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    App like Audiobook

    In today's world, having free time is a luxury, yet most of us do not have it. Because of their lack of free time, book readers find it difficult to browse the shelves. Bibliophiles enjoy reading books, but because of time constraints, audiobooks and voice audiobook playback apps have come to their rescue. One of the biggest advantages of an audiobook is that you can listen to it instead of reading it. That means we'll be able to do something else with our eyes while listening with our ears.

    Why invest in apps like Audiobook?

    Audiobooks are the publishing industry's fastest-growing segment. Many retailers have realized that developing an audiobook app is worthwhile, and publishers see audiobooks as the greatest way to advertise their collections.

    It's the ideal time to join in on these trends. Let us know your requirements if you're looking for a web and mobile app development agency for Audiobook app development. We can help you in developing a customized, high-quality Audiobook app that works flawlessly.

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    How does it work?

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    • Register and create a user profile
    • Audiobook store with a user library management system built-in
    • A web platform from which users can access their audiobook library
    • Download audiobook and podcasts for offline usage
    • Customize the look and design of the app
    • Customize volume and other aspects of sound with an equalizer
    • Search and filter through various choices of audiobooks
    • Contact customer support
    • Give Reviews and Ratings
    • Social integration for sharing audiobook with friends
    • Support for downloadable audiobook formats
    • Support for connecting audiobook apps to smart speakers
    Music Streaming App
    Music Streaming App

    User Panel Features

    • Sign up/sign in
    • Play/pause the audiobook
    • Background play audio podcasts
    • Save audiobook for listening later

    Admin Panel Features

    • Manage subscriptions
    • Add/delete audiobooks
    • Manage advertisements
    • Manage the extra content
    Music Streaming App

    Which Industries are opting for apps like Audiobook for Audio Recording?


    Since the introduction of the audiobook culture, the entertainment industry has seen a significant transformation. Movie stars have collaborated with applications like audible to narrate novels and storybooks to their fans. Stories and intriguing written work by top-notch authors reach an audience that has been seeking something different from the normal, and when these stories are narrated by someone you admire, the audio version of any book becomes instantly addictive.


    Another sector that has benefited from the launch of audiobook apps is e-learning. Students who struggle to gain knowledge from reading their textbook can use their app's audiobook app to listen to their textbook. Educational institutions that provide education through various online mediums can have their students study and revise their content by using the audiobook option to listen to the study material.


    Another industry that is benefiting greatly from the increase of audiobook apps is tourism. Tourists like to know as much as they can about the place they are about to visit, and the tourism industry is an important part of any country's economy. Tourists can now discover more about numerous travel destinations by listening to an audiobook about that specific location. This concept is revolutionary in the tourism industry because it increases travelers' curiosity about numerous attractive spots throughout the world.

    Why choose Echo Innovate IT to build an app like audiobook?

    Echo Innovate IT, a top mobile app development company, is known for meeting modern business needs and providing the best in-app value and compliance. Here are some reasons why we might be the ideal choice for the development of app like audiobook:

    Echo Innovate IT is a leading mobile app development company, offering outstanding mobile app development Services at reasonable rates. Get in touch with us now!

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      The cost of app creation is highly dependent on the technology you choose, your developer’s hourly fee, and the number of features you want in your audiobook app. The cost may lie somewhere between $30,000-$100,000. 

      If you opt to start with an MVP, your app may be ready for market in four to six months. It will have basic features, and you will be able to update it when user feedback and performance data become available.

      The best features of the Audiobook app include Stable, Reading speed controls, Support for car play or android auto, The choice between offline playback and streaming, Sleeper time, Free audiobooks, and Sync of the last reached location.

      Echo innovate IT is a top audiobook app development company having over 12+ years of experience in app development. Our dedicated app developers follow a client-first approach to achieve extraordinary results. Contact us now.