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Best Mobile App Development Company in Germany

Echoinnovate IT has a professional team of Mobile app developers holding years of experience in designing & develop custom mobile apps for iOS, Android, iPad, iPod, and hybrid apps for various platforms. Partner with the best Mobile app development company in Germany to get hold of highly secure, scalable, and robust mobile app solutions.

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    Mobile App Development Germany

    Are you looking for the best Mobile App Development Company in Germany? We design, develop, and deliver custom mobile applications for startups, medium-sized enterprises, and global brands. The certified team of mobile app developers at Echoinnovate IT holds professional know-how in utilizing the right blend of technologies for your mobile apps. Our custom mobile app development services include native Android and iOS applications, cross-platform and hybrid apps developed with cutting-edge technology.

    • Future-driven Solutions
    • Tech Savvy App Developers
    • User-friendly UI/UX
    • 24*7 Client support
    • Quick-time-to-market
    • Unmatched Quality
    Customer Satisfaction
    Years of Experience
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    Our Mobile App Development Process

    We have ample experience delivering custom mobile app development services to enterprises, SMBs, and startups. With over 12 years of proven track of delivering unmatched quality mobile app solutions in native, cross-platform, and hybrid app solutions, we have the right recipe (mobile app development process) we follow each time. And our vetted app developers follow each step of the mobile app development process to create products and app solutions that deliver memorable user experiences, perfect UI, and robust technology for long-term stability.

    Any critical project, if started with proper planning or research, is a huge success. And we strive to deliver every project to be of superior quality. Thus, the first step of our mobile app development process is a thorough understanding of your project requirements, profound research on your target market and audience, and competitors. Once we are well aware of all the requirements and your expectations, we will proceed to the next step.
    Wireframes & Prototyping
    The next step is to work on all the planning and research made. The vetted mobile app developers at Echoinnovate IT create the wireframes/sketch and mockups to present to you based on your requirements. The wireframes and prototype include a rough design of how the original app will look once developed. And the complete roadmap of how to proceed with the app development. Once you finalize the wireframes, we will start the final design and development.
    UX/UI designs
    Now is the time to convert wireframes into real user interface designs for mobile applications. The creative mobile app designers at Echoinnovate IT use their innovative approach to design the app interface to be highly attractive and visually appealing. We follow the best design practices and advanced tools to create front-end designs, so they match industry standards. As the leading mobile app development company in India, we ensure that the UI/UX designs attract customers’ eyeballs.

    So, this step involves writing the codes to develop the mobile application. The certified mobile app developers at Echoinnovate IT write clean and secure codes to create fast-performing, highly secure, scalable mobile app solutions. We follow agile methodology to develop applications for quick deployment. Also, we pick the right technology stack that aligns with your project requirements and budget. Our mobile app developers leverage their years of expertise with cutting-edge technologies to create your custom mobile app uniquely tailored for your business.

    Testing & Deployment

    Debugging & testing of codes goes simultaneously to correct the errors at an early stage. Once all the coding is done, we perform a quality analysis of the entire mobile application. We perform several tests, including both manual and automatic, to eliminate all errors and glitches. The 5 Core tests we perform include Unit, Regression, Functional, Integration & Acceptance. After the complete quality check, we deploy the app to the app store.

    Support & Maintenance

    The mobile app development process does not end at deployment. Once your app is out, you need to monitor its performance, security, and features. As the market evolves and new technologies are released, customer demands of customers change. Thus, you need to upgrade your apps for the latest technologies and add new features to retain your existing customers and attract new ones as well. We provide complete support for version upgrades & app updates.

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    Germany Mobile App Development Services We Offer
    We are a people-first company and always put the satisfaction of our clients and customers first and foremost. With every business having unique budgets and project requirements, we always focus on creating and delivering customized mobile app solutions for each company. From native to cross-platform app development and Android to iOS, we cover all devices, platforms, and technologies. Look at the services we offer:
    App Consulting Services
    Are you seeking expert consulting or advice for your mobile app development needs? The mobile app consulting services from Echoinnovate IT can be the right place to start a new project or revamp an existing one. With over 12 years of experience in mobile application development, we advise on app development from scratch, app performance, app audit, and more.
    Mobile App Design
    Do you want to attract customers and make them stick to your mobile apps? The custom UI/UX design services from Echoinnovate IT can help you 2X your mobile app conversion rate. With stunning and user-friendly frontend designs, you can stand out among millions of mobile apps on the app stores. Being a top mobile app design company in Germany, we help you get millions of app installs by creating customer-centric designs.
    App Maintenance Services
    Once you partner with Echoinnovate IT, you can be stress-free about your mobile app development needs. We take care of each step of the mobile app development process and beyond. We continue to provide complete support even after the app launch to keep your mobile applications updated and performance, security, and the latest features.
    App Porting Services
    Do you plan to migrate to a new platform from existing technology? We can help you port from your legacy platforms to a new technology hassle-free. Whether to port from Android to iOS or iOS to Android, our vetted mobile app developers can help you migrate without data loss. We ensure to port your mobile apps securely.
    Android App Development Services
    Are you looking for a top Android app development company in Germany? At Echoinnovate IT, we provide custom Android app development services, including developing Android apps from scratch. Our team of Android app developers can build custom Android apps for smartphones, tablets, wearables, and more cost-effectively.
    iPhone App Development
    Are you looking to build custom iOS applications for your next project? Echoinnovate IT can help you out with custom iPhone app development services for a whole range of iOS devices, including iPad, iPhone, WatchOS, TVOS, and more. We help you expand your presence among the elite iPhone users and expand your business.
    React Native App Development
    We provide custom React Native app development services to build cross-platform applications. We use reusable code to build applications for multiple platforms, making application development effortless and less time-consuming. The team of react native app developers at Echoinnovate IT helps you establish and expand your presence on various platforms at the budget of a single app.
    Flutter App Development
    We provide custom Flutter app development services to develop native-like mobile applications using the reusable Flutter code. Being a leading Flutter app development company, we ensure to build high-performing and user-friendly Flutter applications. Our expert team of talented Flutter app developers, programmers, and coders always deliver Flutter app solutions on time with constant reporting.
    Our Hiring Models
    With experienced Developers, our flexible hiring models are defined in sync with our clients' convenience.
    48 Hours
    Part Time
    Minimum Duration : 40 Hours
    Billing Cycle : 1 Weekly
    Methodology : Agile
    Communication Mode : Skype, Email, Slack, Google meet/Teams
    Duration : 4Hrs/5 Day Working (40 Hrs/Week)
    Project Trackers : Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmine etc.
    72 Hours
    Full Time
    Minimum Duration : 1 Month
    Billing Cycle : 1 Month
    Methodology : Agile
    Communication Mode : Skype, Email, Slack, Google meet/Teams
    Duration : 8Hrs/5 Day Working (160 Hrs/ Month)
    Project Trackers : Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmine etc.
    24 Hours
    Minimum Duration : 40 Hours
    Billing Cycle : 80 Hours
    Methodology : Agile
    Communication Mode : Skype, Email, Slack, Google meet/Teams
    Duration : 8Hrs/ 5 Day
    Working / Week
    Project Trackers : Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmine etc.
    How can Echoinnovate IT be your best mobile app development company in Germany?

    12 + Years of Experience

    Echoinnovate IT has over 12 years of experience providing global clients with custom mobile app development services. After serving and working intensely in the mobile app development domain for more than a decade, we have gained innate excellence in delivering quality mobile apps.

    Customer-centric Solutions

    Customer satisfaction is the foremost priority at Echoinnovate IT. Our approach is to understand the client needs from the core, conduct deep research, and thus deliver custom mobile app development services tailored to the unique needs of each business.

    Quick Time-to-Market

    We understand how important it is to grab and use the right opportunities at the right time to stay ahead of competitors. Thus, our mobile app developers ensure to build applications using an agile approach to deliver superior quality mobile apps within deadlines.

    Cost-Effective Development

    We provide custom mobile app development services for Android, iOS, and cross-platform platforms. We understand every business can only afford an affordable budget. Thus, we build custom mobile app solutions tailored to every budget.

    Why Echoinnovate IT to Make Your Custom Mobile Applications?

    Echoinnovate IT is one of the best and most trusted mobile app development companies in Germany, with footprints in the USA, Canada, and India. We are committed to mobile app development for the past 12 years, satisfying thousands of small and big enterprises in developing and delivering custom mobile app solutions.

    Whether native or hybrid, simple or complex, we can build all types of mobile app solutions, regardless of size. We know how important it is to own a mobile app for your business in the digital world, and thus, we ensure to develop and deliver mobile app solutions that align with objectives of every business.

    12 years in mobile app development have allowed us to develop in-depth efficiency in developing highly efficient and productive mobile app solutions. Being a forward-thinking company, we ensure to use the most advanced technologies to deliver custom mobile app development services.
    To choose a mobile app development platform, you consider finding the answers to the following: 1) Target audience of your app 2) Users’ expectations 3) App Development 4) Security implications
    Yes, we provide post-launch support & maintenance services.
    The cost varies depending on the budget, app size, and complexity. You can get an exact cost estimation by telling us your requirements.
    You can contact our project manager and app development team via Skype.