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Latest Mobile App Development Trends For 2022

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Do you want to start your business this year? Are you looking for unique and new mobile app development trends? Then this blog is for you.

There is no doubt that mobile apps are transforming businesses and generating extra revenues for businesses. Thus, businesses from all domains are choosing the latest technologies and developing mobile apps for their promotion. Mobile technologies get upgraded regularly so businesses can take advantage of them.

Alongside mobiles, various technologies have become a necessity in our life. And you can’t ignore that application development has given increased revenue also. According to Statista, you can expect $581.9 billion in revenue from mobile applications by 2021.

Thus, mobile app development trends began growing and materializing. Both mobile app developers and mobile users are responsible for this evolution.

2020 was a great year in terms of mobile and web development trends progress – from AI mobile applications to IoT – we have seen and experienced a lot this year.

Moreover, mobile apps’ future also appears shinier than before. Thereby, here we have curated a list of which mobile app development trends will dominate the year 2022!

Mobile App Development Trends 2022

1. Beacon Technology Enabled Mobile App


  • This is the first and widely used technology for developing apps in various sectors.
  • They make it easy for users to navigate through them.
  • They are particularly useful for eCommerce retailers as it comes with payment gateway features that make it easy for transactions to take place.
  • This is a wireless technology that helps you stay connected with your customers by finding out their location and sending them messages about events, discounts, etc.
  • Customer interaction and searching based on location are easy using this technology.
  • You can integrate Beacon technology with Google Ads.


  • This technology is used in-store management, tracking various types of information about the store.
  • It makes it easier for customers to track your store online and place an order.
  • It is easy to send customers information about discounts and offers when this technology is implemented. Discounts, coupons, and other offers are sent to targeted customers using this technology.
  • Advertisements and information about other events can be easily sent to customers.
  • Surveys, loyalty programs, messages, and many more features will be implemented. Your sales and conversions are likely to improve with 25% using this technology.
  • It is easy to keep track of a number of footfalls to your store.

For Example,

  • One of the best examples of using this technology is in the retail and eCommerce industry.
  • Websites that use GPS with shopping carts, sending alerts to mobiles of customers are some of the examples of using beacon technology.
  • You can create cooking recipes apps, gaming apps, etc with the use of this technology.

Mingleton- New Mobile App Development Trends

Image Credits : nbcnews.com

App With Beacon Technology – Mingleton App

  • Beacon is also used in wearable tech for building devices with various configurations.
  • The application Mingleton encourages people to be more social in real-life environments.
  • To do this, allowing one to discover what he/she has in common with the people around them, and then try to meet them.
  • The application allows one to ask someone to find anonymously.
  • Thus, a person will be less afraid to turn to rejection and more open to social being.
  • The two persons concerned are notified only if both want to meet.

2. Artificial Intelligence Apps


  • Mobiles apps developed with A.I save a lot of time and are the most versatile for the users to use.
  • Create smart mobile apps using this technology without sweating it.
  • The spam filter in Gmail is yet another example of using A.I.


  • Many personal assistant programs are developed using A.I that perform a variety of tasks.
  • It can perform tasks such as answering questions for you, sending you reminders, performing searches for you, etc.

For Example,

  • Face app is a popular example of an artificial intelligence mobile app.
  • You can add filters, features, and many other aspects to a mobile app created with A.I.
  • There are many popular A.I apps for mobile users such as Cortana, Hound, Google Allo, etc.
  • There are many popular apps built with A.I technology and machine learning.
  • Siri is one of the best examples of how A.I is used and implemented.
  • Algorithms used for predictions and simulating human cognition are the finest examples of A.I.

App With AI – Cortana

Cortana- Mobile App Development Trends

Image Credits : mspweruser.com

  • Cortana offers hands-free help, answers questions, it provides reminders, keeps notes, is responsible for tasks and helps in managing the schedule.
  • Eventually, Cortana “learns” and serves more complex tasks.
  • Cortana uses natural language processing, search engine Bing, and data devices to provide personalized recommendations, on the other hand, has an API that can work with various Windows and 3rd party applications.

3. IoT Enabled Mobile Apps


  • They reduce the time mobile apps development and is a highly efficient technology to develop mobile apps.
  • It is easy to build apps across wider domains and upgrade existing apps by adding several features to the apps.
  • It is easy to integrate devices using this technology and build apps that can connect with a variety of devices.
  • Developing apps with this technology delivers better results. It can provide excellent data security layers and data encryption.
  • You can use this technology for creating innovative apps.


  • Smart alerts and security systems are one of the best examples of IoT.
  • This technology can be useful in a variety of industries for tracking as well as sending alerts.
  • Children’s wearables that use GPS and tracking technology so parents can keep a track of their kids built using this technology.
  • Car sensors are built using this technology. Smart car systems are built using this technology.
  • Applications that connect to the automobiles to perform controls and functions are built using this technology.
  • This technology is also used in farming to get information about natural conditions such as humidity, air temperature, soil control, and many other factors that help in irrigation and other farming methods.

For Example,

  • Home automation mobile apps, healthcare, fitness, social apps, and mobile apps from many other domains can be built with this technology.
  • Pet finder apps are popular and built using this technology.
  • Developers who want to use apps for car manufacturers, automated services, agriculture industries, etc can use this technology for building apps.

4. Mobile Wallets


  • Mobile wallets have become popular for payments.
  • You no more have to carry cash or worry about the security of your cards when you have a mobile wallet.
  • You can easily make purchases and payments using this mobile technology. It is the fastest mode of making secure payments online and reduces the chances of fraud.


  • Most of the e-commerce platforms use a mobile wallet for making it easier for customers to make transactions.
  • Financial sectors get benefit by these technologies that enable many smartphone devices to use them for making quick transactions.

For Example,

  • PayPal and Paytm are examples of mobile wallets that make it easy to make transactions online.
  • Every mobile wallet comes with a host of features that makes payments easy.
  • A few wallets let you make transfer money to bank accounts from most of the banks available.
  • However, you cannot use it for making large transfers.
Mobile Wallet App – Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay - Mobile App Development Trends

Image Credits : upipayments.co.in

  • Samsung Pay is a true mobile wallet that allows the user to have credit and debit cards for purchases in person, in the application, or online.
  • Tracks trade discounts and give SamsungCash.
  • A Visa output option allows faster payments for online purchases.

5. Instant Apps Technology


  • These are the latest trends in mobile app development.
  • They are for Android O.S that lets the developers test a portion of the app without having to install them on the devices.
  • They have a pre-installed code that gives you access to the hardware of the device and makes the process of development easy. Game developers and e-commerce companies can find this mobile app technology useful.
  • You can make a developed mobile app easily visible amongst the pool of apps. They come with a lot of limitations and are not ideal for industries that are particular about data security.
  • They are beneficial for entertainment app development as it has fewer vulnerabilities.


  • You do not need a lot of technical expertise when using this app as it comes with small snippets of code which makes it easy for developers to create apps that give fewer bounce rates and positive reviews.
  • Various industries use it to create user engagement and make interaction easier without the need to install the app easily.
  • Users have the freedom to try using the app on their phones without having to install them.


  • The New York Times created one of the first applications for instant crossword game.
  • Instant enabled application, crossword puzzle in the New York Times is proven to be particularly sharable and recognizable.
  • Game developers generally can benefit from instant applications and end-users can play a certain level of play.

6. Cloud Storage Technologies


  • Data in the cloud becomes easily accessible from any corner of the world. This is one of the greatest benefits of this technology.
  • Most of the small and large enterprises are developing cloud storage apps that make it easy for users as well as vendors to store data for various purposes.


  • This is one of the most cost-effective technologies that let you build an install app and streamline a variety of operations.
  • Storing data on the cloud gives maximum security.
  • This is a future technology for building Android as well as iOS apps that let you store large amounts of data efficiently.


  • Google Docs, Flickr, Picasa, and many other online storage applications are examples of cloud storage technologies.
  • They have complex encryption algorithms.

App With Cloud Storage Technology – Dropbox

Latest mobile app development trends

Image Credits : PCmag.com

  • Dropbox available on Android and iOS is a simple but effective application that allows you to store videos, photos, documents, and other files.
  • It is accessible even if there is no internet connection.
  • In fact, it is the most reliable solution, safe and oldest cloud storage available on the market.


All the above-mentioned mobile app development trends will certainly grow in all the industries and business sectors. The competition among every business will increase in the year 2022.

Given here are the futuristic trends of the mobile app technologies that let you build secure, versatile, and powerful mobile apps. At Echo Innovate IT we can help you with the integration of the best trends for your web and app development. Contact Us! Today.

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