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Best Apps For Secret Texting (The Encrypted Messaging Apps in 2021)

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Best Apps for Secret Texting in 2021

In the current world, data privacy and security are the most important aspects when exchanging messages with others. The advancement of technology is quite beneficial for hackers that allow them to hack the secrets of conversation between two people.

best secret texting apps

Therefore, people around the globe would be very conscious while sharing any confidential information with their friends, colleagues, or family members. It may tend to meet a different set of issues in the future. For staying away from such kinds of hackers, people should make use of the secret texting apps introduced with amazing features.

The usage of these secret texting apps is rising these days, which will assist people to share their data and documents with the required person. Here are the lists of top-notch secret texting apps widely used by people all over the world.

1. Telegram – Best Apps For Secret texting

Make use of the Telegram app, where you can get the features of end-to-end encryption. Here, the users don’t want to get panic about third parties or hackers and exchange their details without having stress and tense.

It is the most secure messaging platform designed with advanced settings and features to keep safe the documents of the users from hacking hunters.

One of the noticeable benefits integrated with this app is self-destructed, where the users can set the time limit to disappear the messages, videos, photos, and more once the receiver is seen.

best secret texting apps

2. Viber – Best Secret Testing Apps

Viber is one of the top-notch private chat platforms used by millions of users worldwide. What’s more, the support and maintenance services of Viber make sure to always keep it clean from bugs and security breaches, The features integrated with this app will allow the users to enjoy the high-quality calling experience along with the required safety and security measures.

This end-to-end encryption system protects the details exchanging between the sender and receiver. Just stay away from your worries, the connection between the sender and recipient has security and you don’t want to think much about the hackers.

best secret texting apps

3. Silence – Encrypted Messaging Apps

It is one of the popular secret texting apps designed particularly for Android users where they can use the MMS and SMS settings under a single roof. People can make contact with their friends or colleagues without having any fear in their minds.

The messages you shared via this app are safe and secured. It is a free platform and the users do not need an internet connection to make use of this application.

Silence Encrypted Messaging Apps

4. Whatsapp – Encrypted Secret Messaging Apps

The communication that happens via Whatsapp is completely secured since 2016. As per the report, nearly 2 billion people are using this amazing platform that can keep you away from impostors or malicious actors.

The end-to-end encryption system enhances the privacy between the users and it can be perfectly suitable for small to large-sized devices.

The data like photos, videos, documents, or some other things will not store on the Whatsapp servers and so the hackers don’t have a chance to view or extract your private conversation until your device is safe in your hand.

Whatsapp Encrypted Messaging App

5. Wire – One Of The Best Secret Texting App

In the trendy world, many brands and organizations are seeking a platform to have secure communication. They are handling a wide range of confidential deals and documents. Hence, there is a chance that their competitors may hack them to stand their brand name in society.

For avoiding such kinds of hazardous situations, you should make use of the wire app where you have an option to transmit the information with required encryption features and settings.

It supports both voice and video calls and it will allow you to share the details with enough protective measures.

Wire Best Secret Texting App

6. Dust – Best Apps For Encrypted Messaging

The messages transmitted through the dust applications are heavily encrypted. Users have an amazing option to delete the messages even on the recipient’s mobile phones.

In this platform, the shared messages and data are not going to store in the servers as you think.
It is an excellent communication platform and the users don’t want to fear the shared details. Because it is protected with enhanced security measures.

Dust Best Apps For Encrypted Messaging

7. CoverMe

With CoverMe’s privacy options, the users can make calls and texts with enough security. Organizations are developing encrypted systems using these advanced methodologies.

If you want to safeguard your personal photos and videos from others, you have an additional option of setting passwords. If anybody will try to view the messages or putting the wrong password will show an empty vault.

It is better to use a secret code word that only known by you and the person who is going to receive your messages.


8. CYPHR – Best Secret Texting App For iPhone

Cyphr is well-known for its privacy and security features. Small to large level organizations have installed and used it to share their messages safe.

It is a zero-knowledge messaging app. It means the hunters will not have an opportunity to read, decrypt, or share the messages in any case. Moreover, this app is really worth using in your business.  Because it will help you to keep your information confidential.

Cyphr best secret texting app for iphone

9. Threema – Best Secret Texting App For Android

Threema is a popular messaging app with end-to-end encryption. The enhanced features integrated with this application will never allow third parties to hack your messages and calls.

While sharing personal information or business-related documents, this application is quite useful for you. You have the responsibility to keep safe of your details and documents without the knowledge of others.

If you are looking for ways to maintain your secrets as well, then install and use this application when dealing with confidential information.

Threema Best Secret Texting App For Android

10. Line

After they included the end-to-end encryption system, people used this application more than expected.

The feature is named “letter sealing” which has the capability to protect the details transmitted between the sender and receiver. So, just install and Use with not any App Maintenance.

Nearly, 700 million users have started to enjoy a wide range of benefits without spending any small amount.

Line Messaging App

Final Verdict

The technology has made plenty of changes in the applications for improving the safety and security measures and people are widely using it. Thus, the listed applications will assist you to keep your data safe in any case while sharing.

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