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Best Alcohol Delivery Apps in delivering Liquor Online

Home » Blogs » Best Alcohol Delivery Apps in delivering Liquor Online

Are you planning a party at home? Then you need to make some arrangements. The party won’t fulfill with a collection of top-quality beverages. During your party arrangements, you won’t have time to buy alcohol from the shops. The rapid innovation of technology makes your process easier with the development of online apps. Instantly, you can order a wide variety of alcohols with the touch of a button via online alcohol delivery apps.

Most of the parties are planned at the last time and these apps help you to order at any time whenever you want, thus saving time. You can conveniently buy booze without visiting an alcohol shop.

Thereby, you can relax and can arrange your party. By using this app, you can have a good time to enjoy the party. 

And also, during a pandemic, you may be stuck at home.  During these situations, these apps are so helpful. You can safely place your order and get your favorite booze in the comfort of your home.

Today, more delivery apps are booming. If you are looking for a perfect app to quench your thirst, here are the perfect lists of alcoholic apps in and around the US.

These alcohol-delivery apps are a must-have where it is stress-free and user-friendly. You can order your booze from your comfort zone. 

1. Drizly – Alcohol Delivery Apps

Alcohol Delivery Apps Drizy

Drizzly is one of the most popular apps. This app offers a large variety of your favorite drinks like beer, wine, and liquor with some extras like snacks and necessary cups, margarita salt, limes, and mocktail recipes for your party.

It is an excellent app to use, you can get the alcohol at slightly lower prices and it has no added markup prices. Here, you can expect the brands like La Crema, Goose Island, Casamigos, and more.

If you order your booze in this app, you can get it in under an hour. It is currently available and delivering alcohol in major cities such as New York City, Boston, Providence, and more.

The easy-to-use setup and streamlined interface help you to access it easily and you can get a better experience. You can expect your order at your doorstep soon. 

2. Minibar Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol Delivery Apps Minibar

Have you arranged your party at the last minute? Then this Minibar Delivery app is the perfect option. Here you can order a variety of drinks at the last minute and expect delivery in an hour or less.

Minibar also offers a variety of gift sets and is available throughout the country such as Chicago, NYC, Miami, Denver, and Palm Beach. This app has become the best party, planner. 

3. Saucey

Alcohol Delivery Apps Saucey

Saucey makes alcohol delivery simple, it is ideal for a last-minute office event, a backyard barbecue, and a romantic date night.

It offers more than 10000 alcoholic products including snacks and also it provides tobacco products.

If you register for their newsletter for the first time, they offer free delivery. It is currently delivering alcoholic products to San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, etc.

There is no minimum order requirement and you can expect delivery within an hour at your doorstep. 

4. Boxed – Direct Delivery

Alcohol Delivery Apps Boxed

Boxed is a famous app to get a bunch of different goods in bulk for any occasion or party. It offers a wide range of products including snacks, fresh groceries and also with all your party goods.

You can expect your delivery at your doorstep in 2 days or less. Its delivery services currently in three states such as California, New York, and Massachusetts. 

5. Minibar Delivery App

Minibar App

Minibar promises fast delivery, you can instantly order and get all your wine, beer, and spirits within an hour.

If you want booze from local shops like Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Bulleit bourbon, you can order and get instantly without waiting in the queue. In selected areas, it also delivers snacks, mixers, and CBD.

It is delivering the products in several metropolitan areas across the country. The prices are competitive and the delivery charge depends upon your order. 

6. Instacart – Delivery and Pick-up Service

Alcohol Delivery Apps Instacart

Instacart is a famous grocery delivery app, but now it has expanded its delivery service including alcohol. Once your order is placed, you can pick up your items at your scheduled time.

It works with the local stores so that you can get quick delivery to your home. The delivery service is available in more than 14 states.

You can enjoy your dinner along with your favorite drink.

7. FreshDirect Online Delivery App


FreshDirect delivers beer, hard cider, wine, and spirits, its grocery delivery service working in select regions in the Northeast.

You can order a whole product of your favorites, like Lagunitas IPA and Smoking Loon Pinot Noir, or can ask for one-off products.

It has fixed a minimum order range and a delivery fee depends upon the products you order and location. 

8. Flavior

Flavior To Deliver Liquor Online

Flavior is the right app for whiskey lovers. You can access rare and original spirits like Ron Zacapa Solera 23 rum and Wolfburn scotch.

There is a wide range of whiskey products, in this app you can discover new brands and try out a different taste.

It offers you various flavors and can get the information about the drink, sends trivia, gives out distillery information, and much more.

This app’s user-friendly feature guides your whiskey selection. Members can choose their quarterly or annual subscription. You can pick your products for delivery. 

9. Thirstie

alcohol delivery apps thirstie

According to your style and taste, thirstie customizes alcohol and sends the offer directly to your inbox. It helps customers by providing cocktail recipes and videos as well as advice on various topics.

This app is currently delivering the products to New York, California, North Jersey, and many other cities. It is planning to expand its delivery service in new cities in the upcoming year. 

10. Klink Alcohol Delivery Apps

alcohol delivery apps klink

Klink offers only three cities such as Washington D.C., Dallas, and Miami. It is constantly popping up and adding delivery services in Plano.

Based upon your mood and party type, it suggests the dring. Their videos help to make a variety of cocktails and it has been featured in several magazines and newspapers and on Instagram. It has fixed a minimum order value. 

11. DoorDash Food Delivery & Takeout

alcohol delivery apps doordash

DoorDash is famous for its restaurant deliveries; along with the dishes it also offers alcohol delivery from local liquor stores, restaurants, and breweries.

It helps you to enjoy your favorite food with alcohol. The delivery fees are free for your first order and you can expect delivery at your doorstep. Depending on the restaurant you choose the fee may differ.

You can check out your total cost on the screen and ensure the amount. When there is a high demand for the products you order, there may be additional fees for orders.

Just download the app and place your order and get your meal and drink at your door ASAP.

12. Swill

alcohol delivery apps swill

Swill is considered as a liquor store in your pocket. It offers a huge number of products where this app connects consumers with local merchants and provides convenient and speed delivery of beer, liquor, wine, and mixers.

This app guarantees local delivery within an hour. Its expansive network stores a large selection of alcoholic products.  

13. Craftshack

alcohol delivery apps craftshaeke

Craftshack offers a wide array of new releases and old favorites. At the moment beers are trending. The company offers up a solid mix of liquor and hard seltzer.

Depending on the size of your order, the shipping rate differs. Within one to three business days, you can expect delivery. 

14. Firstleaf

alcohol delivery apps firstleaf

Firstleaf prides itself on offering award-winning international and domestic wines to customers.

Based on the rating on the feedback given by you, this app customizes and provides a suggestion for you. The company works directly with the wine producers so that you can save money. 

15. Winc


Winc was founded in 2012 and is best for wine lovers. As per your previous order, this app recommends the products.

If you order 12 or more bottles, it offers 10%. You can also start a monthly subscription and can cancel at any time. 

16. Buttery

alcohol delivery apps buttery

Buttery is only delivering the products in the Boston area. If you are in Boston, just order from Buttery. If you don’t have an idea of what to get, this app’s chat feature helps you to decide. It is exclusive for Apple users. 

Wrapping it up

These are some best alcohol delivery service apps. Make use of these apps and make your party rocking with a wide range of alcoholic products.

However, it is advisable for you to download these apps and have happy hours by getting your booze in an hour or less.

Its delivery system is awesome and these apps are so helpful during midnight hours and last-minute party arrangements. 

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