Step By Step: How To Submit iOS App To The App Store


Step By Step: How To Submit iOS App To The App Store

Before You Begin…You will need an iOS Developer account and have set up the iTunes Connect information for your app before following the steps in this article to submit the app to the iOS app store.

After creating an app entry in iTunes Connect, you should upload the build created by the Mag+ Publish portal using Apple’s Application Loader tool.

Before submitting your app for review, you must publish at least one Mag+ Issue.

The Apple Review Board must see this Issue within your app to approve it.

When submitting a Mag+ app to the Apple App Store, it is possible to include third-party integrations for serving advertisements, reporting on user activity, etc.

Checklist Before SubmitApp to App Store

Submit iOS App To The App Store
Here is the checklist that you should consider before you submit the iOS app to the app store:

Business Checklist

There are various approaches to getting funding for your application. How you pick, depends plainly on the metadata and the Review notes.

Here are some of the points that you should not miss before you submit the iOS app to the app store:

  • Apps should not use its method to unlock content, like QR Code, License Key, etc. This is feasible if the app is dependent on some hardware for functioning.
  • The applications can allow transactions made in cryptocurrencies until it is complying all the state and federal laws.
  • Apps making use of Apple Pay should offer all the material purchase data to users before selling the goods or services. Also, they should use Apple Pay branding elements correctly.

Performance Checklist

1. Correct Metadata

Everything directly from the application picture to its portrayal, classification name, and application review ought to be an impression of what the application is about.

  • Just notice those highlights that really exist. What’s more, notice every one of the highlights that are available in the versatile application.
  • On the off chance that your application has the component of in-application buys, ensure that it is clearly mentioned in the application depiction.
  • Screen capture ought to be of the screens that show application use and not ones that show logo or simply content.

2. Software Specifications

  • Applications should just utilize open APIs and should run on the as of now sending working framework forms. Applications ought to be modern and ought not to have any highlights that are obsolete or won’t be proceeded in the forthcoming OSs. Structures and APIs should just fulfill their respective purposes.
  • Applications ought to consistently act naturally contained inside the packs, and ought not to read nor compose information that is outside the predefined compartment zone. Additionally, they ought not to introduce, download, or even execute codes, that incorporate different applications.
  • Applications that give out infection, projects, or records which may influence the equipment used of the gadget, will be evacuated in a split second.

3. Hardware Compatibility

  • iPhone applications should run on the iPad also.
  • Application ought not to warm the gadget, devour the battery, all things considered, or put a strain on the gadget.
  • Your Apple TV application should just utilize Siri remote or game controllers. What’s more, if your application need game controllers, notice it in the metadata, plainly.

4. Completeness

  • When at the phase of application accommodation, your application ought to be last regarding metadata, working URLs. URLs that lead to sites that are – void sites, have placeholder content, or any extraordinary type of brief substance must be investigated and remedied before the application accommodation.
  • Guarantee that your application is tried for strength and bugs before application accommodation, and incorporates the demo account data, on the off chance that the application comprises a login alternative. On the off chance that you are offering the in-application buy choice in the application, they ought to be exceptional, finished, and made obvious for the commentator.

5. Beta Test

  • No iPhone or iPad App that is in its beta form ought to be sent for accommodation to the App Store. Thus, test your app first.
  • The words Beta or Demo ought not to be referenced anyplace on the application depiction page – both in content or in the picture.

Design Checklist

Apple is known for its shortsighted and refined at this point inventive plans. The picture that Apple has made through its gadgets is the thing that it targets offering in the applications that are distributed in its store also.

  • Configuration ought not to duplicate some other application
  • Application ought not to be an all-inclusive rendition of a site. It should offer enduring amusement incentives to the clients.
  • Application utilizing ARKit should offer a genuine AR experience
  • Application ought not to request that clients introduce another application to work

Safety Check

Apple is known for its safety standard, which makes it mandatory for each of the mobile apps that are published on the store to follow the same standards.

Keeping the focus on Security, Apple has set strict rules in ios app store submission guidelines which have to follow by businesses not seeking removal from the App Store –

1. User-Generated Content

To prevent intellectual property infringement and bullying happening in your app that deals in user-generated content, you should have the following provisions in your mobile app –

  • Process for reporting the offensive comments
  • Provision to Block Abusive Users
  • Updated Contact Information

2. Developer Information

  • Your support URL should have your contact information and should mention the different ways to reach you in case of need.
  • Your mobile app should include up-to-date contact information.

3. Objectionable Content 

  • Content promoting illegal usage of weapons
  • Explicitly Vulgar or Sexual Content
  • Religious Comments or Visualizations

4. Kids Category Apps

  • The user experience of the app should be designed keeping the age under consideration.
  • The apps should not have links outside of your mobile app, all the purchase opportunities and other forms of distractions for the kids until it is reserved in a designated area inside a parental gate.

5. Physical Harm

This is specific to the apps that fall in Health or Medical category.

  • All medical help should specify that users should visit a doctor before taking medicines in the dosage suggested by the mobile app.
  • Also, Apple refrains apps that mention ways of handing Apple devices that go against the methods mentioned in the ios app store submission guidelines.

How to Upload an App to the App Store

Apple has made dividers of principles around the App Store. What’s more, if any application, regardless of which parent organization it has a place with, needs from even a solitary point, faces dismissal or expulsion from Apple, in a split second.

What is more terrible is that frequently than not, the precise explanation for the dismissal is rarely known. Notwithstanding, they do tell the class which your application broke before it was expelled by the tech monster from its store.

Following are the steps to submit the iOS app to the app store: 

1. Log in to iTunes Connect at

2. Click on the “My Apps” icon to see the list of your available apps.

Submit iOS App To The App Store

3. Click on your app. This will view the App Information page.

The image given below is the result that you will see.

Submit iOS App To The App Store

4. Click on the Activity tab. This is to show builds. The builds go further for review.

In the case of no builds uploaded, the following message appears.

Submit your builds using Xcode or Application Loader

Submit iOS App To The App Store

5. After submitting, the build will go through a “Processing” stage. Here, the errors become distinguishable.

After the completion of the processing step, you will be able to select the build. Here you can have built to associate it with your app in the next step.

Submit iOS App To The App Store

6. Click the tab “Prepare for Submission in the left column. Thereafter scroll to the “Build” section and click the “+” icon.

Submit iOS App To The App Store

7. In the window that appears, select the build you want to submit and click “Done”.

8. Click on “Submit for Review” and answer Apple’s final questions about your app and then click on “Submit”. Here you are ready to submit the iOS app to the app store.Submit iOS App To The App Store

9. Apple is popular for its amazing yet creative structures.

The picture that Apple has made through its gadgets is the thing that it targets offering the best in its applications. These are also available in its store.

Configuration should not duplicate some other application

The application should not be an entire adaptation of a site. It should offer some different amusing experiences to the clients.

Application utilizing ARKit should offer a genuine AR experience.

FAQ’s of App Publish on App Store

Submitting an iOS app to publish on the App Store can take at most 2 days or longer depending on your app. On average 50% of app review is in 24 hours and over 90% of app review is in 48 hours. For more info, contact us now!

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