfaction of the customer. One positive experience of the user makes the users sustain on the same website for future purchases.

All the products and business has both positive and negative experience but the timely response to the customer satisfies the customer’s needs. Because the tremendous effort and timely response add trust to the business.

Marketplace Business Models Of Wish

Apps like Wish is one of the most hyped shopping apps that connect merchants with global customers. Wish App connects 1 million merchants with 500 million global customers with 100 % satisfaction with products and customer services.

Why wish shopping app is so popular?

The wish app is extremely popular for its exclusive low prices on various items including clothes, smartphones, Gadgets, wearables, etc. However, it is the second-largest installed app on the shopping platform.

Wish App is available for IOS and Android app installation. Additionally, the app has six additional apps to serve from hi-tech electronics to home accessories.

The app provides the best-discounted prices for their products that help the user to simplify the journey from the best shopping experiences.

Shopping app like wish

How to Make a Shopping App like Wish?

Building an app similar to the wish marketplace app can be developed through proper planning of architecture coupled with research on the marketplace. Hence, to develop an app like wish it is essential to consider the following things to make a mass impact.

  • Build a user-friendly app
  • A clear description of products, description, payments, and items availability
  • Details of product items must be validated while ordering the product.
  • Secured payment must be enabled for the online purchase.
  • Shipping items may vary according to location, proper encoding, and decoding on shopping is essential.
  • Shopping history, payment history, and saving history must be listed based on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  • Create trust on the site and app
  • Increase the number of installation worldwide

Main Features To Make Android App Like Wish and Aliexpress

Shopping App Features – Create an Account

Once the app is opened it is essential to create an account. For this account registration, an authorization feature is implemented by direct interaction with client-server API.

For logging in to the account, make options like login through an existing social media account, Gmail account, or e-mail account for the convenience of the user.

While developing this account features use open authorization protocols for good efficiency. Make sure that the user can buy the product once the registration process is completed.

Though, Write coding for the unregistered users to allow surfing on the products and prices.


Create a list of products, items, and categories based on size, price, and quality.

Also, provide two options for shopping:

1) Adding a product to the wish list
2) Buying the product directly

All selected items are stored in the shopping cart. The wish list product helps the user to buy the product later and the buy option will redirect the user to the payment page securely to complete the purchase.

Payment gateway

Once the products are added to the shopping cart, the user will be redirected to the payment gateway page securely.

The payment gateway page must be designed efficiently. And the developer must provide a secure payment option to both customers and merchants.

Moreover, the app developer must concentrate more on crucial options. He should include 2 or more items, order cancellation, cashback options, return refund, etc.

At the same time, the developer must provide the payment options like PayPal, credit card, direct payment, bank wire transfer, and cash on delivery, payment apps, app balance payment, and debit card payment.

Acknowledgment through SMS and E-mail

Once the payment is done, the user must receive the payment confirmation. Also, the product confirmation should be sent to his registered e-mail and registered mobile phone.

Push Notifications

Push notification is an essential feature for shopping app development. Most importantly, it creates another communication channel between the merchant and the customer.

As a result, all the available discounts, offers, festival bonanza, and trigger notes go through these push notification options.

Moreover, it hits right to the user’s screen and helps the user not to miss any chance on offers and discounts.

Shipping Details

The developer must provide shipping details in the app from the merchant to the customer. After that, also confirm the delivery to the customer.

Customer Care

Firstly, the developer must provide In-app options for inquiries related to a product, price, payment. In addition, also a delivery over call, email, chat, and messaging options.

As a result, it helps to increase the trust of the website and its services.

How much does it cost to create an E-commerce app like Wish

Certainly, it is difficult to estimate the shopping app development cost without knowing

  • Mobile platforms
  • Required features
  • Hourly rate of your mobile developer(as per location)

Why? Because the hourly developer rate varies depending on the country.
Go through the above link to know.

App Development Time According To Features

FeatureRequired FunctionsDesign/hrBackEnd/hrAndroid/iOS/hr
Customer application part    
Signup login, pass recovery

– Login, Social login

– Forget password

User Profile

– Edit user profile, photo

– Manage shipping addresses

Orders– List of orders with status162416
Category– Category structure tree788
Items’ List– List items to buy
– Items’ filters
– Sort items
Item page– Item description
– Size, color variety
Review– List of customers review for an item
– Add own item review
Search– Search items
– Result of searched items
– Search items, brands, stores
Report inappropriate item– Send report form488
User wishlist– Manage wishlist8168
Message– List of messages
-Messaging system
Shopping cart– Shopping cart functionality72424
Payment– 3rd party payment system integration
– List of payment methods
Text pages– Terms & conditions988
Email integration– mail server integration
– Email notification about users action
Total  114 hours328 hours200 hours
Seller application part    
login signup, pass recovery

– Login, Social login

– Restore password

Registration form

– Fill in the registration form

– Upload documents

Seller Profile/Settings– Edit seller profile, photo81216

– List of orders

– Update statuses

Category– Request for adding a category288
List of items– Manage own items to sell163240

– List of messages

– Messaging system

Transaction– List of transactions82416
Total 58 hours132 hours144 hours

Build an E-commerce App Like Wish Cost is about $29,920. If the developer takes an average of $30 per hour, and the estimated time of the Development E-commerce app like wish is 976 hours.

Bottom Line: How To Develop An Online Stores Like Wish?

In conclusion, while the e-commerce industry continues to grow, m-commerce will remain the prospective sphere for investments.

Certainly to receive profit from these trends you can create your e-commerce marketplace app like Wish and apply the Wish business model.

In addition, for your mobile shopping app, consider the features we have described in this article as well as the monetization strategies.

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