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Technology is widely used in different sectors and benefits the masses. With…

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Technology is widely used in different sectors and benefits the masses. With the increased use of smartphones and their applications, one can access all necessary services in one place. Then be it buying groceries, booking tickets, or getting digital doctor consulting solutions, everything has become possible today. Whenever someone talks about doctor appointment apps, Practo comes as a popular name. 

Practo is a doctor appointment scheduling application that provides services like digital prescriptions, online video consultations, selecting required specialists, etc. Practo offers thorough information about doctors, such as their training, credentials, consulting fees, and availability. 

It is ideal for consumers seeking expert doctors for a variety of ailments. Practo, a flexible, patient-focused software, offers free services to both doctors and patients. Patients can ask doctors any health-related questions, and doctors can provide qualified answers. Practo makes it simple to contact the best medical professionals immediately. Consulting is 100% secure and safe. A free doctor consultation with follow-up is also provided. 

The benefits of Doctor Appointment Apps are many. It not only helps patients but also doctors and hospitals. Are there any similar apps like Practo? There are surely some outstanding doctor appointments available for Android & iOS. Check out the list below to understand better. 

List of 5 Best Doctor Appointment Apps Like Practo

Apps Platforms Features Downloads Ratings
1mg Android & iOS Medicine shop at your home
Expert advice on demand
Easy lab tests
1M+ 4.7/5
Lybrate Android & iOS Free health queries
Digital prescriptions
Appointment booking
5M+ 4.1/5
Mfine Android & iOS Instant doctor access
Order medications
24/7 support
5M+ 4.6/5
Doctors On Demand Android & iOS Instant access
Expert care
Affordable options
1M+ 4.8/5
HealthTap Web, Android, & iOS Connect with qualified doctors
Gain health insights
Ask questions anonymously
1M+ 4.7/5

1) 1mg


1 mg is one of the most effective telehealth apps since it is completely private. It employs some of the most qualified doctors and delivers high-quality healthcare across its network. The software is simple to use and spares you from the inconvenience of long lineups and rush hours.

You do not need to wait physically to see a doctor; you can seek medical assistance when you feel ill. It is also quite affordable, and medical aid can be offered for free in an emergency. Receive free consultations with certified doctors from various specializations via chat or video conference.

 Discuss your health concerns and seek advice from the comfort of your own home. Schedule laboratory tests with reputable partners such as Dr. Lal Path Labs and SRL Diagnostics. Experience the convenience of collecting samples at home and securely accessing reports online. Empower yourself with information. 1mg gives users access to a library of curated health articles and drug information written and verified by medical professionals. This makes 1mg one of the best doctor appointment apps like Practo. 

Pros Cons
Wide selection Delivery limitations
Competitive prices Not all medicines are available
24/7 expert advice Local discounts might be better
User-friendly interface App delays

2) Lybrate


Lybrate is another alternative to apps like Practo providing practice management tool for doctors. Lybrate allows a healthcare worker to manage appointments, record treatments, track outstanding payments, and much more. It offers paperless medical records and practice administration, allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on treating their patients.

Ask free, anonymous questions about your health or fitness concerns. Receive several responses from experienced doctors in minutes. Chat, video call, or audio call with top-rated doctors from all specialties. Securely discuss your health concerns and receive specialized medical advice. Find and schedule appointments with doctors near you, or consult virtually for maximum convenience. Receive digital prescriptions effortlessly through the app, eliminating the need for printed copies. 

Pros Cons
Free health queries Limited free service
Budget-friendly consultations Potential for misdiagnosis
Large doctor network Doctor quality may vary
Benefits for doctors Focus on consultations

3) Mfine


The Mfine app is intended for online doctor consultations and at-home lab testing. The software allows patients to engage with specialists via chat, audio, and video calls.

The cost of doctor consultations using this app begins at cost-effective prices and varies according to the doctor’s specialty and experience. In addition, the patient enjoys a 50% discount on all at-home health screenings and testing. It is one of the top Practo apps for doctors because it provides low-cost, efficient care. 

Mfine goes beyond consultation. You can arrange lab tests with reliable NABL-accredited partners. Enjoy quick in-home sample collection and secure report delivery within the app. Get prescribed drugs delivered to your house with ease. Mfine assures that all drugs are acquired from licensed pharmacies.

Mfine’s portfolio of dermatologist-developed products allows you to create a personalized skincare regimen. Take a free skin test and receive expert advice for a healthy glow. Another outstanding alternative to apps like Practo! 

Pros Cons
Wide range of services Limited specialties
Affordable care Reliance on self-diagnosis
Focus on preventive care Limited follow-up care
User-friendly interface Technical issues in the application

4) Doctors On Demand

Doctors On Demand 

Doctor On Demand links you with board-certified doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists via private video chat on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you have a troublesome cough in the middle of the night or need a mental health check-in, Doctor On Demand offers convenient and high-quality care around the clock.

Connect with a wide range of credentialed providers, including general physicians and mental health experts. Doctor On Demand is frequently a more affordable alternative to regular in-person visits. Receive the treatment you require from the comfort of your own home, with complete secrecy guaranteed. A doctor’s diagnosis and specific treatment plan provide clarity and reassurance. 

Pros Cons
Cost-effective Limited physical examinations
Variety of providers Potential misdiagnosis
Convenience and accessibility Focus on acute care
Gain clarity and reassurance with a doctor’s diagnosis Technical issues

5) HealthTap


HealthTap is a telehealth app that allows you to take control of your health through a variety of methods. Create a long-term relationship with a primary care physician using the app. Enjoy the ease of scheduling video appointments, discussing health problems, and receiving individualized treatment plans, prescriptions, and lab test referrals all from the app.

Get answers to your health questions from a community of licensed doctors, with the option to keep details private. Learn about the reasons for your symptoms and get recommendations for future measures. Explore a wide library of articles and resources on various medical disorders, handpicked by medical specialists. HealthTap is surely a perfect alternative for apps like Practo. 

Pros Cons
Provide immediate need and long-term care Subscription-model
Free resources Potential for misdiagnosis in Q&A
AI symptom checker Reliance on self-diagnosis for free features
Diverse doctor network Limited availability for consultations

Planning To Make A Doctor Appointment App Like Practo?

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FAQs- 5 Best Doctor Appointment Apps Like Practo

What are some alternatives to Practo for booking doctor appointments?

Alternative apps like Zocdoc, Doximity, Healthgrades, and MyChart offer similar features for scheduling doctor appointments, providing users with a variety of options to choose from.

Why should I consider using doctor appointment apps like Practo?

Utilizing doctor appointment apps offers convenience, allowing users to schedule appointments from anywhere at any time, access healthcare services easily, and manage their health more efficiently.

How do doctor appointment apps like Practo work?

Doctor appointment apps typically function by enabling users to search for healthcare providers based on specialty, location, and availability, book appointments, receive reminders, and sometimes even consult doctors online.

When selecting a doctor appointment app, prioritize features such as user-friendly interface, comprehensive search filters, real-time availability updates, patient reviews, secure payment options, and integration with electronic health records for a seamless experience.

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