Audiobook App Development : How To Make an Audiobook App Like Audible?

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Audiobook App Development : How To Make an Audiobook App Like Audible?

Audiobook App Development : How To Make an Audiobook App Like Audible?

The most popular words of the 21st century are progress and innovation. These two words determine our life bringing in the possibilities that we never had experienced before. They tend to speed up their lives tremendously. The need to evolve makes us absorb new information. The ultimate source for absorbing new information is books. This is where audiobook app development comes into the picture.

However, reading is a time-consuming process but it requires full attention and dedication. And nowadays no one has time for that, But what with the audiobooks? The apps for the audiobooks come in handy. This allows reading on the go whatever the situation may be.

If you want to listen to an audiobook, you need to look out for book recommendations. After that, you can search it on the download sites, then download it and enjoy it.

Or sometimes you can even get an application. When you have an audiobook app, you can do it all on the go in one place. With that, you can also have a virtual bookshelf and can track your reading list progress.

One such biggest app on the market is audible and it had 50 million downloads last year. Did you ever think about how to make such an audio app? About the challenges involved?

If you are planning to build such an audio app then you are at the right place. This article will provide you with fresh insights and you will know how to create one of them.

Why would you want to develop an app for audiobooks?

Audiobook App Development

According to recent studies, the number of audiobooks released is constantly growing. Nowadays it has the biggest growth potential in the publishing market.

People started to have their virtual library and this audiobook allows them to read on the go. It doesn’t matter whether they are heading to work, working out, or waiting in line.

Within last year the number of audiobooks released has increased and the number of audiobook downloads has outgrown the number of e-book downloads and these trends are still growing strong.

What makes audiobooks like audible popular?

Audiobook App Development

An application becomes popular when it meets and exceeds the expectation of the user. This audible is the perfect illustration.

It provides a high-quality user experience along with its amazing features. All these together put them at the top of the business segment.

In the past, people were listening to audiobooks through a CD or they might get it from different websites and transfer it to a player or phone.

By understanding all these, audible has made more people interested in books. Currently, the audiobooks application carries a lot of potentials.

So many investors and companies are looking for opportunities to join and benefit from the growth of the market.

How does Audible work?

The impact that audible has created in the audiobook app market is hard to estimate. This has only emphasized the other business models.

Every other alternative of audible works in the same way.

Everything starts with the subscription type of service. It has a monthly or annual fee with a standard 30 days free trial.

Once you have subscribed you can access 200,000 books in the catalog. You can even download one free book per month and can also get some discounts for the additional downloads.

All these happen only with the subscription. As per the statistics, a regular listener will download around 17 books per year. This makes the plan very affordable.

There is some alternative which started with unlimited subscriptions to attract customers. But later they also transfer to 1 free book per month with the subscription. This is because it has proven to be more profitable.

Even some companies provide free unlimited access to the audiobooks and they have with their premium subscription.

According to audible, they are currently in search of an improvement for the existing model.

They want to develop a new app that will allow them to expand their audience and reach an agreement with the content rights owners.

Dealing with the right holders

Audiobook App Development

Audible is highly appreciated by the publishers. This is because audible has the sharing feature which is for the revenue of the rights owners. This allows users to share the downloaded books.

This pays the distribution fees to the rights owner. When somebody receives the book through sharing and if they listen to it, the owners earn the money.

This makes the publisher spread the content easier and also they can get more profit.

From where you can get the content

Here are a few tips for you.

Actual books

First of all, you can create your own audiobooks. You can even hire a few people who can work as voice artists or your audiobook library. This will require a lot of time, money, and dedication.

Market place

If you are less artistic and more practical, you can use ACX. This is a great platform that tends to link all the people involved in the audiobook creation.

Another feature of ACX is, it can distribute the end product directly to the desired location.


This is another great option where you can sell audiobooks. Some of the companies prefer to share the content via an API instead of selling them directly.

This provides a different level of control over the product.

Additional content

A successful business will always satisfy the demand and will go the extra mile. If selling the subscriptions is the primary goal of the app, then the supplementary functions should also be as well.

They have to predict the needs of the client before the client even realizes them by themselves. To achieve this effect the bookshelves were introduced and brought in.

Later personalized recommendations with sharing options, offline download, customer reviews, podcasts, channels, etc… were introduced.

Feature wishlist- Audiobook App Development


Audiobook App Development

Every mobile app should be stable. But stability should be the top priority, especially for audiobook apps. The app developers should fix it when there is such an issue so that the users can listen to the audiobooks without any interruptions.

Reading speed controls

While playing the audiobook, the user should either be able to speed up or slow down the playback.

Support car play or android auto

Audiobook App Development

Many users listen to audiobooks because they spend a lot of time on a wheel. Therefore the audiobooks should help them spend their time in a better mood.

Every audiobook should have the facility to connect with the car’s dashboard and this makes a good audiobook.

The choice between offline playback and streaming

Audiobook App Development

Some of the users want to download the full audiobook. While some of them will have limited internal memory and they would prefer streaming. A perfect audiobook app development should give its users all the comfort.

Sleeper time

Audiobook App Development

This is a more interesting feature. This allows the app to stop playing a book after a certain time. This may be helpful for the people who used to listen to books before bed.

This feature should be easily accessible and should offer the simplest way to set up the time length.

Free audiobooks

Audiobook App Development

The audiobook app should offer access to thousands of free audiobooks from the public domain.

Sync the last reached location

The app should offer the ability to open the audiobook at the same location where it was already left by the user on a connected device.

This can happen if the audiobook platform serves content from the cloud.

What about the cost to create an app for audiobooks?

If you are tempted by the idea of audiobook app development, you might be thinking about how much it costs to create such audiobook apps. The answer to this question depends on the individual and is highly influenced by the complexity of the project.

If you want to start your audiobook then you have to analyze the market and should consult the people of different companies.

Several development companies can estimate your requirements and can give you an idea of the price range you are going for.

Also, you have to keep in mind the hosting service, the size of the library, the usage of the audiobooks in your apps.

The audiobook app development has a lot of potential for both investment and innovation. If the idea is right and if the execution is proper then this app would be more profitable for you. Therefore these are the things that you have to know. Make sure you know them before you create one.

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