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When it’s time to clean out the closets and update your appearance,…

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When it’s time to clean out the closets and update your appearance, don’t neglect the possibility of selling used clothes online, particularly used designer apparel. It is now simpler than ever to send your gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories to online resale businesses or resale app like thredUP, and earn money. There are more than 25,000 secondhand, consignment, and non-profit resale stores in the United States.

People who understand how to sell old clothing also understand how to generate money online without a desk job. Traditional online marketplace platforms are being replaced with apps to sell used clothes via the augmented marketplaces, such as app like thredUP, that handle logistics, photography, and customer care for sellers of old designer items.

What Is ThredUP?

What is thredup

thredUP is an online consignment and secondhand business that can assist you, your pocketbook, and the environment. They were not only an app to sell used clothes, but also one of the finest clothing retailers. What began as a shirt exchange for men has evolved into an exclusive second hand clothes sales marketplace for women and children, with over two million pieces from 35,000 brands. Their online consignment service operates as follows:

Business Model For ThredUP

thredUP is a sustainable fashion brand launched online in 2009 by James Reinhart. Reinhart came up with the concept for thredUP after he realized he had a wardrobe full of things he did not use and could not trade. thredUP generates profit by charging a commission on each item of apparel sold on their site. The precise commission is based on the listing price, which is determined by examining the item’s brand, size, seasonality, quality, and age. Additionally, thredUP charges clients a fee if they want their old clothes items sorted within a week.

One of the questions that arises is: How to make an app like thredUP? The business model for thredUP is multifaceted, with two interconnected client groups that are required for the company to function:


thredUP generates revenue by charging a commission on each item of apparel sold on their site. Commission rates are determined by a team of pricing professionals depending on the listed price. Pricing is determined by seasonality, item age, quality, design, and current stock levels of the same size or brand.

In general, thredUP earns a bigger commission on cheaper products than on more expensive ones. Currently, the firm utilizes the following commission structure:

Expedited Clean Out Bags

When customers choose to sell or give undesired apparel items, they may purchase Clean Out Bags from thredUP. A regular Clean Out Bag is provided at no cost, however the firm charges $16 for expedited processing of returned bags of clothing.

What Are Must-Have Features For App Like ThredUP?

Must Have Features For App Like ThredUP

Generally speaking, you must gear your app with a set of features in the fashion app that assist the buyer’s journey, create a fantastic user experience (UX), and make purchasing effortless. Overall, to develop shopping app Like thredUP, each feature should contribute to the app’s fundamental objective: growing sales, fostering customer loyalty, and providing your company the necessary competitive edge to succeed.

Best App To Sell Clothes Online

If you want to learn how to create a thrift shop, starting with an online version might be a terrific learning experience. Check out our current list of applications if you want to develop a resale clothing app like thredUP and choose the best apps for selling clothing online.

ASOS Marketplace

If you wish to sell vintage apparel, the ASOS Marketplace app is home to the best independent brands and vintage stores. ASOS consumers adore retro, vintage, and edgy apparel.


The Mercari app enables merchants to offer clothes, shoes, and accessories at any price. Everything sold incurs a 10% charge. You can sell more than clothing. Mercari lets you sell phone covers, Fitbits, and soccer gear.


Poshmark lets users sell unwanted apparel. Shoppers may find items by category. Poshmark’s virtual fancy parties attract thousands of people who make listings, share listings, and shop. When your old apparel sells, you’ll get a mailing label to send it off at a postal dropbox.

The RealReal

Good quality products typically sell within three days, so if you need money fast and have several pieces, this is the place to go. The RealReal also accepts beautiful jewelry, home furnishings, and art. Send things by USPS or arrange free in-home pickup in certain cities.


Vinted lets you sell or trade garments. Add a picture and description to the pricing. After the item sells and the buyer gets it, print a mailing label and drop off the box within five days. The money is then sent to your bank account or PayPal.


eBay opened the path for every at-home seller selling designer clothing on the cheap. Selling your item here—especially a designer collab—can trigger bidding wars. If you’re looking to purchase, there’s no dearth of options, but choosing between Cuisinarts and lawn mowers (and seeing the price rise every second) may be difficult.


Good quality products typically sell within three days, so if you need money fast and have several pieces, this is the place to go. The RealReal also accepts beautiful jewelry, home furnishings, and art. Send things by USPS or arrange free in-home pickup in certain cities.


Kidizen is a popular consignment app for children’s clothing. The app makes it simple to sell gently used children’s apparel. Simply take a photo, list the item, create a mailing label, and send it. If you don’t want to sell them, you may donate them.


Depop lets you sell clothes and jewelry from anywhere. It is a network of sellers and buyers for streetwear and vintage goods. The vendor or buyer pays for shipping. Depop creates the shipping labels, and fees vary on weight and size. PayPal, direct deposit, or shop credit.


OfferUp makes it easy to sell clothes locally. It helps people locate clothing in their region, eliminating shipping expenses.


Sell your antique fashions on Etsy. Etsy charges 3.5% transaction and 3% payment processing fees. You’ll be among 1.7 million Etsy merchants.


The letgo app lets you sell worn clothing and accessories. Letgo claims to be the largest and fastest-growing app for local buying and selling.

Facebook Marketplace

People wishing to purchase and sell clothing online use Facebook Marketplace. They generally serve locals, although they ship nationally. Facebook Marketplace is a simple method to have your clothing noticed by people. There’s a 5% shipping cost.

Cost To Develop An App Like ThredUP

We can estimate the cost to develop shopping app like thredUP. The price depends on a variety of criteria, such as the amount of features, the development company’s rates, and if the project will be produced from scratch.

Let’s investigate the average hourly wages of developers in various nations.

How can we cut project costs while maintaining quality? Echoinnovate IT proposes checking out our white-label solution, which enables rapid and cost-effective growth of specialized markets. The solution includes all of the required feature modules for constructing marketplaces for goods sales, booking, and consulting services. Moreover, our technology enables us to modify your marketplace by adding new, unique features and developing a bespoke layout.

FAQs Of ThredUP

How to make an app like thredUP successful?

Any application can achieve success with the appropriate features. If the software is simple to use and has functional features, it would not take long for it to become popular.

When you develop resale clothing app like thredUP, how does it make money?

Every transaction that happens on an app to sell used clothes, such as thredUP, incurs a transaction fee. The firm also charges customers a premium if they want their old garments sorted within a week or so.

What is the cost to develop an app like thredUP?

To develop shopping app like thredUP, many factors come into play while determining its costs including features, location of development, etc. To get an estimate, get in touch with us.

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