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The Mahakhala mobile application takes you on a step-by-step magical journey of self-mastery. It guides you towards searching for who you truly are.

Also, it helps you use this understanding and energy to transform your life to recreate your world.



Mahakhala app’s first section includes a registration screen. After that, it shows three sections in the introduction as below.

  • Mahakhala
  • Guided Mahakhala Meditation
  • 21 Days Of Mahakhala



The guided meditation part is a magical journey, easy to work through, user-friendly, and educational. Moreover, it is most importantly self-focused on your personal growth and overall wellbeing.

Mahakhala Guided

Yoga App Development Stages


This section provides you step by step stages on your meditation journey to become void. Thus, it includes phrases like thinking, choosing, passion, identity, and after that, ego.

Yoga App Development Company Contact

Self Mastery

This feature allows you to choose from different three sections of meditation techniques.

Self Master

Maha khala

Maha khala – boasts a highly engaging user interface powered by beautiful visuals.



As a result, We got the Mahakhala not only provides your spiritual awakening but also offers you the tools. It effectively works on your mental health and emotional wellbeing. In this contemporary world with so much uncertainty, we do require more inner guidance. Besides, we also need self-assurance about our existential experience of life and our goal in it. Clients were really happy with the outcome of this meditation app development.

If you want to make a meditation app, then contact us. Our proficient mobile app development team will go through all your needs.

Moreover, they will deliver beyond your expectations.

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