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10 Most Popular NodeJS Apps of 2022

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Node Js Apps 2022

Node.js is an open-source server that was set up on Google Chrome’s Javascript Engine in 2009. It was developed by Ryan Dahl and was released under MIT license. Node.js is a platform that works in developing scalable and faster network applications on the web.

Node.js makes it possible for real-time data-intensive applications to become more secure, efficient, and light in weight by using a non-blocking I/O model that is event-driven.

Various Node.js projects are being implemented for the betterment of certain applications. The apps of Node.js have been written in Javascript and can be easily accessed during the Node.js runtime on Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Like the other scripting languages such as python, JavaScript has become capable enough to perform other functions making the websites more attractive. Both the browsers Node.js and JavaScript work on the (JavaScript runtime engine) V8. With this, the engine becomes responsible for converting the JavaScript code into machine code.

In this article, we will discuss all the specialized NodeJS Apps that are highly efficient.

Types of Apps Node.js can build

Node.js is most popular and efficient because of its event-driven approach. The expanding popularity of teamwork solutions, interactive applications, and social networks has resulted in the expansion of Node.js. There are different types of applications that could be formed from the Node.js approach. The apps are as follows:

Real-time applications

A real-time application (RTA) is an application that currently responds to any user action. As we all know, the scalability of Node.js, hence it makes it possible to handle real-time users within large numbers simultaneously. Examples of RTAs are Chatting, Online gaming, Video Conference applications, Community storage solutions, etc.

Location-based applications

Many apps are built-in 2020 using Node.js. Most of them offer location-based services. The ability to provide faster real-time updates and Asynchrony are major benefits of Node.js for such apps. Examples of location-based applications are Target, GasBuddy, Uber, Dark Sky, etc.

Single-page applications

The single-page applications (SPA) are those which include one single page. They can be adjusted in any screen size on various platforms. SPAs can easily work offline and don’t require any connection with the server. Examples of single-page apps include Google Maps, Pinterest, Airbnb, Gmail, etc.

Node.js apps for loT devices

Due to the simultaneous data usage generated by cameras, connected sensors, and engines, the apps require proper storage and processing function.Node.js is perfectly suitable for large real-time traffic on the data-intensive apps.

Node.js streaming apps

Node.js is much efficient in streaming real-time data. Moreover, it can give faster data synchronisation between the client and the server. Because of the minimal delay, the users experience greater improvements.

Top 10 popular NodeJS Applications

1. Trello

node js apps trello

It is referred to as the most famous tool of management that works for Agile teams. Node.js was considered Trello’s core technology from the start due to its code reusability and faster development process. It can also manage complex tasks easily. The real-time changes and the intuitive interface that takes place in task management can attract various individuals and companies from different types of industries.

2. Groupon

node js apps groupon

This app is generally formed on Ruby on Rails. Groupon can reduce up to 50% of page loading time. It is responsible for assembling discounts for various goods and services in a single place. After some acquisitions, Java and PHP were also added to the stack. Node.js was the perfect choice for Groupon as it wanted to use a single technology for unifying all the services. Although It almost took a year for the migration process, More stability was bought in terms of the web applications through Node.js. Also, Groupon announced a famous Starbucks deal that took down the website along with it. The situation never occurred in the case of the Groupon website that was powered by Node.js.

3. GoDaddy

node js apps godaddy

It is one of the major international web hosting companies. At the beginning of 2020, it has been recorded that more than 19 million users took part. Also, there has been a huge record of about 77 million domains registered which makes it obvious that there are a large number of visitors.Node.js is the most suitable technology supported by module publishers has been chosen by the GoDaddy team. The team has full-stack javaScript developers that can perform both the backend and frontend work. Want to develop such app, hire node js developer from Echo innovate IT.

4. Paypal

paypal node js applications

Paypal is the largest and most popular payment platform that takes place on the internet. Node.js came into existence with PayPal with an experiment that took place. The experiment was about developing a similar app prototype, for which there were two different backend teams. The team Node.js consisted of only two developers whereas the java team had five developers. Even after a shorter team, the Node team won and outplayed the java team. This result was clear proof that the technology allows faster development. With this, Node.js was aligned with the core stack of PayPal.The most commonly used financial apps in apple iPhones consist of the PayPal payment system.

5. LinkedIn

node js apps linkedin

The entire mobile software stack of LinkedIn is built in Node. After the migration, the LinkedIn mobile application was capable of handling twice the traffic with only four instances rather than 15 that was required before the process of migration.

Various advantages come with Node.js like:
● The programmers could easily grasp their JavaScript skills.
● The mobile frontend and backend teams could be combined into a single unit.
The servers were shortened from 30 to 3.
● More than firefighting, the focus was placed more on developing the application.
● The performance became much better and faster up to 20x in various scenarios.

6. Twitter Lite

node js apps twitter

Twitter works regarding reaching every single person at all the universal locations. The app faced a lot of challenges due to its poor and unreliable connection. For this issue, another progressive application named Twitter Lite was introduced. The app consisted of Node.js on its backend with a react on its frontend which made it easily accessible for every person. The problems regarding the working of the application were solved. Even at times of lost connection, the service worker makes it possible for app usage and caches the content.

7. Netflix

node js apps netflix

Netflix is the most amazing “streaming” app. The company started as a DVD shop and has now become the world’s largest streaming platform giving good quality services with its production. Due to a slightly smooth combination of Node.js and Java, it efficiently works for various platforms the APIs (including desktop operating system, various TV platforms, Android and iOS) Node.js developed rectify instances that were worked upon separate docker containers. This resulted in a reduction of the development time, brought up scalability, and made the apps faster than ever.

8. Uber

nodejs apps Uber

Uber was the first company to use Node.js in its production. It was active in the taxi services. The major reasons to make the choice was because of its clean code, its ability to process data immediately in larger amounts, the cost to be implemented, and the asynchrony. The spirit of the app is based on a passenger-driver matching system. They usually require the ability to withstand huge loads, an event-driven environment, and a powerful code that is short. Node.js can provide such features constantly. Uber stands in a position where it has almost 2 million real-time calls every second.

9. Mozilla

mozilla uber apps

Mozilla is an open-source, free web browser that is part of a non-profit organization. It has been recorded that Firefox is the second most famous browser with about 8.5%of the worldwide usage. Firefox is available for Android, Linux, Windows, OS X, Firefox OS in more than 90 languages. Programmers use Node.js as a primary language in Mozilla projects. The major reason before choosing Node.js was because of its memory footprint and it also gave the flexibility in using the same language on the client-side as well as the server-side.

10. Yahoo

yahoo node js applications

It is an American MNC company that places a major focus on its search engines, web portal, and other related services. Yahoo is taken into consideration globally. Yahoo’s frontend and culture have been developed and improved by Node.js.The growth of Node was immense which made the latency better. The major reason to choose Node.js was because of its prominent performance and scalability. It resulted in the increased overall performance. Apart from this, it also empowers various sites.Node.js can easily power the entire Yahoo within a short period.


There are lots of benefits of using Node.js.It helps in the betterment of the functioning of apps. Various problems arise in the business. For this purpose, many applications are formed with Node.js that can help in solving these problems. This technology is very common and famous internationally as it can easily resolve the predicted and current user and business needs.

Vadim Belsky

Vadim Belsky is the Head of Web Development at ScienceSoft – a software development company. He manages web development and grows the company’s expertise in PHP (Symfony), Python and Golang.