Best Relaxation Apps For Android and iPhone in 2024

In this stressful environment, one-third of the participants are looking for a…

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In this stressful environment, one-third of the participants are looking for a doctor to face some health-related issues because of stress. Around 40% of the respondents are trying to stress themselves and it is not considered to be a healthy move. Thus, relaxation apps come to the rescue.

Today, everything is becoming possible with mobile apps. It might be shopping for things or learning or any other process, people are depending on the mobile app for their needs. So, this established the concept of relaxation apps in mobile phones. So, what is highly suggested apps?

Continue reading to find a list of apps you need to consider for both iOS and Android users. and Read all the Meditation App Reviews

Simply being – Best Free Meditation Apps

This is a solid and affordable app that offers enough features. More elaborate apps can be overwhelming and this can be easy to use.

Simply being

WhiteNoise – Relaxing Meditation Music App

As the name indicated, the app uses white noise to mask the distractions when you are meditating and it plays a vital role in promoting relaxation.

You can also use the app to help with sound sleep. Further, it offers 40 recorded white noise sounds like

Besides, you can also have the option to record some of your favorite sounds or music and make use of them during relaxation time. Here, you cannot find some guided meditations.


Buddhify – Leading Relaxation Apps for Guided Meditation

Despite the name, the app does not have any apparent connection with Buddist meditation.

It offers 11 hours guided meditation and it is customized for some physical activities like;

These situations will be based on compatibility with busy and urban lifestyles. You can also make use of the app for some reduced anxiety and take your mind off any physical or mental pain.

If you are looking for relatively low payment options for having a great time, relaxation time can be guaranteed with this app.


Black lotus – Top Relaxation Apps for Reducing Stress

Black Lotus mixes meditation with some random acts of kindness to encourage people to live more mindfulness, happier, and enjoy spiritual life.

It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and worries by boosting calm, focus, and happiness. It will further help with the guided meditation sound, virtues, and meditation timer-based meditation.

With the app, you can meditate in real-time with others around the world as the app will allow you to chant to increase the concentration with mantras. These features will help in discovering the ways to be kind, inspire different aspects of the globe, and rate the progress.

It includes user-contributed motivational short stories and some other videos, articles, products, and uplifts the daily quotes and affirmations.

Black lotus

Headspace – Relaxation Apps For Enhancing Health

It is one of the oldest and well-known meditation apps on android and iOS mobile phones.

This is the subscription-based app provided by Foundation Series for newcomers. When you are working with the preliminary meditations, it will offer you the catalog of guided meditation that will focus on some new exercise and sound sleep.

Daily meditation on some new topics also will be given for enhancing health. So, it will be the best source to work with panic, anxiety, stress, and several other factors.


Aura – Best Free Meditation Apps for iPhone

It is the Artificial Intelligence integrated personalized meditation tool. When you open the app, you can feel the greatness and you need to answer some questions before going through the app.

You need to go through the three-minute session based on the answer given to the questions asked in the app. It comes with some free features like

You can also note some important aspects related to meditation with the apps. On the whole, the app will fulfill all your needs for relaxing with the app to enjoy sound health.


Pzizz – Best Meditation App That Relax Muscles

It is the app that offers more useful information and stands as the visual app in the market today.

The nap module is offering standout features and it will allow you to go through the universe with the help of either a male or female narrator with free calming music. Some science behind this calculates the cloud sequence.

Pzizz app developers have also designed layered voice narrations to boost some somatic awareness, target relax muscles, etc.

All these together make the app to be unique and place it in the list of the top-rated meditation apps for relaxation.


Insight Timer Meditation Music App

Insight Timer app is the best guided meditation app world’s most loved meditation Timer.

To maximize the options, this app will be the most popular choice.

It comes with 3,000 free guided meditations and it also incorporates several hundred free meditations sounds to play when you are meditating.

You can also use different varieties of timer options to make the app more useful. The insight timer app also has a wealth of content that includes guided meditations for sleep, but when you need to upgrade, you need to pay for it.

Insight Timer

Wrapping it up – Best Relaxation Apps 2023

As the world gets more digitized, almost everything is available through the internet. Consider the pros and the factor of convenience to use these facilities and download the right app.

Follow the right guidelines given for staying healthy with sound physical and mental health. Do not delay to value such an app and start making more out of it.


FAQs Of Relaxation App Development

How long does it take to develop a relaxation app?

The time required can be affected by the complexity of features, the intricacy of the design, and the number of specialists involved. It could take about 3-4 months but it may vary.

How do Relaxation apps make money?

Meditation applications usually make money from subscriptions and in-app purchases, but the significant growth of this market is a result of a stream of newcomers joining meditation apps.

How do I start a Meditation app business?

To build a meditation app, we will first need to understand how to regulate the business part.

Idea Validation

Types of Application


Team and Tech Stack

Features Integration

Meditation app design

What should a Meditation app include?

Being a startup, if you have made up your mind to develop one of the best-guided meditation apps like Calm, you must include these 5 features to make your app successful:

Guided meditation for everyone

Mindfulness and meditation exercises

Sessions on everything from stress to happiness

Allow users to track daily progress and meditation time

Push notification to keep users engaged

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Meditation App?

Although there are lots of cost influencing factors, two of them are critical i.e., features and kind of meditation app development. Work of the development team, cost of servers, maintenance, and support are the things that go into the cost to build a meditation app. It’s unfair to say the exact cost of building a meditation app. But you can use the app cost calculator for estimating the real figures.

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